Jason Hirtle
B.Sc./Kin., M.Ed

Since graduating from St. Francis Xavier University in 1996, Jason has continued his passion for personal growth, education and coaching for the past 20 years. Growing up in a rural Nova Scotia public school environment, having his children in the Alberta Catholic school system and then teaching in the Alberta private school sector, has enabled Jason to have a well-rounded and unique perspective on student behaviour and learning. With over 10 years of experience teaching diverse student populations from children with learning disabilities to elite athletes, Jason has strived to connect and bring his real world knowledge to the classroom.

In 2008, Jason took a 7 year hiatus from secondary education and became an award winning corporate trainer for a cutting edge health and wellness company. During this time, Jason was very active in coaching and parenting his three children Jaxon, Ava and Luke.

Jason has worked with two successful private schools in Calgary during their growth phase and immediately was excited about the unique perspective and niche that teaching at North Point would provide. As a former National Champion basketball student-athlete, Jason’s strong classroom presence and ability to lead and bond with students through sharing his life experiences, fosters the perfect Socratic learning environment for his Social and Language Arts classes.

Jason and his wife Jolie currently reside in Northwest Calgary and are active members of the Calgary Winter Club.