Emily Works

Emily is a huge proponent of real life learning, educating the whole child and believes in the importance of using alternative methods of teaching in order to foster a well-rounded education for students.

Miss Works joined our North Point family in the Fall of 2020 after completing a Bachelor of Secondary Education program at the University of Alberta with a major in physical education and a minor in chemistry. Prior to her time at the University of Alberta, she spent a year at Mount Royal University in the bachelor of physical education program studying physical literacy.

Miss Works has experience teaching Jr. High and High School physical education and science classes and has volunteered in an ESL classroom where she worked with students one on one and in groups. In addition, she has organized various lunch time intramurals. Miss Works excels in teaching boys and enjoys the challenge of keeping the students active and engaged. Emily believes in creating strong positive relationships with students which allows her to create successful lessons and run classes smoothly.

A highly competitive athlete, Miss Works played hockey in the 2012 Arctic Winter Games in Whitehorse, Yukon. She also played high performance soccer in the 2013 National Club Championship and won a silver medal at the 2014 Arctic Winter Games in Fairbanks, Alaska. In University Emily was a part of the Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers Ice Crews. Today Miss Works enjoys going to spin class, running, hiking, and kickboxing.

“Learning is the only thing that the mind never exhausts, never fears, and never regrets.” – Leonardo da Vinci