Here We Grow” has truly epitomized our school over the past few years and will continue to do so in the future, both literally and figuratively, for years to come.  Not only has our school population continued to grow, more importantly, our students have achieved such significant personal growth.  Our ever changing world and some of the challenges it presented, provided the platform for all of us to grow as teachers, leaders, students, parents, sons, daughters, sisters and brothers and ultimately true ambassadors in all of the areas that we call our 5R Character here at North Point.

Being Respectful and understanding other points of view has been paramount.  Using Resourcefulness to learn and connect in new ways, ways in which we never thought we would ever have to do, made us stronger.  Resiliency in the face of adversity and getting back up with a new resolve will certainly help prepare us for future challenges.  Without shear Relentlessness in their work ethic and dedication to persevere, our students would have struggled mightily to achieve success – instead they stuck with it whatever they had to do and came out ahead.  Finally, it was so necessary to be Responsible citizens and do our best to think critically about what was happening in the world around us.  We wanted our students to ask questions and dig deeper to find their truths – they did that at so many turns.

At North Point, our relational teaching approach combined with our personalized learning methodology, allows us the time to do the most important work – mentor our students by being positive role models and utilizing every teachable moment available to us to coach and encourage the best out of everyone.

We truly hope find you find your way to North Point.  With the increasing pace of change on the educational horizon, having trustworthy guides has never been so important. It will be our privilege to help you navigate your journey through life while we learn and travel together.