WE believe that boys and girls learn differently and have unique academic and social needs at various stages in their education. With this in mind we have established a K-9 School for Boys, Gr. 4-9 School for Girls and a co-educational High School. Our Key Elements remain the same, but are customized, for each of our three schools:

School for Boys

TEACHING BOYS the way Boys Learn

North Point School for Boys taps into boys’ natural curiosity and energy as a foundation for life-long learning. A strong academic program is just the beginning – we fuel motivation through real-life learning, digital platforms, and outdoor adventure developing well rounded, self-motivated , independent learners.

School for Girls

TEACHING GIRLS – Building Confidence, Discovering Passions

North Point School for Girls is an environment that celebrates girls’ strengths and interests, and nurtures their overall growth within a culture of achievement where discovery and development of a girl’s individual potential is paramount.

High School

OUT OF THE DESK and into the World

North Point High School is a co-educational environment that fosters strong, independent learners, expands their learning environment beyond the classroom and prepares young men and women for  the next steps in their education and their world beyond.

Key Elements

Personalized Learning

Hands-on Learning

Socratic Teaching



Physical Activity

Outdoor Education

Financial Education

STEM Education