Travel Program Year 2 in the books !

Travel Program Year 2 in the books !

17 boys and 3 brave teachers ventured 4589 km for one epic 2019 spring break.

From March 21-31, 2019 this adventurous group of 20 climbed, rappelled, swam, waded, ATE, ATE and then ATE some more! Our new North Point travel shirts helped keep us warm and from scraping our arms.

Quick Facts

  • 17 students – Gr 6 = 2; Gr 7 = 6; Gr 8 = 7; Gr 9 = 2
  • 3 teachers – Mr. Redick, Mr. Fagan, Ms. Quinn
  • 5 guides
  • Transportation: 1 van, 1 trailer, 1 minivan, 1 tire replaced
  • Distance driven: 4589 km
  • Oldest student = 14 years, 6 months
  • Youngest student = 11 years, 2 months
  • Some of the food consumed: 240 eggs; 180 breakfast sausages; 48 bagels & 300 slices of bread; 280 granola bars; 4 lbs of macaroni
  • Longest rappel – 150 ft
  • 1 stray dog at the campsite

Unexpected Adventures

The high snow pack this year caused some heavy spring run-off, which meant lots of COLD water in the canyons! In March the season had been the coldest in 30 years on record.

A stray dog followed the group home to their campsite one day and was adopted by the boys for the day!

The fender broke off the trailer and slide inside the wheel well, shredding the tire! Mr. Redick safely navigated the van to a full stop, while Mr. Fagan drifted slightly to avoid flying pieces !

The Journey (Physical & Mental!)

Still dark for our 6 a.m. departure from Calgary !

The first day and a half drive was capped off with a great afternoon doing practice rappels off small rock faces around Hanksville with our guide Kayd. This allowed the boys to ease into what would be coming up the next day. Safety First as our lead guide Kayd ran us through some protocol with helmets and harnesses. We also learned about hiking etiquette!

Day 3 and 4 saw the boys canyoneer and rappel through Hogwarts and Leprechaun Canyons. The canyons were very wet and the boys were glad they had their wetsuits on. There was so much growth for the boys today as they took on tough canyons and performed some incredible rappels. Boys did some late night bonding playing cards. Andy is “The President”, Daniel is “the skunk” 😂—10pm bedtime so we’re ready for tomorrow!

Day 5 took us through a 17 hour adventure in Slidenide Canyon. While it took a long time to descend the canyon, we all were stronger spiritually when we were finally sitting in the vans at the end of that very long day! Definitely a day of resilience and perseverance for everyone.

Day 6 had the boys practicing their first nations (Anasazi) pottery skills with a guest Artist from Arizona.

Day 7 had some of the boys plunging deep into the swim canyon called Woody. The canyon required full wet suits and a lot of stamina to pull yourself in and out of pot bunkers FULL OF WATER. In a few of the wells the water was over our heads and very cold. A few students even managed to dive the under water arch.

Day 8 had us heading out to Goblin Valley for a really cool hike in Little Wild Horse Canyon and/or a great 90ft rappel down a dark hole. The day finished off with glow-in-the-dark capture the flag through the Goblin Mounds after sunset.

Day 9 had us packing up camp saying good bye to Kayd and all the great guides and new friends we had made. We headed to Dead Horse Canyon/Arches National Park/ Moab for a little sightseeing and shopping.
This day was all about “re·sil·ience /rəˈzilyəns/” —the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. One of North Point ‘5Rs’ —17 students, 1700 kilometres and we made it to Arches, and what a symbol of RESILIENCE this monument is for our navigators. Thank you to all those who made this spectacular adventure happen. We are on the way home! Well deserved hot tubs and buffets.

Day 10 had us saying good bye to Utah and heading back to Calgary with a brief stop at the Golden Corral Restaurant for an “all you can eat” buffet. The staff remembered us from last year (in a good way), so they treated us with takeout “all you can eat” candy floss. All smiles and full bellies at the buffet today.

We will miss Southern Utah and all the great times we had. Bring on GRAND CANYON 2020.