September 17, 2020

September 17, 2020

Having our gym classes outside has freed up our gym to become a learning space where classes have more room to spread out and be separated from each other. The Gr. 1/2 class has used the gym space as literacy circle time and Friday tech time and our Art option starts on Friday, which will use this space as well.


Sharing Food and Birthdays

This is just a friendly reminder that we are unable to handout group treats to students that come from home, including prepackaged food.  We appreciate the tradition of sharing a treat with classmates on a Birthday however would ask that we just wait until AHS has lifted some of their food sharing guidelines completely before we consider allowing this to happen again.  We do recognize Birthdays in our morning announcements!

Mountain Day

Be READY – it could happen at any time!


FRI. SEPT. 18 – Action Friday: Terry Fox Run

It looks like it’s going to be a warm, sunny day on Friday so be prepared to run outside.

As of this morning, parents and students of our school have raised $1,600.00. Way to go! What a tangible way to Make it Matter!

North Point School for Boys is proud to take part in this year’s 40th Anniversary of Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope. Please help show your support by donating to: Students can get involved too by creating their own fundraising page under their school name: Thank you for your supporting our school in the fight against cancer and continuing Terry’s legacy! #terryfoxschoolrun @terryfoxfoundation

MON. SEPT. 21 – Healthy Hunger: Spolumbo’s

MON. SEPT. 21 – Deadline for PEP Hockey Registration

FRI. SEPT. 25 – Non-instructional Day: No School


WED. Sept. 30 – Orange Shirt Day: EVERY CHILD MATTERS!

To commemorate the residential school experience, to witness and honour the healing journey of the survivors and their families, and to commit to the ongoing process of reconciliation, North Point students are encouraged to wear any orange shirt on Wednesday, September 30. Learn more about Orange Shirt Day HERE. You can wear your orange NP shirt, a personal shirt or order Orange Shirt Day t-shirts (optional) HERE.

WED. Sept. 30 @ 4pm-8pm & THURS. Oct. 1 @ 8am – 4pm (NO SCHOOL) – Checkpoint Meeting!

Checkpoint Meetings are an opportunity for parents and students to meet with teachers to discuss progress and address questions/concerns. This first checkpoint meeting is to review and provide input into your son’s Individualized Development/Program Plan.  We strongly encourage one/both parents from each family to attend. Grades 1/2 and 10/11 should sign up with their Homeroom teacher. Grades 3-9 should sign up with their cohort team of teachers. Both of these teachers will be in the Checkpoint Meeting. This year we will be holding Checkpoint Meetings on both Wednesday evening and Thursday during the day so that we can accommodate as many families as possible. There will not be classes on Thursday, Oct. 1 to make room for Checkpoint Meetings. Book online at

WED. Oct. 7 – School Picture Day

Please ensure your son is dressed in his Wednesday Formal attire.


Our parent council, Friends of North Point Society, would like to invite anyone who would like to be involved in fundraising and cultivating the culture of our school to contact Maureen Appel.


We are on the lookout for North Point Navigators who exemplify one of our 5Rs – Respectful, Resourceful, Resilient, Relentless and Responsible. When a student is observed in the act of displaying one of these character traits, they are given a paper R which they turn it in for Squad points. The names of these students are entered into a draw which takes place at our monthly Townhall. Draw items, such as Flames tickets, EB Games Cards, and A & W certificates, have been generously donated by an anonymous donor.


The bulk of Navigator Points are rewarded for reading. Below is the poster which explains how points are awarded for books read. Contact Mr. Fagan to get the books your son has read counted.


Carl White is a North Point parent and local Calgary Artist. He will also be our guest instructor for our art option. Carl has an upcoming gallery installation that he has invited the North Point community to check out.

Onion Skin : a love that moves the sun and the stars
September 11 – October 17, 2020

200 – 321 50 Ave. Calgary, AB

Friday September 18, 5-8
Saturday September 19, 1-4
Sunday September 20, 2-4

Referencing the metaphorical layers of an onion, Carl White’s newest body of work shifted focus to creating art in a time of great change as well as how he is taking on the role of an artist during such a vastly transitional time in history. Never one to shy away from larger philosophical themes in his creative practice, this body of work unabashedly lures the viewer into a visual meditation. Drawing from the symbolism of Hokusai’s “Great Wave,” the spirituality of the colour blue and transcendental power of art, Carl endeavours to create artwork that owes much to history but with his own characteristic style and contemporary handling of materials.