October 1, 2020

October 1, 2020

In the spirit of reconciliation & healing, our Northpoint Navigators from Grade 1-10 wore orange shirts to honor & recognize the experience of Residential School survivors & the children who never made it back to their families. Mr. Kostecki read the story behind Orange Shirt day to the older students, many of whom could relate to how one’s school experiences can affect self-steam and well being. One of the students was so moved that he wanted to “go downtown to protest”. Once the students were reminded that the purpose of the day was to raise awareness and show support rather than to protest, the teachers in Gr. 5-10 took their students onto the walking overpass beside our school as a visible show of support. Immediately, the students witnessed how the wearing of their orange shirts spreads awareness as many of the vehicles passing underneath started to honk as they drove past. It was an exciting and moving moment to be part of as our students joined in on the reconciliation process. It was also an excellent tie in to our annual theme: Make it Matter!


FRI. OCT. 2 – Action Friday: The Calgary Farmyard

The Gr. 7-11 with go in the morning and the Gr. 1-6 will go in the afternoon.

MON. SEPT. 28 – Healthy Hunger: Mucho Burrito

MON. SEPT. 28 @ 3:30-4:30 – Volleyball practice for 7-9s

WED. OCT. 7 – School Picture Day

All students must be in their formal uniform. For grade 9 and 10, please arrive in your formal uniform for a 8:30am photo shoot. After that, the students can change and head out on their camping trip. Re-takes will be Oct. 21st

FRI. OCT. 9 – Non-instructional Day: NO SCHOOL for students

MON. OCT. 12 – Thanksgiving Day: NO SCHOOL

There will not be any school on Friday, Oct. 9 or Monday Oct. 13. We wish you a fantastic extra long weekend with your family!


FRI. Oct. 16 – Action Friday: Sports Day & Art Gallery Visit

WED. Oct. 21 – School Picture Re-take Day


Hand-in-hand with our Mountain Day tradition is our Photo Contest tradition. Any student that took a picture of Mountain Day is welcome to submit their best picture(s) to Ms. Pirie or to their mentor teacher, who will pass it on to Ms. Pirie. One photo will be selected from each of the following categories:

  • Best photo from a student in Gr. 1-4
  • Best photo from a student in Gr. 5-7
  • Best photo from a student in Gr. 8-11
  • Best overall photo

Squad point are on the line. 100 points will be awarded to the grade categories and 500 points to the best photo overall. In addition, the winning photos will be mounted on canvas and displayed in our Mountain Day gallery in the hallway!


Again, the beautiful autumn day on Tuesday meant that we could hold our Townhall outside. This meant that we could meet as a whole school, spread out in our Navigator Squads, rather than having to stagger the Townhall in grade cohorts. We have been so blessed by the weather this year!

Some of the highlights from the Townhall were:

  • Mrs. Pirie gave a presentation on how we use language and the effects it has on those around us. She focused on using positive language in our interactions with other and being careful to not use charged or offensive language.
  • Mr. Kostecki highlighted that we have had an excellent start to the year demonstrating Resilience in the face of the changes to our routines and the way we “used” to do things; as well as Responsibility with wearing masks, taking care of them and caring for one another.
  • A huge shout out to Edna, our day porter and custodian. Our school has never looked or smelled cleaner. She takes extra care in ensuring that sports equipment is cleaned after it is used as well as ensuring that the kids have their hands sanitized as they come in from outside.
  • Mr. Qureshi announced that he is working on getting volleyball started. There is more information below in the Navigator Athletics section.
  • Austin M-L. won the 5R character draw of a $50 EB Games gift card. Students that have being caught in the act of displaying one of our 5R character traits by a staff member receive a paper ‘R’ that is put in a draw each month. They are also awarded 10 point for their Navigator squads.

After Townhall, the students were treated to the school sponsored Fun Lunch of A&W hamburgers. Our Parent Council, Friends of North Point Society, supplemented the Fun Lunch with the snacks and juice boxes. Again, we were able to make use of the fantastic weather as the food was distributed and eaten outside! This meant that food distribution was quicker and that all students could eat at the same time while the burgers were fresh.


Mr. Jenn had the Gr. 1/2 class making words in a very hands-on manner with cookie sheets and magnet letters.



Contact Mr. Fagan to get your books counted.


Practice: Mondays 3:30-4:30 after school

Mr. Q is working with a few other schools in our Calgary Independent School Athletic Association (CISAA) sports league to get a volleyball mini-season started for grades 7-9. We don’t know all the details yet but we do know that practices start next week! Anyone interested in participating should be prepared to stay for practices after school on Monday. Parents, please pick up your son up at the school at 4:30pm.