October 28, 2021

October 28, 2021

Theatre Lunch Club

Under the tutelage of Ms. Aliza Sarian, Our Theatre Lunch Club participants have been experiencing all aspects of theatre, including theatre make-up. This week, Ms. Sarian brought in the ingredients for them to concoct their own personal recipes for fake blood and wounds. The boys got right into making their injuries look as realistic as possible. These skills will come in handy for the play “10 Way to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse” that they are preparing. Who knew corn flakes could be used in this way! For more pictures, check us out on Instagram @northpointschoolforboys


FRI. OCT. 29 – Wear costumes to school for the morning

MON. NOV. 1 – Healthy Hunger: Mucho Burrito (Richmond Campus); OPA! (Currie Campus)

TUES.NOV. 2 @ 7pm – ADHD Speaker Series with Les Redick


Label Clothing

Please remember to put your child’s name on jackets and hoodies. We have quite a collection in our lost and found and we are keen to get them back to the rightful owners.


We are now two months into the school year and we encourage parents of Gr. 6-12 students to check marks in SchoolCloud. Gr. 1-5 marks will be available soon.  Any questions about specific marks should be directed to the teacher. Questions regarding passwords and logging in should be sent to Dorothy at dreimer@northpoint.school. Other queries should be forwarded to Mr. McClelland at bmcclelland@northpoint.school.


Friday, October 29

Elementary/Middle School students are welcome to wear their costumes to school. Costumes will be worn in the morning only. The boys should bring a change of clothes and a bag to put their costume into. We will be doing a mini Halloween parade right before lunch. In the afternoon the K-5 students will watch a movie in the gym. The Gr. 6-8 students will go to the Option courses as usual. Look for an email from your son’s homeroom teacher for class specific information.

High School students will be doing a neighbourhood clean-up and are encouraged to dress up in their costumes.

ADHD Speaker Series: Students at Risk

Join Les Redick, educator and parent of an ADHD child, on Tuesday, November 2 at 7pm at North Point School for Boys (Richmond Campus). Mr. Redick will share from personal experiences on topics related to ADHD like: Gaming / Homework / Emotional Regulation / Social Skills / Risky Behaviours / etc. This presentation is free to attend and open to North Point families and the general community – bring a friend!



November Long Weekend

There will be an extra long weekend in the second week of November. The school will be closed on November 11 for Remembrance Day and November 12 is a non-instructional day so there are no classes for students. 

Gr. 9 DNA projects

DNA is part of the grade 9 Biodiversity unit. Students are learning how genes are passed from one generation to another. These models help students visualize DNA and to understand how DNA works. So fantastic to see the creativity of our students and the wide range of materials used to represent DNA!


We heard many good reports from each of the classes but a recurring theme was a need to celebrate and continue to work on Respect as we relate to each other around the school. Ms. Jenn showed the school a video on this theme as a reminder of how our actions towards others can lead to many positive outcomes. Please take a moment to watch this video with your sons again to reinforce what we are doing at the school.

Winners of the 5R draw for a $25 McDonald’s gift card – Maximilliano (Gr. 7), Bauduoin (Gr. 12). Pizza was served for lunch. Thank you to the volunteers who served so efficiently!

North Point School Creates One-of-a-Kind ‘Farm to Table’ Partnership with Dunvegan Gardens, Calgary

To build a garden is to believe in tomorrow – Audrey Hepburn 

Dunvegan Gardens, located at Granary Road, and North Point School have crafted a partnership to provide students at North Point with the opportunity for a year-round agricultural experience! The purpose of this relationship is to continue offering real world experiences that include elements from across the curriculum at all grade levels.  Lessons in seed selection, planting, nurturing, and harvesting will take place at Dunvegan’s large outdoor garden as well as in their world-class greenhouses.  From there, students will develop their culinary skills by preparing meals with the produce that they have harvested.  Finally, students will have the opportunity to sell their produce as a fundraising initiative for the school.  This partnership promises to provide many high-quality opportunities for all our students.

Since the inception of North Point, it has been a priority of our Founder, Kim Pirie, to ensure that our boys experience agricultural opportunities that take advantage of being outdoors allowing students to “get their hands dirty”.  One of the founding tenets of our program is to get boys out of the desk and into the world DOING science and math in real-time!  In 2015, our students planted, harvested, and sold 40 rows of potatoes at the Seeds to Greens farm.  With the proceeds, our boys were able to purchase materials and build our current gaga ball pit.  Prior to Covid, we worked with Poppy Innovations preparing meals with produce from their garden. We have been showcasing Farm to Table opportunities since the start of North Point and are so pleased to announce a more robust year-round partnership with a proven leader in the agriculture business.  

Dunvegan Gardens (DG) Calgary is one of the largest and longest-operating Greenhouse Growers, Market Garden, Farm Entertainment Centers, and Landscaping service providers in Canada.  DG farms produce and distribute locally grown, fresh, premium-quality produce year-round to local upscale restaurants, clubhouses, and market gardens in Calgary.  They also offer a wide range of locally grown, and aesthetically pleasing garden plants, shrubs, trees, and other products to the market.  DG is now leveraging its over 60 years of experience as a vertically integrated grower for the rapidly increasing demand for fresh local produce, farm entertainment, and garden products in the Calgary area through its partnership with Granary Road.

North Point School students will be immersed in the agricultural process from start to finish, giving them a complete understanding of where their food comes from, as well as learning lessons in nutrition, food preparation, and entrepreneurship.  They will become experts in the Farm to Table experience!

Stay tuned for our first exciting fundraising opportunity with Dunvegan Gardens through an offering of a “Market Box Subscription” that provides high quality farm fresh products to your door.

Health Hunger

Healthy Hunger has been updated with new lunches up until Christmas.  If you have set up an account for your student, you should have received an email each time a new lunch was added.  If you did not, please check your account.  The order deadline is Midnight, on the Wednesday, prior to the lunch.  Once that cutoff passes, we are unable to add any further orders to the lunch.  

When placing your order, please take note at the end of your transaction that the order has been placed and payment has gone through.  It is always a good idea to check your account (Home) before you exit to ensure it has been ordered.



Contact Mr. Fagan to get the books your son has read counted toward his Navigator Squads points.  Just send an email in or sign a note outlining how many pages the book had.  Points are not awarded for ‘pages within an unfinished book’ but rather only for the number of pages in a completed book!


The North Point 7/8 Volleyball team has continued to improve, winning the last two matches (vs Calgary Islamic School (AJ) and Tanbridge Academy).   Consistency in serving and their first pass has lead to improved play as well as confidence.  We look forward to more three hit rallies.   This team will be heading into the playoffs next week to participate in the CISAA T3 Volleyball Championships. Details to follow.

The North Point JV Boys (Gr, 9,10,11) will finish their season next week with a “Halloween Spooktacular” tournament at Calgary Academy.


The North Point Ultimate team will be playing at the Calgary Soccer Centre tonight (Thursday, Oct 28th) in an exciting 8 team event that will be a great way to end off the season.  Boys from both campuses will join to learn more about the sport, experience the teamwork necessary, and celebrate the joy of the game.

Soccer Academy – Calgary City FC, Coach Comacho

The after school Soccer program with Coach Comacho of Calgary City FC has been fantastic with the older students (Gr 5- Gr 8) on Monday nights, and the younger students (Gr 2- Gr 4) on Tuesday.

Pro X Rugby – Guest Coach 

A former professional player for Wales and the head coach of Pro-X Rugby visited our Gr.6, 7 and 8 physical education classes this week to teach the students about rugby and what rugby has to teach us about rising to a challenge, dealing with frustration, and finding ways to improve through sport.  Although they only played touch rugby, it was a “smashing” success as these students grew in understanding and their own physical literacy in this all-encompassing evasion sport.

High School Phys. Ed.

On Wednesday, Reese Risdon, owner/operator of MOVE Fitness in Bridgeland (@movecrewfit) and father of one of our students, led a spin class for the high school. It was such a good sweat!

Earlier this month, the boys were hitting the weights strong in gym class!