November 26, 2020

November 26, 2020


Ms. Pirie announced the winners of our Mountain Day Photo contest at our Townhall on Tuesday. We had 12 boys submit multiple great photos, making the selection process very challenging. Boys were awarded 5 Squad points just for submitting a photo.

Honourable Mentions (20 points)

  • Jackson T. (for two other photos – 40 points)
  • Felix C. (for one other photo)
  • Oscar H.
  • Jordan D.R (for two photos – 40 points)
  • Gavin S.
  • Thomas M. (for two photos – 40 points)
  • Caden A.
  • Grady H.

Winners by Grade Category

  • Grade 1-3: Jackson T. (Astronauts) – 100 points
  • Grade 4-6: Felix C. (Astronauts) – 100 points
  • Grade 7-9: Dylan F. (Aviators) – 100 points
  • Grade 10: Jack F. (Astronauts) – 100 points
  • OVERALL WINNER: Dylan F. (Aviators) – 500 points

Congratulations to all our winners! These five photos will be printed onto canvases and hung on our Mountain Day photo contest wall.

Final points tally

Aviators: 705
Astronauts: 430
Mountaineers: 50
Mariners: 25


FRI. NOV. 27 – Action Friday: Curling (Gr. 3-10); Military Museum (Gr. 1-2)

MON. NOV. 30Healthy Hunger: Subway (Gr. 1-6 only)

MON. NOV. 30No Classes: At-Home Learning Prep for Teachers (Gr. 7-11 only)

TUES. DEC. 1 – First day of At-Home Learning for Gr. 7-11

FRI. DEC. 4 – Non-instructional Day: NO CLASSES (all grades)



Grade 6 Vaccinations will go ahead in the afternoon on Dec. 9.

Grade 7 vaccinations that were scheduled on the 9th have now been moved to January or February.  Our school AHS nurse is working on an exact date.  More to come in January for grade 7 families.

To read the complete letter from AHS regarding the catch-up vaccinations, please click here.

The Gr. 10s started getting us in the Holiday Spirit by giving our hallways a Christmas facelift.


Opportunities to Give Back

Our school philosophy is that giving back to the community develops empathy and builds the character of our boys. Because of the restrictions in place, the boys will not be able to volunteer in person so we have put together several ways in which our Navigators can still be involved in giving back to their community and spreading a little bit of Christmas cheer. Your generosity in all these initiatives is greatly appreciated. We know everyone has been impacted by this pandemic in different ways so please – NO STRESS.  Do what you can!

Stephen’s Backpacks

We are encouraging each family, or team of families, put together a backpack for Stephen’s Backpacks at home and bring them in on or before December 11. For ideas on what to pack into a backpack, please visit the Stephen’s Backpacks website and click on the CHRISTMAS BACKPACK CAMPAIGN 2020 tab. There are ideas on gender and age specific backpacks in the dropdown. Please DO NOT purchase these item on their website – this is for ideas only. The goal is for the boys to collect and pack the items at home and bring them in. This will be a more tangible way of getting involved and will be more cost effective for you.

According to their website, the record number of full backpacks gathered and made up for Christmas by one school is 79. We have the potential to beat that record with your help!

For a background look at this charity and what they are all about, please watch this 4 min. video.

Calgary Food Bank

We will have a table set up, starting tomorrow, to collect non-perishable food items. Deadline is December 16. Here is a list of the Food Bank’s greatest needs:

  • Canned meat (tuna, chicken, turkey, ham)
  • Peanut Butter
  • Canned Soup
  • Kraft Dinner
  • Baby Food (Stages 1 & 3)
  • Diapers Size 6

Children’s Cottage: Crisis Nursery (Gr. 6s)

Mr. Hirtle’s Gr. 6 class is collecting new, unwrapped gifts for the Crisis Nursery, a branch of the Children’s Cottage. Deadline for donations is December 11. For more information visit the Children’s Cottage website. Here is a link to their Holiday Wish List.


Mr. Devost sent out a letter earlier today. Here it is again for your reference.


Facebook Group

Mr. Redick has started a Facebook Group called: North Point School ADHD Support Group. Our North Point parents are welcome to join in the discussion. Search for North Point School ADHD


Our November Townhall was full of many examples of how our North Point Navigators are Making it Matter on a daily basis. From Relentlessly shovelling sidewalks in our community to being Responsible in their school work and organization or being Resourceful in going the extra mile to help their teachers and mentoring/coaching their fellow Navigators, it is so great to hear how the boys are putting the 5Rs into practice.

We had several reminders on dress code, and specifically on not wearing hats/toques inside the school, on taking boots off at the boot shelves/lockers, and another reminder on language. We will be ramping up the consequences, particularly on the use of disrespectful language (more details to come).

Looking at the upcoming weeks, the grade 1-6 boys can look forward to door decorating and new students to our school can start to think about which ornament they will bring in to decorate our tree with – a long standing tradition at North Point. Our upcoming community service projects are highlighted above.

Ms. Pirie announced the photo contest winners (see above) and finally, we were treated to a lunch of Popeye’s chicken, spicy fries and treats. Yum!


Our Gr. 5-8 students had the unique opportunity to participate in the Virtual Beyond the Win program through Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame. With the aid of videos and a slideshow, guest speaker, Dr. Sandra Kirby, talked to the boys over Zoom about her experiences as a member of the first women’s Olympic rowing team, her advocacy work for safety in youth sport, accessibility in sport through para-sport organizations and gender equality in sport, as well as her experiences as volunteer in the Youth Olympics Games as a drug tester. Finally, the staff at Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame showed the students some of the artifacts that Dr. Kirby has donated and asked the boys some questions about them. Dr. Kirby also answered questions the boys had prepared ahead of time.


Karate and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsue (BJJ)

By Riley C., Grade 6 – Mr. Hirtle

Did you know that karate is actually a summer Olympic sport, or that BJJ began in the early 1900s? Well, if you didn’t, you definitely came to the right article, because I am going to talk all about karate and BJJ.  

First, I will talk about where karate originated, then BJJ. Karate originated on a small island near Japan, called Okinawa. (Just a fun fact,  BJJ  actually did originate in Brazil, but it looks up to the Japanese martial art of judo.) Another fact about Karate is that “Karate” actually means “empty hand”.

When I started Karate I was only 5 years old (I’m 11 now), and at that point, I wasn’t very good. As I got older it got harder, but I started to get better, stronger, and have more technique. So, in a way, it got easier. Now I’m a blue belt (which in my karate school is 2 belts away from black) and I won’t stop until I’m a black belt, and maybe one day even teach other students! Karate takes a lot of commitment and strength. In my fourth year of karate, my dad said that I should try BJJ, which is a grappling and ground martial art. Not even a year later, I started my first class and ever since I have been loving it! 

Now, what do you actually do in the dojo? Well, In classes you can work on Sparing (which is fighting, punching, kicking, etc.) Or Kata (which is a sequence of karate moves all together) or just plain old moves (but trust me, some of the moves are not plain – like the tornado back kick.). Conversely, In the BJJ dojo, there is a lot more ground movement – like takedowns, chokes, and submissions (things like Armbars, Kamoras, and Americanas – which are all arm locks).  

Also in a Karate dojo, not only can you use your fists, but in Karate you can sometimes also use weapons, such as a staff, nunchucks, or even a sword! In my Karate, if you get the most points in tournaments throughout the year, you can actually earn a samurai sword! I have not yet earned a sword yet but hopefully, after COVID, I can win a sword. A quick fun fact: nunchucks were actually used as a whipping tool for getting beans out of pods.

I would recommend this sport to anyone, even the adults! It builds discipline, strength, and flow with any movement. To check out where I go, go to this link below.

Stay tuned for my next article!



The huge leap in points was mostly a result of the Mountain Day photo contest. Hopefully, the Mountaineers will find another way to boost their standings (hint: there may be points awarded for some of the upcoming Christmas projects). Contact Mr. Fagan to get your reading books counted.


Practice: Mondays 3:30-4:30 after school