November 19, 2020

November 19, 2020

On Wednesday, the grade 8s showcased the castles that they had built during their unit on the Middle Ages in Social Studies. There were some very creative and detailed projects! Nicely done grade 8s.


FRI. NOV. 20 – Non-instructional day: NO SCHOOL

MON. NOV. 23 – Healthy Hunger: Spolumbo’s

TUES. NOV. 24 – Townhall, Fun Lunch, non-uniform day

TUES. NOV. 24 @ 11:30AM – Gr. 5-11 Special Virtual Guest Speaker

WED. NOV. 25 @ 7PM – Virtual Open House

Contact Dorothy Reimer for a Zoom link to our Virtual Open House.

FRI. NOV 27 – Action Friday: TBD


For Who: Grades 5-11
When: Tuesday, November 24 @ 11:30-12:30
Speaker: Dr. Sandra Kirby  

The new Beyond the Win: Hall of Famers on Tour VIRTUAL experience allows students across Canada the opportunity to connect with Hall of Famers who champion good in their communities. During these virtual presentations, Hall of Famers share their personal stories in real-time, showcasing important values, like perseverance, ethics and resiliency, inspiring character in our youth. 

Dr. Sandra Kirby BIO: Dr. Sandra Kirby is a former Olympic rower and an accomplished educator, sport administrator, coach and activist who has dedicated much of her career to fighting sexual harassment and abuse, homophobia and violence against children in sport. For over forty years, Dr. Sandra Kirby’s tireless activism and compassionate scholarship have helped transform the values and ethics shaping sport practices in Canada and around the world. 




To read the complete letter from AHS regarding the catch-up vaccinations, please click here.


Thank You to Our Parents

Since the Covid-19 pandemic and our resilience-building journey began in March 2020, you have responded relentlessly.  Student attendance, participation and overall effort in our ZOOM classrooms was outstanding.  This wouldn’t have been the case without parent support and guidance, and it is this extraordinary community effort that will allow us to face the continuing challenges related to Covid-19.   

Returning to school in September under “near-normal” guidelines from AHS and Alberta Education included indoor masking, social distancing, barrier’s in some classrooms, emphasis on hand sanitization and keeping kids home if they have any Covid-19 symptoms.  We appreciate all of the effort you have put forward as families to keep your boys and those around them safe by supporting these protocols.  As the weather gets cooler and the cases rise, we must all remain vigilant in following these guidelines.  

Our students and staff have been responsible in highlighting and reinforcing the importance of following the directives and guidelines outlined by Dr. Hinshaw, Premier Kenny, Health Minister Shandro and Education Minster LaGrange when it comes to near-normal operations.  We continue to follow the framework laid out by Alberta Health Services, including the latest restrictions announced last week.

Our focus, as a school, is on balancing the safety of our students and their social, academic, physical and mental well-being, all while trying to optimize learning in the classroom and online at home.  We have tried to maintain the core elements of our program that fall within the near-normal re-entry guidelines.  We are proud of how our boys are responding and will continue to be respectful of all the province’s mandates, as well as continue to be as resourceful as we can to deliver on our school’s mission at this difficult time.

– Brent Devost

Annual Education Results Report

The Annual Education Results Report is prepared under the direction of the Board in accordance with its responsibilities under the Private Schools Regulation and the Education Grants Regulation.  The document was developed in the context of the provincial government’s business and fiscal plans.  The Board has used the results reported in the document, to the best of its abilities, to develop the education plan and is committed to implementing strategies contained within the plan to improve student learning and results.  Below is a summary chart of the North Point’s results.  The full report can be found here on our website.

To take a closer look, CLICK HERE.

North Point School is proud of our Alberta Education Accountability Summary results.  This chart shows a summary of our 2019-20 survey results with combined input from our parents, students and staff (only the PAT results are from the 2018-19 school year).  North Point is so grateful to have such supportive parents and a truly dedicated staff, working towards the same core goal – advancing our boys as people and students every day.



By Riley C., Grade 6 – Mr. Hirtle

Do you ever feel like technology (such as Computers, phones or video games) is taking over your son’s brain? Well… I definitely think my friends and I are getting our brains taken over by this new technology. Now that most of our sports have been cancelled for the next two weeks, in my opinion, we have been consuming ourselves more than ever on these electronic pacifiers. Sometimes I feel like when I’m on technology for hours at a time, I could have been doing so much more with my life, like playing outside or on a board game with my family, rather than just sitting down and watching T.V.

My family and I have found different ways to occupy ourselves – like playing a board game together, or simply going outside. Now that there is snow on the ground, we can go sledding, ski/snowboarding (when the mountains open) and even snowshoeing. Other ways to occupy yourself would be to invite a friend over or go to The Flying Squirrel or maybe even play with a Tech Deck as those are popular at school these days. (For those who don’t know what Tech Decks are, they are mini skateboards for your fingers). 

Having a cut-off point for screen time might be a good idea. I know from first hand experience that we as kids need to practice this. My parents try to keep me off the video games as much as possible but sometimes even they need a cut-off point! However, when they were my age, there were no computers or cell phones, so they made the best of it outside, or with their friends. 

I think that most of the time when we are on video games or T.V, we are missing out on something else that we could be doing, and maybe have even more fun at! In closing, I think that we should still play video games and have fun, but definitely not for too long at a time! A strategy might be to set an alarm, budget a certain amount of time that you play each morning and afternoon and stick to it! Stay Tuned for my next article! 

Recognizing Achievements with DIGITAL BADGES

Financial Academy digital badges recognize skills and achievements earned in both in and out of the classroom. They provide an innovative and visible way for students to showcase what they have learned. Many of the world’s leading professional organizations, companies, schools, and universities utilize digital badges. 

To earn a digital badge students must pass a course or participate in an activity like the Meme Contest or Business Fair. Each digital badge displays the activity, course provider, and year it was earned. Badges are private and accessible from home by logging into the North Point Google Account. Digital badge points count towards Navigator Squad points. 

View our new Digital Badge Program Video and Digital Badges Website.



Contact Mr. Fagan to get your books counted.


Practice: Mondays 3:30-4:30 after school

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