November 12, 2020

November 12, 2020

Our Remembrance Day ceremony on Tuesday is one we at North Point will remember for some time to come. Veteran Vince Fowler joined us and shared how childhood bullying, being moved to 10 different school and the feeling of not being safe inspired him to join the military and became a paratrooper so that he could keep others safe and feel safe himself. Through pictures, he got the boys to realize how their daily routine compared to that of a soldier’s and the conditions that a soldier endures to keep us safe and to identify with the feeling of hearing the news that someone close to them in not coming home. He got us to realize that we recognize many famous people’s faces but we don’t recognize the faces of those who have fought and served for our freedoms. So he challenged us to find out who these brave men and women are. Finally, he got us to realize what we are remembering when we didn’t live through World War I or II and what remembering looks like in a very practical way today. It was a very moving and memorable experience. Special thanks to Jack F. for taking on the role of multi-media guru!

Mr. Fowler stayed into the afternoon and taught the Gr. 8 class as well. What a treat! He also sent Mr. Devost a note: Thanks for having me. Your students were amazing – please tell them (and the staff that lead them). I was thoroughly impressed with their respect and discipline. 


FRI. NOV. 13 – Action Friday: Tobogganing

Please ensure your son is dressed appropriately (including snow boots). Students will need to bring their own toboggans, magic carpets, etc. 

MON. NOV. 16 – Healthy Hunger: Edo Japan

FRI. NOV 20 – Non-instructional day: NO SCHOOL


We will be having an Open House for prospective families on Wednesday, November 25. Please help us spread the word. Here is something you can email to your friends/family or share on social media:

Experiences & Environments that Challenge & Motivate Boys

North Point School for Boys invites you to join us on Wednesday, November 25, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. Begin your journey with North Point with a short presentation. Following that, staff will be available for school tours and to answer your program/grade specific questions. Let us show you how your child will fit into North Point now and for the future. Parents and potential North Point Navigators are welcome to attend! Covid-19 precautions will be in place and masks are mandatory inside the school. Please Register Here:



To read the complete letter from AHS regarding the catch-up vaccinations, please click here.

I Am a Picky Eater

By Riley C., Grade 6 – Mr. Hirtle

As a picky eater, trust me, I know how difficult it is to get your son to try something new or even something that has flavour to it. All we want is mac and cheese, “sgetti”, pizza or simple things that we trust! But as the years went by, my mom and dad started to get tired of the same old boring food and flavours every meal, on repeat, week after week.

But now I have some solutions for you and your family!

One year we were lucky enough to go to Mexico for an all-inclusive vacation and the buffet there blew my mind!  I definitely tried lots of new foods and was able to sample small amounts without having to keep eating something I didn’t like.  From this experience, I was not as afraid to try new things anymore and was able to add quite a few new items to my diet when we came back home.  You DON’T have to go away to Mexico to get this experience though as there are plenty of great buffets that offer a wonderful selection of different foods to try in Calgary. 

Obviously nobody can afford to go out for dinner every night either, so cooking from home is a required option.  My family has tried using cookbooks in the past, but honestly, it was kind of a pain getting all of the ingredients and then wasting the excess food that we didn’t use.

Recently, my dad discovered Hello Fresh which is a wonderous food delivery service where you can order different recipes for you and your family to try, and they include all of the ingredients in one simple bag.  No waste and the instructions included!  My dad says this is a miracle as he does not have the time or patience to find a recipe, go shopping for weird (yummy) ingredients and then have to put it all together with no real cooking skills (sorry dad!).

Hello Fresh has a huge variety of meal ideas to choose from and all you have to do is click a few boxes and every Saturday it shows up on our front door step like magic.  Just this week we had brown butter glazed pork chops and chicken parmesan with roasted pepper and spinach salad.  We also had the best meatloaf I have ever eaten and my dad ordered Duck one night which was his favourite.  Mmmm it was so good, just thinking about it makes me hungry!

The best part about this service though is not the food… My sister, Dad and I get to spend time learning how to cook and help my dad put everything together which is hilarious and fun!  For some strange reason the food seems to taste even better!!



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