May 28, 2020

May 28, 2020

The theme for our TownHall this week was RELENTLESS! As we come into the final month, the tendency is to take our foot off the gas and coast to the finish line. However, to hone the character of being RELENTLESS, let’s encourage each other keeping going, even when we feel like easing up.

Don’t count the days, make the days count!

This quote, pulled from our TownHall, sums it all up perfectly.


Don’t forget to have your son update to Zoom 5.0 before Monday!

Upcoming Action Fridays

May 29 – Trick-Shot Challenge

Inspired by the grade 5’s and the YouTube channel Dude Perfect. Join us tomorrow to see what this is all about and how it relates to being RELENTLESS.

June 5 – Hello Fresh (7-9s) / Virtual Escape Room (4-6’s) 

Home Economics:  Hello Fresh is coming to Gr.7-9s’ homes!  Next week expect a package from Hello Fresh Meal Kits at your door! On the June 5th Action Friday we will be cooking together as a group on Zoom. All of the ingredients necessary are provided in the meal kits. ( **Special arrangements have been made for those with allergies, restrictions ).

We will also be joined by a Hello Fresh representative to hear about their business story and the importance of fresh and healthy eating. 

If you have any concerns about this learning opportunity then contact Mr.Fagan. We welcome all of our grade 7-9’s to cook at home but if you are concerned about your son cooking unsupervised then we encourage him to join and watch the tutorial online. Please take pictures of your cooking experience and send them to us!

*** If your home address has changed since September then let us know immediately so we can reroute the order.

June 12 – Artist Maya Gohill

TownHall Recap

  • Highlights of the Art with Maya and Carl challenge
  • Great job on cleaning your neighbourhoods
  • Keep up with challenges and reading – Squad points are on the line
  • Exams and Awards are still happening
  • Reminder: Be on time and remember your dress code
  • Some exciting Action Fridays are coming up
  • Gr. 5’s introduced us to Dude Perfect and what it means to be RELENTLESS by never giving up! Watch the Gr. 5 video here.

And the Winner Is…

The winner of this month’s Flames tickets is Dexter B. Congratulations and we hope you enjoy the game!

Drawing with Carl White – May 22

Renowned artist and father to one of our students, Carl White, joined us last Friday for a fun, live session on drawing. He demonstrated the different types of pencils available and led the boys through a drawing exercise. We are truly lucky to have such a talented resource, willing to lead this creative Action Friday.

Alex and Nicholas S. absorbed in their online art lesson! Love the look of concentration on their faces! Grady H. shared his finished creation with us. Nicely done!

Pitch Competition

Just 3 days to get your Pitch and Business Plan in!

It’s the final week of the virtual Pitch Competition in Flipgridwhere students record a 60 second business pitch for a chance to win a gift card and have it posted online. Flipgrid is a fun and simple platform for making compelling videos with plenty of special effects. Instructions, ideas, and dozens of Youtube examples are posted in Google Classroom and on Flipgrid.

The pitch, accompanied by the online business plan, should be submitted by June 1. There’s $150 in gift cards that will be awarded as follows: One winner from each of the grade 1-3 classes and two from each of the grade 4-9 classes will win a $10 gift card. Results will be announced June 8th. Good luck to all the presenters! 

*NEW* There’s an Onscreen Pitch Guide and Google Form Pitch Template in Flipgrid to help students record their videos.


The Spagnolo family was staying active skipping rocks, hiking and climbing at Grassy Lake. Thanks for letting us know what your boys have been up to!


Child and Adult Face Masks

Here’s a great opportunity to keep you and your family safe while supporting our school! 20% of all sales comes right back to North Point. Shop for reusable face masks.


Mr. Kostecki as been at NP since the very beginning.  He was the first teacher Ms. P and Mr. D hired when starting the school.  Mr. Kostecki had cultivated a reputation a the “favourite teacher” for so many students in his previous school.  Kids loved his sense of humour, wit, dedication and ability to get the best out of them regardless of the circumstances or challenges they faced.  Those are the qualities Mr. K has brought to North Point.  He maintains very high expectations and pushes each and every boy to meet those expectations.  You always have to be ready and on your toes to receive a funny joke or comment coming from Mr. K and matched with is true love of Science, makes him such an outstanding and fun teacher to be around.  As our Vice Principal, Mr. Kostecki has helped create and maintain many of our current NP traditions and we look forward to having him create more in the years to come.

Navigators Squads

Keep reading, keep participating in challenges, keep wearing your uniforms, keep being RELENTLESS!!

Standings to date:

Mountaineers: 1173
Aviators: 1555
Mariners: 1920
Astronauts: 2151

Calgary Farmyard Animal Drive-Thru

Calgary Farmyard Summer Camps (Family Fun Calgary)

If you’re looking for a little animal fix, the Calgary Farmyard is bringing you the Farmyard Animal Drive-Thru! Make your FREE reservation, grab the kids, and head to a drive-thru activity where you can view the goats, sheep, llamas, bunnies, cows, donkeys, horses, chickens, and pigs. You must remain in your vehicles and all other attractions will remain closed, in accordance with Alberta Government-issued social distancing closures.

In lieu of admission, Calgary Farmyard is collecting donations for Calgary Food Banks, if you are able. There are a set number of vehicles allowed per time slot; please arrive 15 minutes before your allotted time. Reservations open May 26, 2020.

Calgary Farmyard Animal Drive-Thru:

When: Fridays to Sundays, beginning May 29, 2020