May 27, 2021

May 27, 2021

IT IS SO GOOD TO HAVE THE BOYS BACK! The hallways are a buzz with vitality again and the playground is full of happy shouts and running feet. It has felt like a ghost town around here in their absence and their energy was definitely missed! On Tuesday, everyone rolled right into the regular routine as if they had never left. This group of Grades 3-5 are regrouping to start another round of Man Tracker. There is so much to fit in before the end of the year that it’s already been a very busy week with Townhall, a Shadow Day, an Outdoor Education trip for the Gr. 10s and PATs for Gr. 6 & 9. Buckle up and hang on for the ride!


FRI. May 28 – ACTION FRIDAY: Basketball Tournament @ North Point

MON. May 31 – Heathy Hunger: Subway

MON. MAY 31 – Gr. 1-4 Passion Project Showcase

TUES. June 1 – Gr. 6 Passion Project Showcase

WED. June 2 – Gr. 8-9 Passion Project Showcase

THURS. June 3 – Gr. 5 & 7 Passion Project Showcase


FRI. June 4 – Business Pitch Competition Deadline



We launched the Walkathon on Tuesday at our Townhall. Here is the link to the online donation platform:

Please direct your family and friends to your son’s Class Page to donate there. YOU DO NOT NEED TO SET UP A FUNDRAISER PAGE FOR YOUR SON. The Class pages are sharable on social media or by email. The class goals are based on the number of kids in each class and there will be a pizza party for the class that raises the highest percentage of their goal. Our goal is that every boy raises a minimum of $100 but we do not want to single anyone out so we have set fundraisers as classes rather than individuals.

We also sent home a pledge form on Tuesday to keep track of cash and cheque donations. These will be added to the class total at the end so they will count towards the class party well. Please don’t put online donations (credit card) on the pledge form.

Here is a PDF of the presentation that explains the Walkathon in more detail.

Here is the Pledge Form as a PDF in case it didn’t make it home.

Mr. Hirtle’s Gr. 6 class is already off to a great start! They are already at 46% of their class goal!

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The Wear It Team will be at North Point School:

Thursday June 10th (8am to 10am & 3pm to 5pm)
Friday June 11th (8am to 10am)

We will have sample uniform parts for every grade available at the fitting. You will also be able to place an order with us!

Due to covid we will only assist one family at a time and will be respecting social distancing. There will be a waiting area if needed. We are asking for orders to be in by June 25th for August deliveries. If you cannot make the above times, please order online at your earliest convenience by June 25. 


It has been a crazy year but we have created some great memories along the way. Our Navigators have show Resiliency and Resourcefulness throughout the year and we are working on capturing these moments in our yearbook. Yearbooks will be delivered to North Point School in September 2022. Yearbooks must be pre-ordered. They are not available for purchase at the school as we only order the quantity required.

All yearbooks must be ordered online at:

Our school’s Yearbook ID code: 14362521


We were able to hold our Townhall in the gym for the first time in a long time, thanks to the work Mr. Jackson did to coordinate upgrading the projector system. We introduced our Walkathon, welcomed a new student – Owen R., and Mr. Kostecki highlighted what it means to be Resilient. Mr. K talked about falling down seven times, and getting up eight. Through the year we’ve just been through, we might have a whole bunch of excuses we COULD make, but how we can CHOOSE NOT TO make excuses and keep going. He showed us a video that explained Resilience in a very easy to understand way and then showed us a video on Nick Vujicic. This is a man who could have made every excuse there is but chose to keep going.

Here’s the Nick Vujicic video
This is the intro to Resilience video

Our Fun Lunch after Townhall was Popeye’s Chicken and snacks. Thank you Ms. Pirie and thank you to the volunteers who got it served so efficiently (Maureen A, Roxanne D. and Bill F.)


Things To Do on Summer Break

By Riley Chapman

As you may know, the school year is coming to an end and summer break awaits. In this article, I will be talking about my favourite things to do during the summer break. 

My family and I always go camping to Drumheller. Our trailer is the best! As it fits all of us. We would always go to the Tyrell museum and see the dinosaur bones and exhibits. I always found the prehistoric life zone interesting. My favourite part is the giant T-rex in the middle of the museum. Then we would go to the go-kart track, which was just outside of our campsite.

If we didn’t do that, or after we went camping, we would go to our cabin. I love going there because it has a huge yard, a golf cart, and Buffalo Lake a couple of minutes away. When we go to the lake we like to get our jet skis and go swimming. It’s also a great place to build a sandcastle. One of my many favourite parts is the golf cart. As of two years ago, I’m allowed to drive it around the yard, to get some driving skills in. I would definitely recommend visiting here.

In between all that, we stop at all sorts of places. Like The Banff hot springs, Sky Trek, which is a series of rope courses and an outdoor park. I myself have completed the main course, (triple black diamond). When I was younger, we would also go to the Enchanted Forest. I think this is great for younger kids. 

With COVID we might have to make a few adjustments, but hopefully, we can start going to our cabins and camping.

Stay tuned for my next article!



Contact Mr. Fagan to get your books counted.


There will be a series of short tournaments in a variety of sports to allow the boys to build their skills.

June 3, 2021: Mental Wellness Day

As we move through this pandemic, mental health and wellness in our school communities is top-of-mind. The resilience and fortitude shown across our province and especially in our schools has been evident. I thank you for everything you have done and continue to do to support the well-being of students and staff. 

In recognition of this and the continued need to build our collective capacity to support mental health and well‑being, I invite students, teachers, support staff, parents, administrators and Board members to come together on Thursday, June 3, 2021, to participate in Mental Wellness Day for Schools—with the theme ‘Take care of yourself and each other’. I invite you to mark this day in your calendar and visit the website for detailed information, including the agenda.

Activities include:
  • inspirational messages by public figures such as country singer Brett Kissel and former NHL player and advocate Sheldon Kennedy 
  • engaging sessions by Alberta Health Services, Ever Active Schools, and the College of Alberta School Superintendents; and
  • key learnings from speakers such as Dr. Jody Carrington and Dr. Michael Ungar.

Online events, of about one hour each, have been designed for specific audiences: Kindergarten to Grade 3; Grades 4 to 6; Grades 7 to 12; school staff; administrators; and parents. There will also be a live kick-off session in the morning for everyone. To make sure this event fits into busy school schedules, teachers may choose to have their classes view a session live or, in many cases, watch them online for up to two weeks later. 

A detailed description of the events, along with times, links and promotional materials, is available on the website. I encourage you to share these events widely with students, staff and parents so we may come together as a community in support of mental wellness. Please share the attached poster as well.

As always, please know that if a child or youth needs someone to talk to, they may reach the Kids Help Line at 1-800-668-6868 or by texting 686868 (but call 911 if in crisis). They may also access online resources at The Alberta COVID-19 Youth Mental Health Resource Hub

Thank you for your continued commitment in supporting the mental health and well-being of our school communities. 

Adriana LaGrange
Minister of Education