May 21, 2020

May 21, 2020


Beginning May 30th, 2020, Zoom will be enabling GCM encryption across the entire Zoom platform, providing increased protection for meeting data. Please have your son update to Zoom 5.0 NOW or before May 30th. After this date, all Zoom clients on older versions will receive a forced update when trying to join meetings.  This will take several minutes and may cause panic or concerns about getting into class late. 


Please order a yearbook online at The school id is 13427420. Order deadline is June 19.

Please check if you have ordered or not before ordering again. If you don’t remember, please contact Dorothy Reimer.


  • Submit all documentation on Google Classroom
  • Include a video that is 2-6 minutes
    • Intro yourself
    • Tell what you learned
    • Why did you pick the topic
    • Provide a demonstration (optional)
  • Do not email Passion Project to your teacher


From the Desk of Mr. Devost

An important update from the desk of Mr. Devost was sent out via email today. Here is a link to it as well.

Getting the Family Moving

We enjoy seeing a glimpse of what our families have been doing for Action Fridays. It helps us feel connected to each other. Thanks for sending in your pictures!

The Hagel family out enjoying the fresh air together and staying active.

Tapping into our Artistic Talents – May 7

The submissions for the Art Challenge have continued to come in and we are so impressive that we felt we should share them with you! These works of art or brimming with creativity – well done boys!

Pthaylo W. (Gr. 7) – creative use of the family pets!
Hayden B. (Gr. 5) – thinking outside the box!
Connor S. (Gr. 7) and Grady H. (Gr. 9) – a few of our boys may be feeling overwhelmed.
Daniel M. (Gr. 8) – nice attention to detail!
Devon D. (Gr. 5) – taking something large and recreating it with something tiny, very well executed!

Pitch Competition

One more week to get your Pitch and Business Plan in!

Go to: Pitch Competition in Flipgrid

Go to: Online business plan, 

Both should be submitted by June 1. There’s $150 in gift cards on the line. Results will be announced June 8th. Good luck to all the presenters! 


to our front line workers

We know that we have a number of parents that are working on the front lines during this pandemic.  We would like to share stories with the boys about how you are making a difference in the world by putting yourselves at risk for others every day.  Please share your stories with us (or a family member can do it for you) by sending an email to Dorothy Reimer with the following information:

  • Name:
  • Son’s Name:
  • What is your job?
  • We would love to hear any stories you would like to share about your experience:


Child and Adult Face Masks

Here’s a great opportunity to keep you and your family safe while supporting our school! 20% of all sales comes right back to North Point. Shop for reusable face masks.


Jason “The Big Hirt” Hirtle,  is our Notable Navigator this week!  With by far the most marking to accomplish in addition to running his classes, Mr. Hirtle has had his head down and red pen flying since we started schooling at home.  Mr. Hirtle was with the school from the start in 2015.  Having taught with Mr. Devost and Mr. Kostecki previously, he was a natural selection to join the NP family.  Mr. Hirtle is an expert at very quickly identifying individual differences amongst his students and organizing his lessons and assignments to challenge each and every student in unique ways. He takes pride in being organized and prepared.  He has a great sense of humour and builds strong relationships with his colleagues and students. Mr. Hirtle won a national championship as a collegiate basketball player and is an extremely competitive golfer.  In addition to living a super active lifestyle, Mr. Hirtle is a proud husband and father of 3.  Thanks for all you do Mr. H!

Navigators Squads

Standings to date:

Mountaineers: 1143
Aviators: 1535
Mariners: 1860
Astronauts: 2151

Bored? Try a Theme Week!
by Trista Arney, Staff Writer at Calgary’s Child
Schools often have “spirit days” or themed weeks (think ‘crazy hair day,’ ‘sports jersey day’ for example) for kids to participate in. These fun little activities break up the days of teaching with out-of-the-ordinary experiences and memories while giving children the chance to get creative!
At home, my family has had a few “theme weeks” to break up the daily routine, get creative, and give ourselves something fun to look forward to. Here’s a brief guide to creating a theme week for your family with a few examples of what we’ve done!

Step 1 – Pick a Theme
Sometimes, I’ll just select a theme based on something I know my 7-year-old likes or based on a special day that’s coming up. For example, we did a Star Wars theme week during the week of May the 4th in celebration of Star Wars Day.
Often, though, I will ask him for his input and what he’s interested in right now to guide our theme. Right after in-person school was cancelled, we celebrated Justice League week – my kid was reading a DC Superhero Girls comic book and was very interested in celebrating the different characters!

Step 2 – Pick Activities to Fit Your Theme
Your activities could be different dress up days, coloring pages, party foods, craft projects, LEGO challenges, or anything that relates to the theme that sounds like fun! Activities can be as in-depth or as simple as your family needs.
Adjust for what fits your family. Maybe it isn’t a theme week – maybe it’s one theme day every week, or even once a month. It could even be a themed meal where you decorate your dining room and try something new.