May 20, 2021

May 20, 2021

The Gr. 6-10s had the incredible opportunity to have a Zoom visit from our Calgary Centre MP, Greg Mclean. Several of our boys were able to ask him some thought provoking questions. Mr. Mclean was very generous with his time, answered the questions in an easy to understand manner, and related very well to our students. Our boys were very respectful and attentive, dressed in their North Point formal wear. Here is a list of questions posed by our students:

Riley: How do you deal with people that you disagree with? What is it like in the House of Commons?
Peter: What do you think about the political circumstances in America right now? What was your childhood like growing up?  What do you think led you to becoming where you are now? 
Domenic: What are your opinions on how Prime Minister Trudeau’s handled the Covid-19 pandemic? What was your favourite subject as a kid?
Cole: What was your dream job when you were a kid? What is it like flying to Ontario?
Carter: What have you achieved as a MP?
Mohammed: What’s your opinion on the cyber attack on the pipelines in America?
Austin: What is our opinion on the Coal Mining happening in Alberta?
Jack: How do you feel when you are the only on who agrees/disagrees on a vote?
Grady: What are the most difficult aspects of your job?


FRI. May 21 – Non-instructional Day: NO SCHOOL

MON. May 24 – Victoria Day: NO SCHOOL

TUES. May 25 – Students return to in-person learning

TUES. May 25 – Townhall, Fun Lunch, Non-uniform day

WED. May 26 – Gr. 9 PATs Part A

THURS. May 27 – Gr. 6 PATs Part A



Keep working on your Passion Projects. We are excited to see what you are all passionate about!

Dates for presentations will be updated shortly


It has been a crazy year but we have created some great memories along the way. Our Navigators have show Resiliency and Resourcefulness throughout the year and we are working on capturing these moments in our yearbook. Yearbooks will be delivered to North Point School in September 2022. Yearbooks must be pre-ordered. They are not available for purchase at the school as we only order the quantity required.

All yearbooks must be ordered online at:

Our school’s Yearbook ID code: 14362521



On June 11th, 2021, North Point School for Boys will be launching our first Annual Walkathon, which will be an opportunity for our boys to raise funds for school programming.  We feel it is important that they recognize and appreciate that the programs offered at North Point come at a cost and that they can help to bridge the gap between tuition/government income and program expenses.  It allows us to join together as one community working toward the common goal of providing the best for our students.

The Walkathon will be a 14 km route, beginning at North Glenmore Park and ending and Sandy Beach, where we will wrap up the day with an outdoor picnic.  There will be stops along the way and the bus will be on call to fast track any students that may need an extra ”lift”.  Parents are welcome to join us on the walk, which will go ahead, rain or shine.  

Students will need to seek out sponsorship and our hope is that each student is able to raise a minimum of $100 by finding friends and family that would be willing to support their efforts. 

Our Walkathon 2021 goal is $12,000

More information and a sponsorship package will be presented at our Townhall on May 25. There will be a fun competition between the classes with a prize going to the class which raises the most. Please remember that no donation is too small.

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The Wear It Team will be at North Point School:

Thursday June 10th (8am to 10am & 3pm to 5pm)
Friday June 11th (8am to 10am)

 We will have sample uniform parts for every grade available at the fitting. You will also be able to place an order with us!

Due to covid we will only assist one family at a time and will be respecting social distancing. There will be a waiting area if needed. We are asking for orders to be in by June 25th for August deliveries. If you cannot make the above times, please order online at your earliest convenience by June 25. 

Tom’s mom sent us this picture of Tom getting his Covid vaccine. Tom says “he already feels smarter and thinks the government can do no wrong”. All kidding aside, we are hopeful for a year without school interruptions in 2021-22 when we hear about our students getting vaccinated.


Fun Things To Do Outside During COVID

By Riley Chapman

Now that we are getting better weather, there are so many things to do during COVID. In this article I will be talking about my top 5 things to do outside During COVID.

My favorite summer thing to do is going on a bike ride. Either by yourself, with family, or friends, it is a fun way to go through the neighborhood or trail. It is also some good exercise that we definitely need.

Going for a walk, run or hike is a close second. I love taking a nice walk through the neighborhood, especially with my family, or taking a trip to the Banff to do a hike. Even taking a run through a local park.

Next, is going for a scooter or skateboard. I don’t skateboard but I do scooter and I really enjoy it. I love doing small tricks like jumps and spins, and also ripping it around my neighbourhood. 

Fourthly, Is having a water balloon fight or a water gun fight. I love doing this because you can do this with the neighbour’s kids, or friends and still be socially distant. I also love doing this with my family.

Lastly, I like playing with frisbees and playing catch with really any ball. I really enjoy playing with my dad and my friends. 

I hope that the weather stays like this, because I can’t wait to do some of these activities!

Stay tuned for my next article!



Contact Mr. Fagan to get your books counted.


All of our athletics are on hold until the boys come back to school in person.


Pending: Badminton Singles & Doubles
May-June: Soccer: 5 vs. 5

Tournaments will be held at the end of each month. Awards will be given at the following Townhall. There is a potential of off-site bookings for tournaments if COVID-19 restrictions will allow facilities to rent to the school.

June 3, 2021: Mental Wellness Day

As we move through this pandemic, mental health and wellness in our school communities is top-of-mind. The resilience and fortitude shown across our province and especially in our schools has been evident. I thank you for everything you have done and continue to do to support the well-being of students and staff. 

In recognition of this and the continued need to build our collective capacity to support mental health and well‑being, I invite students, teachers, support staff, parents, administrators and Board members to come together on Thursday, June 3, 2021, to participate in Mental Wellness Day for Schools—with the theme ‘Take care of yourself and each other’. I invite you to mark this day in your calendar and visit the website for detailed information, including the agenda.

Activities include:
  • inspirational messages by public figures such as country singer Brett Kissel and former NHL player and advocate Sheldon Kennedy 
  • engaging sessions by Alberta Health Services, Ever Active Schools, and the College of Alberta School Superintendents; and
  • key learnings from speakers such as Dr. Jody Carrington and Dr. Michael Ungar.

Online events, of about one hour each, have been designed for specific audiences: Kindergarten to Grade 3; Grades 4 to 6; Grades 7 to 12; school staff; administrators; and parents. There will also be a live kick-off session in the morning for everyone. To make sure this event fits into busy school schedules, teachers may choose to have their classes view a session live or, in many cases, watch them online for up to two weeks later. 

A detailed description of the events, along with times, links and promotional materials, is available on the website. I encourage you to share these events widely with students, staff and parents so we may come together as a community in support of mental wellness. Please share the attached poster as well.

As always, please know that if a child or youth needs someone to talk to, they may reach the Kids Help Line at 1-800-668-6868 or by texting 686868 (but call 911 if in crisis). They may also access online resources at The Alberta COVID-19 Youth Mental Health Resource Hub

Thank you for your continued commitment in supporting the mental health and well-being of our school communities. 

Adriana LaGrange
Minister of Education