May 13, 2021

May 13, 2021

Our third episode of the North Point Navigators Culinary Arts Series took place last Friday as our boys made the transition to at-home learning once again. Tasked with making their moms cookies for Mother’s Day, we had great participation as our Navigators demonstrated their growing repertoire in the kitchen. One student heard Mr. D’s pleas for cookies and a bag showed up here at the school. They were delicious!


May 7 – 25 – All grades will shift to online learning

FRI. May 14 – Learn Boxing Online with Mr. Fagan

Mr.Fagan is excited to share his passion for boxing fitness with North Point for this coming Action Friday. When he’s not marking papers in his evenings, he coaches boxing classes at Undrcard Fitness Club in downtown Calgary. 

MON. May 17 – Virtual Visit with MP Greg McLean for Gr. 6-10s


Monday @ 9AM-10AM all grade 6-10 students will have an opportunity to attend a virtual visit with The Honourable Greg McLean and ask him some questions about his life in our riding and current political issues.

Parents: please refrain from active participation during this session, so the conversation remains focused on the students rather than on public messaging

Students: Please wear your formal uniform (North Point golf shirt) as a sign of respectful presentation for important guests. Please join Mr. Fagan’s Zoom Room for 9AM.

FRI. May 21 – Non-instructional Day: NO SCHOOL

Mr.Fagan is excited to share his passion for boxing fitness with North Point for this coming Action Friday. When he’s not marking papers in his evenings, he coaches boxing classes at Undrcard Fitness Club in downtown Calgary. 

The junior high crew will get their dukes up from 9:00am to 10:00am and the elementary students will go from 1:00pm to 2:00pm. All that is required to participate is gym clothes, a water bottle, yoga mat or towel (if hard floor) and sufficient space for jumping and moving around (Optional: bring skip rope). Connect your laptop up to your TV or speakers for the best experience! Teacher’s will provide links to their class on Friday for this online event.


Keep working on your Passion Projects. We are excited to see what you are all passionate about!

We will have the presentations set up in the gym or in classrooms depending on available space and appropriate Covid spacing. We will be live-streaming and/or posting the presentations to YouTube since we are unable to have parents attend the presentations in person.

Dates for presentations will be updated shortly

PATs Part A for Gr. 6 & 9

Part A of the PATs for grades 6 & 9 will be rescheduled for a time when they can be back in the school building.


Friday, May 21 is Non-instructional day so there will be NO SCHOOL for students. Monday, May 24 is Victoria Day and the school will be closed. We hope you all enjoy an extra long weekend with your families!


It has been a crazy year but we have created some great memories along the way. Our Navigators have show Resiliency and Resourcefulness throughout the year and we are working on capturing these moments in our yearbook. Yearbooks will be delivered to North Point School in September 2022. Yearbooks must be pre-ordered. They are not available for purchase at the school as we only order the quantity required.

All yearbooks must be ordered online at:

Our school’s Yearbook ID code: 14362521



On June 11th, 2021, North Point School for Boys will be launching our first Annual Walkathon, which will be an opportunity for our boys to raise funds for school programming.  We feel it is important that they recognize and appreciate that the programs offered at North Point come at a cost and that they can help to bridge the gap between tuition/government income and program expenses.  It allows us to join together as one community working toward the common goal of providing the best for our students.

The Walkathon will be a 14 km route, beginning at North Glenmore Park and ending and Sandy Beach, where we will wrap up the day with an outdoor picnic.  There will be stops along the way and the bus will be on call to fast track any students that may need an extra ”lift”.  Parents are welcome to join us on the walk, which will go ahead, rain or shine.  

Students will need to seek out sponsorship and our hope is that each student is able to raise a minimum of $100 by finding friends and family that would be willing to support their efforts. 

Our Walkathon 2021 goal is $12,000

More information and a sponsorship package will be presented at our Townhall on May 25. There will be a fun competition between the classes with a prize going to the class which raises the most. Please remember that no donation is too small.

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The Wear It Team will be at North Point School:

Thursday June 10th (8am to 10am & 3pm to 5pm)
Friday June 11th (8am to 10am)

 We will have sample uniform parts for every grade available at the fitting. You will also be able to place an order with us!

Due to covid we will only assist one family at a time and will be respecting social distancing. There will be a waiting area if needed. We are asking for orders to be in by June 25th for August deliveries. If you cannot make the above times, please order online at your earliest convenience by June 25. 


We are delighted to welcome Mr. Lance Humeniuk to the North Point team as the new Physical Education specialist and Athletic Director. Together with Mr. Qureshi and all of our North Point coaches, Mr Humeniuk looks forward growing all of our North Point Athletics Programming. He has had over 22 years of experience as a physical education teacher and coach, and has also been the sports coordinator for the Calgary Independent Schools for much of his career. Mr. Humeniuk has collaborated with the City of Calgary, Sport Calgary, and many local leaders in a wide range of youth sports with a focus on designing, developing, and providing innovative solutions that encourage and provide access to better training and play. With a particular passion for finding better ways to connect kids to wellness, activity, and a positive, healthy lifestyle, Lance has received several accolades at the local, provincial and national level. 

Mr. Humeniuk grew up in a very small town in Alberta. Games, sports, and outdoor activity were a cornerstone and this helped him understand how this can foster relationships and bring community together. Lance graduated in 1994 from the University of Lethbridge where he also competed with the Pronghorns Track and Field team.  Throughout his life, Lance played and also coached many sports with particular interest in volleyball, track and field, wrestling, ultimate, baseball, soccer, curling and most recently – road biking!  

Along with enjoying every moment of a busy life, Lance enjoys his amazing, active family every step of the way. He and his wife, Michelle, have three wonderful boys (Hugh, William, and Oliver) and they all enjoy exploring nature, discovering new things, and just getting outside. Lance is delighted to become part of the North Point family and the positive energy of the team!  As he steps into the new year, he looks forward to finding ways to help student-athletes have fun while they develop in character, skill, and self-actualization.  He is equally eager to use this as a springboard to connect to the families as he continues to support and foster an amazing school culture.


Five Books Your Son Needs To Read!

By Riley Chapman

As we go into another lockdown due to COVID, we are going to be stuck inside a lot more. So here are some of my all-time favourite books to read that I would highly recommend to your son, instead of watching TV. 

As I have said in some of my other articles, I will start with my favourite book/series, the Percy Jackson Series. This is my favourite book series because while you’re reading it you actually are learning at the same time, about the Greeks and the Romans, and their mythology. I also like reading it because of the action and adventure.

Next is the Maze Runner Series. I love this series because of the suspense and the action. It is very interesting and is a cool book to read. As your son goes through the different trials and adventures through the maze, the scorch, and the cold wilderness.

Thirdly, all of the Roald Dahl Books. I really enjoy these books because they are both hilarious and crazy. My favourites include Matilda, George’s Marvellous Medicine, and The BFG. These books overall are funny and are a joy to read.

Next, We have the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series. This book series is both funny and exciting. It is also a great book series for all ages. The book writer, Jeff Kinney, has written over twelve books about a 7th grader Greg Heffley and has come out with a new one called The Deep End.

Finally, we have the Alex Rider Series. This series is about a kid who becomes a spy and has to do all of these challenges. I find it very energetic and interesting to read. There are twelve books in this series, of which I myself have only read up to book 3, but am looking forward to reading the next ones.

As you can see there are many books to choose from and are very entertaining to read. So I hope that your son takes one of my recommended books and sticks with it. 

Stay tuned for my next article!



Contact Mr. Fagan to get your books counted.


All of our athletics are on hold until the boys come back to school in person.


Pending: Badminton Singles & Doubles
May-June: Soccer: 5 vs. 5

Tournaments will be held at the end of each month. Awards will be given at the following Townhall. There is a potential of off-site bookings for tournaments if COVID-19 restrictions will allow facilities to rent to the school.