June 4, 2020

June 4, 2020

One thing that hasn’t changed is that June is very busy at the school. We are touring new families looking at North Point as an option for their sons, we are planning for our year-end events (and beyond), renovations for the High School have started and we are working on getting our current students re-registered. Although we are missing the increased energy levels that the boys exhibit in June, the school is still a-buzz with activity and planning!

The new High School area starting to take shape.

June 9, 11, 16, 18: Uniform Fit Days

The Wear It team will be at the school with sample uniform parts, for every grade, available at the fitting. You will also be able to place your order.

June 15: All work due

June 18,19, 22 and 23: Exams – Gr. 6-9

Exam times at the school will be scheduled to allow for physical distancing and appropriate numbers in the school.

Grade 6-9 students are asked to drop off all school resources at this time.


June 23: Last day of classes

June 23: Grade 9 Grad BBQ (students and staff only)

June 24 & 25: Drop off all school resources

Remaining school resources can be dropped off at the school anytime between 8:30-3:30. Mr. Jackson and Mrs. Reimer will assist you in checking your son’s resources in.

June 26: Staff Farewell Drive-by

Save the date: Schedule and more information to follow

June 26: Awards video presentation

Upcoming Action Fridays

June 5 – Hello Fresh (7-9s) / Virtual Escape Room (4-6’s) 

Grade 7-9s meet on Mr. Fagan’s Zoom at 12:30
Grade 4-6s meet on Mr. Qureshi’s Zoom at 12:30

Home Economics:  Hello Fresh is coming to Gr.7-9s’ homes!  On the June 5th Action Friday we will be cooking together as a group on Zoom. All of the ingredients necessary are provided in the meal kits.

We will also be joined by a Hello Fresh representative to hear about their business story and the importance of fresh and healthy eating. 

If you have any concerns about this learning opportunity then contact Mr.Fagan. We welcome all of our grade 7-9’s to cook at home but if you are concerned about your son cooking unsupervised then we encourage him to join and watch the tutorial online. Please take pictures of your cooking experience and send them to us!

June 12 – Artist Maya Gohill

May 29 – Trick-Shot Challenge

Some of our boys were super excited to try this challenge. Our first submission came in less than half an hour after the challenge was given. Here are some video frames of a couple of the submissions but they don’t do justice to seeing the celebrations of the successful “trick-shots” in the videos. Some great examples of how being RELENTLESS pays off!

Wicked hang-time Odin B.!
Brandon F. delivers the classic behind-the–back hoop shot!


While the definition of what a “front-line” work is, has changed in recent months and we now have a greater appreciation for the grocery store workers and delivery drivers, we also know that the work places of many of our parents have changed. We asked some of our parents to share what their jobs are like in the wake of this pandemic. They have graciously shared what it’s been like behind the scenes for them, while being very thankful for their continued employment and recognizing that not everyone has been so fortunate. Thank you for being Resourceful and Resilient at your work places!

Name: Coral K.
Son’s name: Dawson K.
My Job: I work at the Alberta Children’s Hospital. My job as a Bed Coordinator has it’s many challenges finding the right bed/unit to place the admitted children on. Our admissions can come from our Emergency Department as well as from other Hospitals in Calgary, or anywhere in Alberta.
Work environment: My work environment is one I enjoy coming to everyday. The days/hours vary as each admission is different. Prior to March 18th, we were still in the busiest time of the year (flu season). After March 18th, when the public was asked to stay home as much as they could during this time, we definitely saw a decrease in our Emergency Department visits and admissions. Many clinic and elective surgeries have been postponed until today. They will gradually resume at a safe pace. The site itself is almost eerily quiet as only 1 family member can visit an inpatient and no siblings can visit right now. That’s so tough on families. As we enter the Hospital, all staff have to have their temperature taken, use hand sanitizer, and a nurse questions us about our health and how we are feeling. For visitors, they are asked to use hand sanitizer and they are required to wear a face mask while on site. In the evening we have what is called a Bed Huddle. This is when the nurses from the units come to my office to discuss upcoming admissions, staffing changes etc. This is one of the best parts of my shift, however, to practice safe distancing we now do the meeting through a conference call.

Name: Carla V. 
Son’s name: Tyler A.
My job: Medical Laboratory Assistant for Alberta Precision Laboratories at the Foothills Medical Centre. I collect bloodwork for all inpatients at the hospital, and process samples for testing departments.
Work environment: It is a very busy hospital, so we collect bloodwork and process samples 24/7. Before March 18, we were already a busy department. After March 18, our workload increased, but we adapted. We have policies and procedures in place that we’ve been following for a long time, so when the pandemic started, we were ready. It was scary at the beginning for myself because I was always thinking ” What happens if I get sick, and get my family sick”. Not anymore though. I am confident with the procedures we have in place, so now my thinking is “Bring it on”. My routine when I come home from work now is to put my work clothes and runners in the washer, and wipe down any surfaces I touch. I love what I do, as I play a part in helping patients get better.


Daniel M. is getting some work done (chopping down dead trees for firewood) while keeping active. Way to build some muscles!


Mrs. Fairhead is in her 3rd year at NP but it seems like she’s been with us for longer!  We were so fortunate to be able to have Nancy join us in the first couple of years as an educational assistant who was WAY over qualified for the job having been a classroom teacher for over 15 years.  Knowing her nephew was one of our founding students and following our progress finally brought her to our doorstep and we are just thrilled she has continued to impact our boys.  Having Mrs. Fairhead work with our Grade 1-3’s, 4’s and 8’s has made such a difference in how we can deliver programming and provide support to both our students and teachers.  Her super positive, energetic yet calm demeanor is such a pleasure to have in the school.  Our boys respond so well to Mrs. Fairhead and she is just such a “cool” teacher to work with.  We are so pleased that the schedule we have created with Mrs. Fairhead works for us and her family and hope that will continue for many years to come!!  Hats off to Mrs. Fairhead.

Navigators Squads

Keep reading, keep participating in challenges, keep wearing your uniforms, keep being RELENTLESS!!

Standings to date:

Mountaineers: 1183
Aviators: 1555
Mariners: 1980
Astronauts: 2201


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