June 26, 2020

June 26, 2020

Message from Mr. D

Our entire North Point team would like to thank you all for your incredible commitment to your boys, and your support of the school during this unprecedented time in our lives.  The Resilience and Resourcefulness you all showed in the face of unforeseen adversity was overwhelming.  We are sorry for all the lives lost due to Covid-19 and for all the financial losses and hardships this pandemic has imposed on so many people in our community.  People that we know and love.  We are very proud of how together in partnership with our families, we embraced the challenges and turned them into positive opportunities to become better, stronger and more prepared for what lies ahead.  We know that those who are able, are helping out and we thank you for rising up!

In addition to the Covid crises, we have seen the world respond to news events that have taken place in the United States and around the world over the past month with respect to the inequities that exist in society.  It has been North Point’s practice not to address publicly sensitive global issues on social media platforms.  We prefer to have constructive dialogue at the classroom level where discussions are designed to be age-appropriate, take into account curricular objectives, and tie into our 5R Character philosophy, which is interwoven into everything we do at North Point.  We work together with our parents, to provide a strong foundation for our boys to be critical thinkers, compassionate leaders and driven difference-makers.  We take our mentoring responsibility very seriously and try to live right everyday, teaching  through example and being positive role models.  

If ever there was a time to be Relentless in the pursuit of the truth while being Responsible in seeking it, that time is NOW.  5R character is about what we do, when no one is watching. Rise up and Be You. The time for being Respectful is ALWAYS.  Be kind, caring and compassionate towards others.  And in making a positive choice to support others – Make It Matter!

On behalf of everyone at North Point, we wish you an incredible Summer!!


We are delaying the release of our Awards Celebration video until Monday afternoon when we have it put together perfectly. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 

We will send you a link to the video on Monday.


North Point School office and building will be closed for the month of July however the Administration will be monitoring emails.

Office will re-open August 4th and will be open daily from 8:30am to 3:30pm. 


Please note: Families that have not made it to the school to pick up uniforms for the fall, and any orders not in by the end of June, are not guaranteed to be delivered until the end of September or early October.

All boys will need polo shirts for pictures and Wednesdays.

Please log onto www.wearit.ca and place your orders.

As a reminder you have until the end of the first week of school to change sizes if needed. If you have any questions please email wearitschool@gmail.com or call 403 265 9200 or text Ariel at 403 630 9098


Announcement from the Minister of Education

Last week, Minister LaGrange released guidance documents for 2020-21 School Re-Entry. Mr. Devost has put together a summary of the guidance document as it pertains to our school. You can read it here.



Math Wiz

Angus W. achieved the monumental feat of completing 225 IXL objectives in 8 weeks. He committed to to doing 5 objectives each and every day for the entire 3 months. “Crazy Awesome!” was Mr. Redick’s comment. Honourable mention also goes out to the Friesen brothers. Both boys came out of nowhere to move into first and second place in their grades, both completing over 100 objectives in less than 4 weeks. Fantastic work boys – or maybe the kudos should go to Mom?

Social Studies Project

Jordan D. (Grade 6) did a terrific job on his final Democracy Project by creating two visual representations of democracy in Canada and Ancient Athens. Project-Based Learning is a big part of our Social Studies programming in order to make learning as memorable as possible for the boys, some of the boys even created there project online with Minecraft and Animal Crossing (Will and Nicholas’ did an amazing job too). We look forward to more projects in Social Studies next year. Incredible effort, Jordan!