to the Point – June 27, 2019 Year-End

Have a great Summer !

We wish you all a wonderful summer. Thank you for being part of the North Point Family. We grow stronger every year thanks to our wonderful students and their families. We look forward to see everyone back in September.

PS. Thanks to everyone for reading my banter for the last 3 years! Dorothy Reimer takes over the Communications and Marketing helm at North Point School starting in August 2019. Watch for a fresh take on our wonderful school with her. It’s been a wonderful time and I will stay in touch! — Véronique Perks

See you in 2019-20 ! The weekly calendar will return at the start of the 2019-20 school year.


SW Bus Route

Just a reminder to confirm with us if you plan on using this new bus route starting in September. We will be determining the route next week! Contact Mr. Jackson ASAP at

Summit Kids Before/After Care

As mentioned in an email earlier this week, Summit Kids is pleased to offer Before/After care at North Point School starting in September 2019. Please visit for information. When registering, please select NORTH POINT (not their ALL BOYS) program. Also, Summit Kids provided a correction to the contact information for Bob, Campus Lead – 403.477.1122.

Mountain Day Photo Contest

We received many photos from students for the Mountain Day Photo Contest. It was not an easy decision to pick our favourites. We are pleased to present the winners:

Grade 1-3 : Brandon Fontaine
Grade 4-6 : Mason Pike
Grade 7-9 : Brendan Agolli
OVERALL : Nolan Murphy


~~~ Navigators Squads

Congratulations to all North Point Navigators. You read (some of you ALOT), you tried next activities, you worked together as squads. Please join us in congratulating the North Point Aviators as winners of the 2018-19 Navigators Cup.

Final points results of the year:

7,664 Mariners
6379 Mountaineers
5945 Astronauts

JUNE 1 to JUNE 27
Most Improved: MARINERS (112%)

as of JUNE 27, 2019

Latest North Point News

July/August 2019

Boys-Only Dance Camp at Decidedly Jazz

Visit for details and registration. This is for boys aged 9-12 and runs July 29 – August 1 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.