to the Point – June 16, 2019

Thanks to all the fathers/grandfathers who made it to the Annual Softball Tournament & Father’s Day Celebration! Great fun was had by all. Special shout out to the Okotoks Home Depot. They DONATED all the activity kits for our event. THANK YOU!

Image by Jeremy Sampson

It is the month of June, The month of leaves and roses, When pleasant sights salute the eyes and pleasant scents the noses.” –  Nathaniel Parker Willis

The month of June, in a school, is both a month of endings and new beginnings – a farewell to some of our dearest friends, and a hello and welcome to others. It is a time to reflect upon our many personal accomplishments and, equally, a time to look forward to our next journey.  For some, June will mean they have graduated from North Point School and they now set their sights upon their next educational home. To those graduates, we will the best of luck in all future endeavours and hope we see you back at North Point for a visit in the not to distant future.

The entire staff and I wish to take this opportunity to thank all members of the North Point School learning community – students, staff, parents and community members, who make our school such an amazing place to work and grow as learners and as people. Your continued support and dedication are greatly acknowledged and appreciated. We wish you all a month of leaves and roses.

PS. We look forward to seeing everyone at the Annual Awards Evening on Thursday June 20 at 7:00 p.m

** VOLUNTEERS NEEDED for JUNE 24 – We need some help to run the annual Navigators Sports Day on Monday June 24. If you can help out, please use this link to sign up to run a station HERE

** LOST & FOUND – We have many items at the school in the lost and found. When you come for drop off or pickup, please look through the racks and shelves to claim your lost items – many of them have names on them!

** PAT EXAMS – Students in Grade 6 and 9 will write PATs June 17-20. You can view the schedule and general information about school attendance on those days HERE.

** MS. JENN. NEED BOOKS & GAMES — Miss Jenn is looking for children’s books and novels to build her classroom library and any board games that anyone wants to donate that are kicking around your house collecting dust…Maybe time for a summer purge!  


Thanks to everyone who came out to support our Gr 7-9 boys as they presented their Comedy skills. Hope you laughed all the way home. It was a great show.

MON June 17
– Healthy Hunger – Tim Horton’s
– PAT Gr. 6 & 9 English Language Arts
TUE June 18 PAT Gr. 6 & 9 Mathematics
WED June 19 PAT Gr. 6 & 9 Science
THU June 20
– PAT Gr. 6 & 9 Social Studies
Annual Awards Night at 7:00 p.m.
FRI June 21 ACTION FRIDAY – Disc Golf


Financial Academy Highlights 2018-19

Integrating Google Classroom’s into the Financial Academy was a big success this year. Students and parents were able to access the entire year’s lessons, videos, assessments and announcements in school or at home.

We continue to use EverFi interactive digital courses in Vault, FutureSmart, Venture and Marketplaces. They provide an excellent resource to our personal financial management, investing and entrepreneurship lessons.

The Stock Market Game was a hit again with all students from grade 6-9 participating. There were 72 teams, mostly high school, from the US and Canada competing in our division. North Point had impressive showings with students in 11th, 36th, 37th and 43rd place. 

Other highlights from the year included:

  • 4th Annual “Boys In Business” Business Fair – be sure to watch the new video (available next week on the website) and check out the web page and news for a summary of this year (and prior years)
  • Financial Academy Meme ContestVideo; summary in Jan 27, 2019 bulletin
  • Introduction of the “Energy IQ” Oil and Gas Learning Unit
  • Visit to and presentation at the ATB Entrepreneur Centre
  • Visit from Leila Pullum, EverFi Senior Schools Implementation Manager
  • Terry Fox Run – Giving Back to Get Back, Charitable Giving Learning Unit Presentation
  • Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?” online financial literacy quiz for North Point families.


~~~ Sportsmanship Cup

Each month, Ms. Quinn keeps a tally on the good deeds and sportsman conduct during Physical Education classes.

~~~ Navigators Squads

MAY 1 to JUNE 1
MVP – Alex S, Patrick, Lochlan, Nic, Will
Most Improved: MARINERS (12%), Nolan VW, Cayden

as of JUNE 1, 2019

Latest North Point News

July/August 2019

Mr. Devost will be attending the 2019 International IBSC Conference in Montreal from June 25-29. We an’t wait to see what great ideas he comes back with! Here are some recent news items from – making headlines around the globe about Boys’ education:

It’s Dangerous to Be a Boy
Michael C. Reichert
The New York Times
“They smoke more, fight more and are far more likely to die young than girls. But their tendency to violence isn’t innate.”

Raising Boys With a Broader Definition of Masculinity
Julie Beck
The Atlantic
“A psychologist explains how a strong relationship with a parent or teacher can help boys be their true selves, even when those selves don’t fit within narrow cultural norms.”

This Neuroscientist Wants to Know Your Brain On Art—and How It Improves Learning
Sydney Johnson
“EdSurge sat down with Hardiman recently to learn about the Initiative’s recent findings around how injecting art into lessons across disciplines can boost memory and retention.”