June 3, 2021

June 3, 2021

This week was all about Passion Projects! It was amazing to see the variety of passions our students have – from hobbies, to diving into family histories, to science and technologies. Many of our students showed a real depth of knowledge on their chosen project and were enthusiastic in their presentations. It was obvious that they were passionate about what they chose. Check out our Instagram stories for more!


FRI. June 4 – ACTION FRIDAY: Gr. 7-10 Rafting

FRI. June 4 – ACTION FRIDAY: Gr. 1-6 Water Games at the school

MON. June 7 – Heathy Hunger: Opa!

THURS. June 10 – Last Day of PEP Hockey

THURS. June 10 – Uniform Fit Day @ 8-10am & 3-5pm

FRI. June 11 – Uniform Fit Day @8-10am




We are so excited to see the fundraising efforts of our students! As of this morning, we have raised $6,617 of our $12,000 target. That’s 55% of our goal in one week with one week left to go. Here are the leading classes so far:

Miss. Jenn’s Gr. 1/2 – 142%
Mr. Hirtle’s Gr. 6 – 94%
Mr. Redick’s Gr. 10/11 – 66%
Mr. Qureshi’s Gr. 5 – 46%

Things can change very quickly when we start to add in the cash / cheque donations as we saw this morning when one student in Gr. 2 brought in over $1036 in cash. This gave Miss. Jenn’s class a decisive lead. Students can bring their cash / cheque donations in to Mrs. Reimer at any time (and definitely before next Friday) and she will add it to the class total.

THE DEADLINE TO GET DONATIONS COUNTED FOR THE CLASS PIZZA PARTY PRIZE IS FRIDAY, JUNE 11 AT 9:00AM. We will gladly accept donations after this point but the donations will be tabulated so that the winning class can be announced at the picnic after the walk.

Here is the link to the online donation platform:


Please direct your family and friends to your son’s Class Page to donate there. YOU DO NOT NEED TO SET UP A FUNDRAISER PAGE FOR YOUR SON. The Class pages are sharable on social media or by email. The class goals are based on the number of kids in each class and there will be a pizza party for the class that raises the highest percentage of their goal. Our goal is that every boy raises a minimum of $100 but we do not want to single anyone out so we have set fundraisers as classes rather than individuals.

We also sent home a pledge form to keep track of cash and cheque donations. These will be added to the class total at the end so they will count towards the class party well. Please don’t put online donations (credit card) on the pledge form.

Here is the Pledge Form as a PDF.


The Financial Academy Pitch Competition is based on the classic elevator pitch, but enhanced with cool video technology. Students are encouraged to pitch an idea for a product, service, or business idea in a 60-second Flipgrid video. Flipgrid is a fun and simple platform for creating engaging videos with plenty of special effect that enhance presentations. Instructions, ideas and examples are located in Google Classroom and at Financial Academy Pitch Competition (student email required for access).

Seven students will win $25 gift cards! This competition is open to students of all grades. Digital badges are awarded to every student who submits a pitch. The final deadline for recording pitches is Wednesday, June 9th. Winners will be announced Monday, June 14. Good luck to all the young entrepreneurs!

Oliver doing a ‘Handplant’ in the very deep end of the bowl (left) and Oliver getting some tips from a very senior Danish pro at the Danish  National Championship, on May 8, 2021 (right)


Ollie Has His Sights on the Olympics

One of our Gr. 7 students, Oliver, has been shredding it up on the skatepark recently and has some pretty cool accomplishments we would like to share with our North Point family. Oliver qualified as one of 18 Senior Men for the Danish National Championship, held on the 8th of May 2021, which was an opportunity for riders to gather points for the Olympics and get noticed by the national coach, so it was vital to be present. The Tokyo Olympics this summer will be the first year that skateboarding will be a test sport. If all goes well, Skateboarding will become part of the “normal” Olympic program, in which Oliver would like to compete in either 2024 or 2028.    

(1066) Skateboarding at Tokyo 2020 Games | New Sport on the Block – YouTube

This being Oliver’s first Seniors National Championship, he did fantastic – he finished 8th out of the 18 riders. Oliver only had two days to practice on a skatepark that he had not set foot on for two years. So an amazing achievement, and he got his name on the ballot!

Oliver is currently ranked 15th in Canada, having only skated in one competition where he came in 4th, and as number 3034 in the world. These are great rankings considering he has only done a few competitions and has not been able to compete in the US this past year. Oliver and his team are expecting that his ranking will improve throughout this and next year. Check him out on www.Theboardr.com/profile/41880/Oliver_Holm



by Riley Champman

I don’t know about you, but I love to go hiking. In this article I will tell you about all of my favorite places to hike and all about them. 

My favorite place to hike would probably be Kananaskis. I have gone there only 2 times, but it is really beautiful and I love going there. Last time I went to Kananaskis, my family and I went to a small campsite near a rocky beach, beside a small pond.

I also love to hike in Banff, as most of the trails are not too hard and once you get to the top, it’s beautiful. My favorite trail is definitely Tunnel Mountain Trailhead. 

When I was younger, my family and I would go down to Edworthy Park and take some of the hiking trails if we weren’t out swimming. It is so much fun going to Edworthy, what ever you’re doing.

The weather is getting so nice out and I can’t wait to go hiking and biking this summer. I really hope that you and your family can get out hiking!

Stay Tuned For My Next Article!


It has been a crazy year but we have created some great memories along the way. Our Navigators have show Resiliency and Resourcefulness throughout the year and we are working on capturing these moments in our yearbook. Yearbooks will be delivered to North Point School in September 2022. Yearbooks must be pre-ordered. They are not available for purchase at the school as we only order the quantity required.

All yearbooks must be ordered online at: https://ybpay.lifetouch.ca/

Our school’s Yearbook ID code: 14362521



Contact Mr. Fagan to get your books counted.


There will be a series of short tournaments in a variety of sports to allow the boys to build their skills.