September 16, 2021

September 16, 2021

Things are going great at our Currie Campus (High School). We feel settled into our new digs and the students are making good use of all the grown up learning spaces.


FRI. Sept. 17 – Terry Fox Run (see below)

WED. Sept. 22 – Hat Day

WED. Sept. 22 – Conference Manager Opens for booking Checkpoint Meetings

WED. Sept. 22 – Order Deadline for Healthy Hunger (Subway)

FRI. Sept. 24 – Non-instructional Day – NO CLASSES

Terry Fox Run Details – Friday, September 17

Carburn Park – 67 Riverview Dr. SE

Gr. 9-12 @12:20-1:20pm
Gr. K-5 @ 1:00-2:00pm
Gr. 6-8 @1:40-2:40pm

The Terry Fox Run is for reflection and personal growth. The goal is to reflect on personal best efforts, dealing with adversity and supporting/encouraging each other throughout. A 5KM goal is the one we encourage all students to aim for.

“I wanted to set an example that would never be forgotten.”

Terry Fox

In past years, our school has done an exceptional job of raising funds for the Terry Fox Marathon of Hope. To donate on our school’s fundraising page please visit: You can also set up your son’s own fundraising page from that same link.

Annual Retreats

September 29-October 1

Outdoor Education is a key element of the North Point program. Each year, students in Grades 4-12 attend a camp outside of the city for a few days. Experience in the wilderness fosters courage, self-reliance, cooperation and resilience. As students’ mature, risk and achievement are necessities in forming their identity and confidence. Taking on challenges and overcoming adversity strengthens character.

This year the Grades 4-6 will attend Camp Goldeye near Nordegg, AB, while the 7-8’s attend the Columbia Outdoor School (also known as Blue Lake Camp) near Columbia Lake, BC. The Gr. 9-12 boys will venture out to Mosquito Creek Hostel in Banff National Park.

High School Esports Team

North Point Navigators High School Esports Team officially starts on October 5th

Esports requires teamwork, communication, critical and strategic thinking, creativity, sportsmanship, and leadership — much like traditional sports. Players compete from their respective campus, supervised by Coach Fagan with special consideration for nutrition, health and character. All games offered to students for competition purposes are either rated “T for Teen” — games that are appropriate for students 13 years or older — or “E for Everyone” — games for all ages

Anyone interested in joining the team is required to sign up with Mr.Fagan by the end of next week, September 24th. The time commitment will be Wednesdays (Super Smash Ultimate) and Thursdays (Rocket League) from 4:00pm – 5:00pm at the high school campus. Grade 7/8’s can email Mr. Fagan if they are interested, and we may be able to expand to the middle school campus in the winter if there is significant interest. 

League Information can be found in this link:

**Parent information can be found in the file attached

Photo Day

On Wednesday, October 6th, DHS School Photos will be here in the morning to take individual, class and whole school photos. Please ensure your son has paid special attention to his hair that morning and that he is wearing his formal uniform of navy polo shirt and khaki pants. Photo order instructions will be sent home with your son after his picture has been taken.  

Standard Gr. 6 & Gr. 7 Follow-up Vaccinations

Our AHS public health nurse will be here on October 13 at 1:00pm to administer the standard Gr. 6 vaccinations. These are not COVID-19 vaccinations. An envelope with consent forms has been sent home with all Gr. 6 students. Please return them to Mr. Jackson at the main office as soon as possible.

For grade 7 students, last year in when in grade 6 they only received their first round of shots.  No consent forms needed as AHS has them from last spring.  For new students, your sons name will be in the AHS system from their previous school and they will reconcile with our class lists to determine their status.  

If you have any questions please call our school AHS Nurse,  Matt Brooks at 403-944-7332

Checkpoint Meetings

WED. Oct. 6 @ 4pm-8pm & THURS. Oct. 7 @ 8am-4pm

The  Conference Manager by SchoolSoft will open for booking your Checkpoint Meeting on Sept. 22 @ 6am . New families will need to set up an account here.

The first Checkpoint Meeting is a time to touch base with your child’s homeroom mentor teacher who will review and create your son’s Individualized Development Program (“IDP”) or Individualized Program Plan (“IPP”) with you. Families should book an appointment with their son’s homeroom teacher and the expectation is that the student will be present for the Checkpoint Meeting.

Parent Login on Website

We have a parent portal on our website where you will find back issues of this newsletter as well as parent resources. To register, go to the link below and Mrs. Reimer will activate you as a user once she is notified.

Mask Update

Effective Thursday, September 16th, boys in grades 4-12 and teachers will be required to wear masks at all times and in all areas indoors.  During physical education classes in the gym and outdoors, masks do not have to be worn. We will continue to offer mask breaks when appropriate and support the mental health of our students. Grades K-3 boys will continue to wear a non-medical face mask in the hallways and on the buses. 

Please ensure your son brings a reusable mask to school. We have a limited supply of disposable masks, however, these are causing a significant littering issue and an avoidable cost for the school. We are seeing many boys with their shirts over their noses in the hallways and this is not an acceptable mask.

Profanity Push-ups

We are pleased to continue this year with what was previously known as the “swear jar push up program”. Our newly named Profanity Push-UP Program (P3) will take effect immediately.  We understand that at times people may accidentally or impulsively blurt out a curse word that is obviously inappropriate. When teachers determine that there has been a genuine slip of the lip, that boy will need to make a push-up donation at lunch/break/free time in Mr. Devost/Mr. McClelland’s office area, in the spirit of being Responsible and improving one’s overall health and wellness in a positive way.  If boys run out of time before they can finish, or are unable to do the required number of push-ups at one time (we don’t want shoulders too sore!) then they will have to come back at the next break or next day to finish up. Grade 3-5’s that have a slip of the lip will donate 50 push-ups, Gr. 6-8’s will donate 100 push-ups and 9-12’s will cough up 150 push-ups. Charitable push-up receipts will only be provided upon request.  Profanity push-ups are designed to provide a teachable moment when accidental slips or lapses in judgement occur and parents will be kept informed as to how many push-ups their sons are required to do. 

Please note:  Inappropriate language directed towards another person, or more than 2 instances of having to donate profanity push-ups will be dealt with by the admin team in a more traditional fashion – i.e. loss of privileges, suspension, etc….

Healthy Hunger

First Healthy Hunger will be on Monday, September 27th with Subway. You must place an order for your son by Wednesday midnight of the week before (September 22nd). Here is a link for instructions on how to register your son. When you place and order, please wait for the confirmation. If you close your browser before you receive the order confirmation, the order has not been placed and your son will not receive his lunch.

NOTE: ALL parents will need to re-link their son by clicking on “Add Student” as we now have two campuses to choose from. Please make sure you choose the right campus so your son’s lunch comes to the right place.

Lost And Found

We know we’ve already given you a last call, but there are many winter boots and winter coats and running shoes left behind. Come Winter, you may wonder where these items are. Please, please take a look at the pictures to see if you recognize anything. Anything not claimed by Sept. 22nd is going to be donated. 

Spare Dress Code

We have a collection of used, donated dress code items which we lend out to students who have forgotten theirs or had mishaps during the day. If your son happens to borrow one of these articles, please wash and return them so they can be used by the next forgetful student.



Reading Challenge

The bulk of Navigator Points are rewarded for reading. Below is the poster which explains how points are awarded for books read. Contact Mr. Fagan to get the books your son has read counted.

5R Draw

All NP staff members are armed and ready to hand out an “R” when earned!  When teachers see a boy being Respectful, Resourceful, Resilient, Relentless or Responsible,  they can give them an R that earns them their Navigator Squad team points.  All of the R’s that are handed out in a month get placed into the 5R draw at each Townhall assembly where a cool prize is awarded to the draw winner.

September start up has hit us with the usual flurry of activity and the amazing weather has made for a great start in Navigators Physical Education. We are so delighted to have had such a great start to the year with student interest in intramurals and extracurriculars very high. Please feel free to contact Mr. Humeniuk if you have any specific questions regarding PE or Athletics and please help encourage your son to jump in and “navigate” our world of sports and athletics.

School Volleyball

Great interest has been shown and practices in both JH and SH have started this week.  We will be having our first exhibition matches this upcoming week and we are excited to have the chance to hit the courts in friendly competition once again!

In High School (students in Gr. 9-12)  practices will take place during morning PE as well as some lunch hours with after school games and further practices to be scheduled as everything takes shape. Coach: Mr. Devost

In Jr High (Gr. 6-8) students have already been involved with volleyball during PE class and we plan to continue the momentum of this very eager group.  After school practices will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30 – 4:45pm. Coaches: Miss. Works and Mr. Humeniuk


In Jr High, we also had a golf team meeting this week. It was a great turn-out and the coaches are currently putting some practice rounds in place.  Further information will be shared directly with those student athletes once that schedule is finalized!. Coaches: Mr Humeniuk (Richmond campus) or Mr Redick (Currie Campus).

Cross Country Running / Morning Run Club

The turn-out for the Morning Run Club  (8AM-8:15 am) has been outstanding!  We have had student athletes set personal goals, earns points for their squads and simply enjoy an active start to the day!  We want to extend that energy by inviting our NP athletes to the upcoming XC season.  There will be organized league runs starting next week and a permission form will be all it takes to confirm eligible runners.  

  • The SH Races take place on Tuesdays (3:30 – 5:00pm) 
  • The JH Races take place on Wednesdays (3:30 – 5:00pm)
  • Transportation to the race site is provided
  • Pick-up from the race site is the responsibility of each parent/guardian

A follow up email from the Athletics department will be sent to confirm your son’s interest in joining this team once the details from the league are revealed.


On the main (Richmond) campus, we are starting Intramural Volleyball for grade  6, 7 and 8 students next week and plan to provide further structured play opportunities during lunch break for all grades throughout the fall. The sign up for all intramurals will be posted outside of the gym and discussed in Physical Education class. We encourage all students to sign up as soon as they find the activity that suits them.

Kuwala Girls School

As highlighted at our Parent Orientation evenings, Ms. Pirie and Mr. D have been in communication with Kuwala Girls School in Malawai, Africa to engage in a mutual partnership of global learning and responsible citizenship.  They are so excited that we have decided to partner with them as a ‘brother school’.  As an introduction, we will have the boys send short video clips introducing North Point, and we look forward to receiving the same from Kuwala.  The boys will also be learning more about Malawai, while sharing stories about life in Canada.  We will be looking at ways to donate funds and supplies to help educate these young ladies who come from such poor social conditions and extreme poverty.  Because the girls at Kuwala are in Grades 9-12, our high school boys will be leading the charge, but our whole school will embrace this initiative and contribute in any way we can.  Understanding that education is the best path out of poverty, this partnership will provide so many learning opportunities for our boys!  See a short video about Kuwala!

We encourage you to sign up for their newsletter so you can stay in the loop! There’s also a cool story in the August newsletter about two brothers from Canada who are using their sport to fundraise for Kuwala in Manitoba. Maybe North Point will be highlighted in an upcoming newsletter!