January 8, 2021

January 8, 2021

Welcome back! The hallways have been noticeably quiet these last few days! We a looking forward to having everyone return to school on Monday – let the learning and the New Year begin!


FRI. JAN. 8 – Coding Option: Gr. 3-9 virtually

FRI. JAN. 8 – Action Friday: Gr. 1-5 Cooking with Mrs. Stewart

The Gr. 1-5 will be making a supper of Chilli and Biscuits for their families under the guide of Mr. Q and Mrs. Stewart. More information and ingredient lists have been sent home via email. Please contact Mrs. Stewart or Mr. Qureshi for more information.

FRI. JAN. 8 – Action Friday: Gr. 6-10 Speed Challenge Household Items Scavenger Hunt

MON. JAN. 11 – NO Healthy Hunger – please have your son bring a lunch

MON. JAN. 11 – All grades back at school for in person learning

TUES. JAN. 12 – Coding Option: Gr. 1-2 @ Coding Ninjas Dojo

Coding Option: Code Ninjas

We are very pleased to be partnering with Code Ninjas in Marda Loop for our Winter option blocks. Code Ninjas will meet with our Gr. 3-9 boys virtually this week to start them on the CREATE program. Following that, the Code Senseis® will come to the school to deliver the program in person every Friday. The Gr. 1-2 will have the opportunity to go to the “dojo” in Marda Loop on Tuesdays. Below is more information about this fun coding program.


In Code Ninjas CREATE, kids have a blast building awesome video games like Roblox® and developing ninja coding skills on the path from white to black belt and receive colour-coded wristbands to mark your achievements. They will create, play, and learn at your own pace as they gain ninja skills in coding, robotics, and problem solving.

Sensei Zachary Udoumoren:
Zachary is currently in his fourth year of his undergraduate degree at the University of Calgary where he majors in Computer Science. Zachary has been teaching at Code Ninjas since July and most frequently enjoys using Java, C++, and C to program. While his is fairly new to teaching kids how to program, over the last five years he has spent a lot of time teaching kids how to referee basketball and feels that many of the same teaching and communication skills transfer over.

Owner and Centre Director Zep Molnar:
After a technical career in the oil and gas industry, Zep made a pivotal career move by investing in a Code Ninjas centre in Marda Loop.  His own interest in technology makes him passionate about educating children in coding literacy. This is something he firmly believes is a core skill for kids, not only for their future, but also for empowering them to create the technology of today. STEM games, 3-D printing, and Robotics are incorporated into all the programs he offers at Code Ninjas Marda Loop, not only to inspire the kids, but also is an extension of his own personal pastimes. 



Contact Mr. Fagan to get your books counted.


We have seen huge growth from all our athletes and are looking forward to our season-ending tournament on Friday, January 22, where all our athletes will get to compete to see which team comes out on top and which individual students walk away with some cool awards.


We will begin Floor Hockey sign-ups for students in Grades 3-11, for our next intramural and sports-based program. Floor Hockey will finish in a season-ending tournament with prizes and food for all our participants. The date will be announced based on the number of students who sign up and once we get all the participants finalized.



At Code Ninjas Calgary (Marda Loop), kids learn to code by building their very own video games. Our flexible coding programs for kids make it easy on parents with convenient drop-in hours on weeknights and weekends. Visit website for more information.


  • Learn to code and have a blast while building awesome video games.
  • Create, play, and learn at your own pace as you gain ninja skills in coding, robotics, and problem solving.
  • Advance from white to black belt and receive color-coded wristbands to mark your achievements.
  • Get support and encouragement from Code Senseis® in our state-of-the-art dojo.
  • Drop-in at your convenience during weeknight and weekend student hours.


  • Schools don’t have time or resources to meet demand for quality coding education.
  • Existing after school programs are boring and parents have to drag kids there.
  • Existing online materials are too hard for kids to understand by themselves.
  • Kids like to play and have fun, while parents want to see real results.
  • We want our kids to be social, but screen time at home is a solitary exercise.


  • Provide a place where gaming is celebrated as kids gain confidence along with problem solving, critical thinking, and STEM skills.
  • Create a high-quality, continuous curriculum that offers an easy-to-follow system so kids can grow and learn, no matter where they start.
  • Build their favorite games, like Roblox®, as part of the curriculum.
  • Enable kids to learn by building video games. They aren’t aware they’re learning – just having fun.