January 28, 2021

January 28, 2021

The volleyball tournament and pizza party this past Friday after school was the culmination of the volleyball season. We had fantastic participation and enthusiasm from boys in grades 4-7, many of whom were new to the sport, and our Resourceful teachers were so creative in adapting our Athletics program to the current framework.


FRI. JAN. 29 – Action Friday: Walk in Fish Creek Park

Please ensure your son dresses for being outside for a few hours.


TUES. FEB. 2 – Groundhog Day

THURS. FEB. 4 – Full day of school (change from PDF calendar)

Checkpoint Meetings: Feb. 9 & 10

We will hold our next round of Checkpoint Meetings on February 9 at 4:00pm – 8:00pm and February 10 at 8:00am – 4:00pm. This means that there is no school on Feb. 10 for students to accommodate the meetings. This is a change from the previously published calendar.

Checkpoint Meetings are an opportunity for parents and students to meet with teachers to discuss progress and address questions/concerns. This second checkpoint meeting will give you a chance to update your son’s Individualized Development/Program Plan. We strongly encourage one/both parents from each family to attend. Using the online software, Grades 1/2 and 10/11 should sign up with their Homeroom teacher. Grades 3-9 should sign up with their cohort team of teachers. Both of these teachers will be in the Checkpoint Meeting. Book online at nps.schoolsoft.com

February 10, 11, 12 & 15: NO SCHOOL

Due to Checkpoint meeting, followed by Teacher’s Convention and then Family Day, our students have an extra, extra long weekend!

Begins February 22

The Stock Market Game for grades 6-10 runs from February 22 to April 30. Student participation is now easier, more interactive and accessible. Personal finance and investment learning are combined with capital markets presentations, mini-video lessons, and an updated SMG app. This is our fifth year competing in SMG.

Teams will be picked in early February. Beginning with a virtual $100,000 opening account balance, students work together to create and manage a virtual investment portfolio of real world stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Portfolios and rankings within our division are updated weekly. At the end of the game Financial Academy digital badges and Navigator Squad points will be awarded to participating students. Visit SMG website for more information.

PEP Hockey @ Outdoor Rink

Huge shout out to the PEP boys this week who braved the colder temperatures and continued to be Relentless in their pursuit of hockey excellence! Unless we send out a note indicating otherwise, the outdoor rink will be our hockey arena until the facility ban is lifted. The boys should meet at the school for check-in and will then head over to the rink together. Happy Skating!

SchoolCloud Update

Parents of our grade 1-5 students now have access to their son’s marks and teacher comments on SchoolCloud as part of our move to Real-time Reporting. Our goal is that you as parents have information on how your son is doing at any time throughout the year and not just at traditional reporting periods.  We appreciate your patience with our teachers as they work toward adjusting to Real-time reporting and continue inputting grades and comments. As always, teachers are always willing to speak with you or answer any questions you have about how your son is doing individually. If you require assistance with your SchoolCloud parent account, please contact Dorothy Reimer.  We will continue with our regularly scheduled checkpoint meetings throughout the year to develop, review and update our IDP’s/IPP’s with you.


At Townhall on Tuesday, we heard many good reports on how students and whole classes are Making it Matter and demonstrating their 5R Character traits. The winner of the 5R draw for an A&W gift certificate was Colton S. Colton was recognized for being Responsible, Respectful and Relentlessly being a fantastic helper around the school!

New Year’s Resolutions

During Townhall, Mr. Hirtle challenged the school to frame their New Year’s resolutions in terms of our annual school theme, “Make it Matter“. Students have committed their resolutions to paper which are posted in our gym hallway.

I will Make it Matter in the New Year by…
“keeping my workspace clean”
“trying to help others”
“working my hardest in PEP and school”
“wearing a mask”
“eating healthier”
“working harder to complete my assignments”

Lost & Found

We have a table of freshly washed, lost uniform items by the office. If your son is missing a North Point hoodie or athletic shirt, please come take a look and claim your stuff. An option for assisting you with keeping track of your son’s North Point gear would be to make use of the clothing labels through Mable’s Labels. A portion of the purchase price comes back to the school’s parent council. Click on the Support a Fundraiser link and search by our school name before you start shopping in order to make your purchase count.

Student Perspective

Questions For Mr. Devost

By Riley Chapman

  1. What was your favourite superhero when you were younger? Why?
    “Superman because the movie was just awesome when I was a kid. I found it very cool that Clark Kent seemed a weak, shy, quiet person, but inside he was a superhero.”
  1. Why did you want to be the principal of the North Point?
    “I love the challenge of starting new schools and when Ms. Pirie told me about her vision, I got excited about it and thought I could help.”
  1. Besides work, what do you do with your time?
    “I love to read. I have taken up running again. And I love to watch sports and movies.”
  1. What was your favourite subject in school? Why?
    “English. Because I loved reading and writing and the freedom it allow me to be creative (gym class was a close second)”
  1. Who was your role model when you were younger? Why? 
    “When I was younger I would say that both of my parents were my role models. They were caring, kind, supportive, and had very high expectations for me. They gave me a lot of opportunity to learn through experience.”
  1. If you were not the principal of North Point, what would you be doing now?
    “Probably a professional or collegiate hockey coach. When I was a kid I also thought about becoming a lawyer.”
  1. If you could go back in time to change one thing, what would it be? Why?
    “If I could go back I would definitely have helped my parents more. And I would have more actively pursued a college hockey scholarship.”
  1. What is one fact that the students of North Point don’t know and would find interesting?
    “When I was in high school I played the drums and sang in a country/rock band. When I was in grade 5 and 6 I spent two weeks of each summer at a guitar and singing camp run by two very strict nuns.”

Stay Tuned For My Next Article!



Contact Mr. Fagan to get your books counted.


We are so proud of the huge growth we have seen in the boys over the course of the volleyball season. The Huskies were our first place winners with the Falcons taking second place. Many thanks to Mr. Qureshi, Miss. Works and Mr. Ogle who sacrificed their Friday evening to make the tournament happen!

Athletic Character Awards were given to:
Declan S., Brendan O. and Riley C.

Notable Performance Awards were given to:
Liam W., Sebastien B., Lucas L., Sam M., Alex H., Peter F. and Oscar H.

Excellence in Leadership was awarded to:
Dominic K.


We will begin Floor Hockey sign-ups for students in Grades 3-11, for our next intramural and sports-based program. Floor Hockey will finish in a season-ending tournament with prizes and food for all our participants. The date will be announced based on the number of students who sign up and once we get all the participants finalized.


March-April: Basketball 3 vs. 3
April-May: Badminton Singles & Doubles
May-June Soccer: 5 vs. 5

Tournaments will be held at the end of each month. Awards will be given at the following Townhall. There is a potential of off-site bookings for tournaments if COVID-19 restrictions will allow facilities to rent to the school.