January 27, 2022

January 27, 2022

The Gr. 8 class put an incredible effort into writing and creating their own short stories – complete with illustrated book covers! On Friday they also took the time to be mentors and share their stories with their Gr. K-2 buddies. One conversation overheard regarding bullying after this storytime was “If you need someone to talk to, you can always come to me”. So great to see not only the creativity and Resourcefulness displayed but also the Responsible leadership through mentoring their younger pals.


FRI. JAN. 28 – Action Friday: Gr. K-5 Skating at Bowness Park (bring ice skates and helmets)

FRI. JAN. 28 – Action Friday: Gr. 6-8 Action/Outdoor Ed. Option at the Calgary Climbing Centre – Chinook (bring your waivers)

MON. JAN. 31 – Non-instructional Day: NO CLASSES

TUES. FEB. 1 – First Day of Semester 2 (High School)

Parent Council Meeting

Tuesday, February 15th at 7:00pm

Friends of North Point Society (the not-for-profit society for Parent Council) will be holding its Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, February 15th at 7:00pm.  

Friends of North Point Society is looking for individuals to fill all roles within the Society.  The activities of the Society currently include running the Healthy Hunger program, running fundraising events, assisting the school with events, running Mabel’s Labels fundraiser, and any other requests the school might have.  The Society is currently approved for a casino that we are waiting to have booked by AGLC.

We are looking to fill the roles of any/all board members including the following: Chair/Co-chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Director at Large, and Volunteer Coordinator. Experience is not necessary.  

The duties of the Officers and Directors are as follows:

  • The Chair will plan the agendas for the meetings; conduct the meetings; act as a spokesperson for the School Council; and generally supervise the School Council. The Chair will prepare Annual Reports of the School Council.
  • The Co-Chair will assist the Chair with their responsibilities.
  • The secretary will keep accurate minutes and records of the meetings; take care of all correspondence and communication.
  • The Treasurer will keep accurate records of all financial transactions of the School Council; present an accounting of the funds to School Council members; and prepare the accounts for auditing.
  • The Volunteer Coordinator will help coordinate activities which involve parents and the school community; and will report those activities to the School Council.
  • Directors at Large assist the Council with the handling of any issues that may arise such as filling quorum for meetings, advising on issues that may be presented to Council. 

Please consider becoming involved with the Parent Council. Your help is greatly needed. If you have any questions related to any role please contact Maureen Appel at appel.maureen@gmail.com.

Telus Be Brave Hockey Game

On Wednesday February 23rd at 6:00pm, North Point students and families have been invited to go to the Telus BE BRAVE Hitmen Hockey Game. Typically, this game happens during the school day for all to attend. This year we want to continue representing North Point by taking a bus to the evening game! We understand you have many evening commitments, but we are encouraging all to join us wearing pink and watching hockey for a good cause — #EndBullying! If you are interested please fill out the form as soon as possible so that we can reserve a spot. Here are the details: 

Departure time: 5:00 PM North Point Richmond Campus
Return time: 9:00 PM North Point Richmond Campus
Cost : $12 per student (Bring cash or cheque to Mr.Jackson) 

Any questions please ask Mr.Fagan bfagan@northpoint.school

*This year they will not be providing pink shirts, so find anything pink to wear!

Student Spotlight

Social 30-1 Final Project is the Bomb!

This week, Baudouin has completed his grade 12 Social Studies course. For his final project he built a model representing the two major sides of the Cold War, American Liberalism vs Russian Communism. Baudouin did a terrific job explaining the battle of ideologies and the satellite wars. Congrats Baudouin and good luck in the next semester!

Student Spotlight

Felix C. and the Canadian Olympic Team Announcement

Our own Felix C. in Gr. 6 was given the opportunity to to take part in a video that announced the players for Team Canada’s Olympic Hockey Team 2022. Felix appears at about the 2:27 mark. Well done Felix! A link to the video is below:

Hockey Canada: Men’s Olympic Hockey roster reveal on CBC



We had an absolutely fantastic week in physical education and athletics! With exams going this week, we were sure to continue with our basketball and curling program as many student-athletes benefit from this active break and physical/social outlet!  


The grade 7, 8 and 9 Basketball players traveled to Tanbridge Academy for some riveting on court action. The grade 7 boys played a tight match and narrowly avoided overtime by squeaking out a 2 point victory late in the game!

Last weekend, the Grade 8 team won the gold medal in a Menno Simon’s 7/8 tournament! They had hard fought battles throughout the weekend and with a depleted bench (6 players) they saved the best for last winning the gold medal match by only 2 points! Congratulations boys! We’d also like to thank our coaches, Mr. Qureshi and Mr. Hirtle, who displayed great leadership and team management skills!

This week the grade 8 players joined the grade 9 players for a challenging 8/9 exhibition match at Tanbridge Academy. Dealing with full court press and faster game speed, our North Point Navigators once again rose to the occasion, winning that match handily.

In JV Basketball, our players have had the opportunity to take part in afternoon practices as they prepare for a tournament this upcoming weekend. They already have an exhibition match under their belt and they will take that experience and this week of game and practice sessions into this weekend’s event! Good luck!


Curling was a smash “hit” this week.  In order to “take out” the stress from the exam week, we had a full roster of (9,10,11,12) players out for our third practice session! We “drew” their attention to the finer points of delivery and sweeping and by the end of the session we organized into two full North Point teams. The players showed a solid understanding and executed the basic techniques required to get into game play! Starting next month, these players will have the opportunity to play against teams from other schools and compete in the Calgary High School Curling League! Where possible, we will coordinate our curling practices around the eSports schedule for the benefit of participation.

Physical Education

With a focus on body/brain connections, teamwork, and effective communication (verbal and non verbal), our elementary classes were given problems to solve and tasks to accomplish that took effort, collaboration, and cooperation! Fun and frustration collided and we saw great leadership, effective follower-ship, and identified many talking points to wellness and being a positive part of a team!