January 20, 2022

January 20, 2022

The shovels are a popular recess-time tool as the boys are taking advantage of the milder weather.


FRI. JAN. 21 – High School Outdoor Ed. Field Trip: Bowness Park

MON. JAN. 24 – Health Hunger: The Lunch Lady (Richmond Campus); Spolumbos (Currie Campus)

MON. – FRI. – Exam Week (See schedule below)

FRI. JAN. 28 – Action Friday: Gr. K-5 at Bowness Park

Exam Week

January 24-28

Exams scheduled for next week will go ahead as planned.

The boys have been preparing all week and we are excited to see how they perform.

Cumulative exams are simply one assessment tool that does not always tell us the whole story, so we have been encouraging our students to stay positive and strive to do their best.

Should your student be absent the day of any of our exams, we will be happy to reschedule them when they return.

Please direct any questions to Brandon McClelland at bmccleland@northpoint.school.

Gr. 6-8 Exam Schedule

High School Exam Schedule

Click the links below to download a PDF of the exam schedule as well as expectations for them.

Middle School Exam Schedule

High School Exam Schedule

Parent Council Meeting

Tuesday, February 15th at 7:00pm

Friends of North Point Society (the not-for-profit society for Parent Council) will be holding its Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, February 15th at 7:00pm.  

Friends of North Point Society is looking for individuals to fill all roles within the Society.  The activities of the Society currently include running the Healthy Hunger program, running fundraising events, assisting the school with events, running Mabel’s Labels fundraiser, and any other requests the school might have.  The Society is currently approved for a casino that we are waiting to have booked by AGLC.

We are looking to fill the roles of any/all board members including the following: Chair/Co-chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Director at Large, and Volunteer Coordinator. Experience is not necessary.  

The duties of the Officers and Directors are as follows:

  • The Chair will plan the agendas for the meetings; conduct the meetings; act as a spokesperson for the School Council; and generally supervise the School Council. The Chair will prepare Annual Reports of the School Council.
  • The Co-Chair will assist the Chair with their responsibilities.
  • The secretary will keep accurate minutes and records of the meetings; take care of all correspondence and communication.
  • The Treasurer will keep accurate records of all financial transactions of the School Council; present an accounting of the funds to School Council members; and prepare the accounts for auditing.
  • The Volunteer Coordinator will help coordinate activities which involve parents and the school community; and will report those activities to the School Council.
  • Directors at Large assist the Council with the handling of any issues that may arise such as filling quorum for meetings, advising on issues that may be presented to Council. 

Please consider becoming involved with the Parent Council. Your help is greatly needed. If you have any questions related to any role please contact Maureen Appel at appel.maureen@gmail.com.

Message from Mr. D

Thank you Parents and Staff

Thank you to all of our amazing parents who have been so diligent and committed to Covid testing and for maintaining open communication with the school.  We appreciate all of the precautions you are taking to keep your family and others around you safe. You have been so Respectful of the school environment.

Thank you to our incredible teachers and staff who continue to go the extra mile with students as they monitor their own symptoms, take care of their families and balance the job of keeping the school safe with ongoing mask reminders, while also supporting our students in-person and at home. You have been Relentless in helping the boys through this trying time.

One of the key strengths of North Point from our very beginning, has been the teamwork displayed by all of our stakeholders and the mutual respect our parents and staff have for one another.  We’ve really had to lean on each other over the past couple of years and today in the present is no different.  With that continued strong bond, we will get through this with/for the boys and move onward and upward.

Thank you Teachers and Parents!


Amid the updates and highlights from our Townhall on Tuesday, we were told that back in September there was a points calculation error in our favour. This means our golf team did indeed win the gold and will therefore be receiving the banner to hang in our gym! Belated congratulations to our golf team!

The winners of our 5R draw this month were Connor S. at the Richmond Campus and Mikaill at the Currie Campus. We hope you enjoy your McDonalds treats.

Miss. Glowa and Mrs. Bjornson shared a video on Resilience. See how Michael Jordan and Walt Disney demonstrated resilience in their own lives: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KS0PvJC0Fm4




This was the second week of Curling practice. Schools from across the city met at the Huntington Hill Curling Club to discuss the season as well as host individual school practices. Our North Point Boys team had a great outing. With assistance from a club coach, Chris Pratt, they had a successful mock match – learning about the game and practicing their shot making ability.  

North Point Curling Sign Up: https://forms.gle/JqCUND7Hw4diaQZA7

In the coming weeks, we will start league play and have the opportunity to compete against these other schools. Parents will have a complete schedule in the coming days!


Basketball development continues with our first games of the year taking place this week. Our JV team plays on Friday and our 7/8’s play on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

During exam week (next week) there will more matches organized including one for the grade 7 boys!  This will be an excellent break from studying as physical activity has benefits to retention, stress reduction, blood flow to the brain, and overall wellness!  Stay tuned for details from the fabulous coach Qureshi!