Feb. 27, 2020

Feb. 27, 2020
Last week’s Action Friday had the boys climbing to new heights and conquering their fears at the Calgary Climbing Centre.


FRI Feb. 28 – Term 2 ends


MON Mar. 2 – Healthy Hunger – Mucho Burrito

FRI Mar. 6 – Action Friday – St. Andrew’s Park Sliding

FRI Mar. 6 – Term 2 Report Cards issued

North Point School Boys in Business Fair

5th Annual “BOYS IN BU$INESS” Business Fair

On June 6, 2020, hundreds of Calgarians (including you we hope!) will come to North Point and shop at the small businesses managed by our young entrepreneurs. “Boys in Business” is one of Canada’s largest children’s business fairs. The annual Business Fair is a high-visibility community event and key North Point School tradition – participate now to be part of this legacy!

PARENTS/STUDENTS – Stay tuned for the information package with guidelines, online business plan, video resources, FAQ’s and more. A printed copy will also be sent home with students. You can watch the 2019 4th Annual BOYS IN BU$INESS Business Fair video on our website. 

PLEASE HELP US WITH SPONSORS/DONORS – This annual event is made possible by the generous support of our sponsors, supporting donors and volunteers. As a parent, you can help us by getting involved.
– Be a Corporate Sponsor
– Send information to a potential Corporate Sponsor
– Become or solicit a Supporting Donor
If you work for a company with a community grant program tell them about our Fair. If you know of a potential sponsor or supporting donor send them a link to our sponsorship package. Cash donations are eligible for a charitable tax receipt, and can be designated towards specific aspects of this annual event. 

The 2020 “Boys In Business” Corporate Sponsorship Package and application form are available online. You may also contact Bruce Groberman, Director of Financial Education, at 403.617.7690 or bgroberman@northpoint.school for more information.


Weekly Challenges

Week 4: Track Your Fitness

  • Count the hours of physical activity you commit to outside of school.
  • Ensure there is a parent signature on all the hours submitted.
  • 5 point per hour.

Fun Run Friday’s

  • Timed run obstacle inside the gym and the hallways.
  • Track laps, 1 points a lap.
  • 10 minutes timed.
  • February 7th, 14th and 28th 


Navigators Squads

Standings to date:

Mountaineers: 1063
Aviators: 1370
Mariners: 1710
Astronauts: 2021


Winter. It comes around every year, so we might as well embrace it!

Each winter, the Canmore Winter Carnival rolls out the red carpet and celebrates the season with residents and visitors alike. A tradition for more than 20 years, the carnival features ice carving, snow sculpting, fun family activities, and lots more. (Beavertail eating contest, anyone?!) Go skating, play street hockey, watch a log-sawing competition, and enjoy the pooch parade. See the full schedule here.

Canmore Winter Carnival:

When: February 28 – March 1, 2020
Where: Various venues in Canmore, AB