Dec. 19, 2019

Dec. 19, 2019


MON Jan. 6 – Classes Resume

MON Jan. 6 – Healthy Hunger: Tim Horton’s

FRI. Jan. 10 – Action Friday: Laser Quest


MON Jan. 13 – Healthy Hunger: Edo Japan

FRI Jan. 10 – Action Friday: Fencing

A Message from our Neighbours

We are neighbors on Osborne Crescent and wanted to thank you for the Christmas note and candy cane and also the enthusiastic shovelling team today. I’m disabled, so those freshly cleared walks made it possible for me to go for a walk with my walker. It really made a difference! It’s great to have Northpoint in the neighborhood and we really appreciate all you do to foster positive education and values for the young lads — the community’s future! Merry Christmas and happy New Year to all the staff and boys at Northpoint. 

Your neighbors,
Karen and Chris H.

Town Hall

Our draw from all the Rs given out to boys who displayed 5R character this month produced two winners, Caden KH and Max C, who each received tickets to a Calgary Roughnecks game. Way to go boys!

To enhance their unit on Investing in Stocks, Bonds & Funds, the boys in Grades 6-9 started playing the Stock Market Game this week. To find out more, take a look at this PDF. The game runs until February 7, 2020.

The Stock Market Game – Mid-session Update

The Financial Academy is half-way through The Stock Market Game fall enrichment session. Although North Point had a later start into the game than most other schools our teams have performed well in the competition. There are 9 teams competing from the grades 6-7 class (2 or 3 students per team) in a region with 24 teams. Three of the grades 6-7 team portfolios are ranked in the top 10 with the highest ranking at 5th place. We have 6 teams competing from the grades 8-9 class in a much larger region encompassing 77 teams. Two of the grades 8-9 team portfolios are ranked in the top 30 with the highest ranking in 22nd place.  


Navigators Squads

Standings to date:

Mountaineers: 605
Aviators: 965
Mariners: 1424
Astronauts: 1081

Here are some more Christmas shapes made by the boys.


Basketball (Grade 7)

Tue12/10/20194:15 pmMaster’s CollegeMaster’s College
Thu1/23/20205:30 pmRundle CollegeRundle College
Tue1/28/20205:30 pmClear Water AcademyClear Water Academy
Tue2/11/20204:15 pmHeritage Christian SchoolHeritage Christian School
Thu2/13/20205:30 pmGlenmore Christian AcademyGlenmore Christian Academy
Thu2/20/20204:15 pmS Foundations for the FutureS Foundations for the Future

Basketball (Grade 7/8)

Tue1/7/20205:30 pmMenno Simons Christian SchoolMenno Simons Christian School
Tue1/14/20205:30 pmRundle AcademyRundle Academy
Tue1/21/20204:15 pmCalgary Islamic SchoolCalgary Islamic School
Tue2/4/20205:30 pmChinook WindsChinook Winds

Week at a Glance


In addition to our regular departments, this issue features our Winter/Spring Birthday and Education Guides, plus our Winter/Spring Class & Program and Winter Survival Features. We have included “snow” much fun for families! Happy Reading!

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