August 31, 2020

August 31, 2020
We are so excited to see everyone face-to-face!

Sneak Peak

Welcome back! Mr. Devost has made a series of videos that will show you what we have done to make the school safe and introduce you to the new protocols in place. Enjoy!

Welcome – Gr. 6 classroom and new bins

Safety from the Moment you Enter

The Gym – more learning space!

Gr. 1/2 Classroom – Individualized Learning

Gr. 5 Classroom

Gr. 8 Classroom and Microwaves!

Lots of Room Outside

TUESDAY – Welcome and Outdoor Townhall Assembly

WEDNESDAY – Navigator Squad Fun Day. Wear your Navigator coloured shirts!

FRIDAY – Action Friday: hike in Bowness Park


Timetable: Staggered Lunch & Breaks 

Grade 1-6’s: 12:00 – 12:30 lunch and social time in classroom; 12:30 – 1 pm recess outside 

Grade 7-11’s: 12:00 – 12:30 break outside; 12:30 – 1:00 pm lunch and social time in classrooms  

Teachers will work together to coordinate break times that allow for small groups of students to head outside for break in morning/afternoon.

We are still working through the timetable and based on what we see with the first week, will have it finalized in week 2.

Dress Code 

Dress code will be in effect on the first day however we know it can take some time to get sizing right or get items if students were admitted throughout the summer.  No Stress!  Please try and wear an orange, blue or green t-shirt until your NP wear arrives.  

NO FORMAL WEDNESDAY WEAR REQUIRED THIS WEEK – GOLF SHIRT / KHAKIS.  Wednesday formal wear will start on September 9th as this week on Wednesday we are asking the boys to wear their Navigator coloured t-shirts.  New students will get their Navigator Squad Shirts on the first day.  

Entry and Exit Doors 

Grade 1-5’s and Grade 7’s – playground doors 

Grade 6’s and 8-11’s will be using the south entrance by the storage container/buses.

Late Check-in & Absence Notification 

Please use to report lates/absences

Students must check in with Mr. Jackson or Mrs. Reimer at office if they are late before heading to class – including outdoor PE.

Playground and Gaga Ball Pit 

Students will be allowed to play on the equipment outside.  

We will rotate individual cohort classes for optional participation in Gaga Ball, with fewer boys than normal in the Pit, at breaks/recess and provide disposable masks for those that participate.  Please chat with your sons about whether or not you want them to take part in this.  

Week 1 Activities 

We are going to spend our first week orienting the boys to our “Near Normal” protocols while having some fun building relationships with some ice-breaker activities.  Some highlights include an outdoor Townhall assembly on Day 1, Navigator Squad Fun Day Wednesday including some fun competitive challenges and a High Fitness Outdoor Boot Camp 30-minute workout session (North Point Parent Instructor), Kahoot Virtual Quiz, and finally a hike for Action Friday in Bowness Park – morning for our Grade 7-11’s and afternoon for our grade 1-6’s.  We will end off Friday with some ice cream treats both traditional and non-dairy versions! 


First Healthy Hunger Monday will be September 14th Specific details to follow. Here is a link for instructions on how to register your son.

Hot Dog Thursday’s will start September 10th.  You can EFT funds directly to Mr. Redick at or send in in the exact amount of change with your son.  Teachers will take orders in the morning and deliver student money to Mr. Redick when they pick up the hotdogs to take back to class.   If you transferred funds to Mr. Redick, he will just subtract the dollar amount from your account with him.  Please make sure and include your child’s name in the memo section when sending funds to Mr. Redick.  $2 hotdog, $4 combo (hotdog, drink, chips), $1 popcorn, $.50 sour soothers.

NEWMicrowaves – each classroom will now have a microwave with teachers managing the appropriate cleaning between uses.  Boys will be able to use them with teacher support.

PEP Hockey 

Registration be sent our shortly. The Hockey Academy will start on October 1st

Teacher Zoom 

Here is a link to download a page with Zoom links for our staff.  If you click on any icon, it will take you directly to that person’s zoom meeting.


Please send in a mask/s with your son for entry into the school day 1.  

We have two masks per student that were provided by Alberta Education that we will hand out on the first day as well as a large quantity of disposable masks on hand.  We will of course do our best with sizing based on what was sent by AB Ed.  

Masks are required for Grade 3-11 students when entering the school, in the hallways, on the bus (required for all students Gr. 1-11) and in areas indoors when 2m of physically distancing cannot be maintained.   Once students are in their classrooms and appropriately seated and socially distanced, teachers will inform boys when they can remove their masks.  

School Cloud 

We are using a new software called SchoolCloud for student registration and our own internal attendance and progress reporting.  Within the next few weeks, you will be provided with a log-in.  Many of you are probably familiar with programs similar to this such as Powerschool or HomeLogic from other school districts.