to the Point – April 7, 2019

Hi –

Hello ! Hope you have a great two weeks off. Hard to believe it’s time to head back to classes for the final stretch of the year. We look forward to seeing everyone back tomorrow MONDAY April 8. This week we will put together photos and a summary of the amazing trip our Gr. 6-9 students took to Utah over spring break. If you missed it, you can check Facebook or the instagram account of @northpointtravel.

Only 8 weeks until the 4th Annual Boys in Business Fair (June 1) ! Hope the plans and products are coming together nicely.

Also a reminder that we are busy processing the re-enrollments for 2019-20. Please submit those to the main office by Friday April 12. Can’t wait to see what next year will bring. We already have quite a few new students registered!


MON April 8 Classes Resume
MON April 8 Healthy Hunger – Tim Horton’s
TUE April 9 Vaccinations (specific students have been notified)
WED April 10 PEP Hockey Academy – Dryland begins

~~~Lost & Found

LOST & FOUND – We have quite a pile of lost and found at the school. We have put them out on the cabinets above the outdoor shoe shelves. Please make an effort to go through it and claim any of your items. All items not picked up will be donated after April 12.

~~~NEW SW/SE Bus Route for 19/20

NEW BUS ROUTE FOR 2019-20 – North Point School is extremely pleased to announce a new South West/South East morning and afternoon bus route for the 2019-20 school year.  The route details (stops, schedule) will be designed as 2019-20 registrations are received.  For more information or to be added to the SW/SE bussing list, please contact Dave Jackson at the main office.

~~~Update from Dimitri & Ashley

Seems like only yesterday that Dimitri was running the halls at North Point. His mom sent this update recently! Good to see him settling in to his new home.

I wanted to share Dimitri’s first couple weeks here in England! We’ve been very busy setting things up here but also getting out for some major adventures! It’s been nice to have that bit of time get settled in.

Dimitri has been now to the London Zoo, the Tower of London, Dover Castle, the Clink Museum & the Golden Hinde, and the Museum of London. We’re still held up getting into our house – hopefully end of this week… but Dimitri started school this morning! I’ve attached pictures of him for his first day! He’s nervous going in but he has an excellent teacher that he met already and seems to be getting on well with. His teacher is a Canadian & American history and geography expert! He studied in South Carolina I think it was. He also has another teacher who is from Hamilton Ontario. She’s lived in the UK for 10 years.  Seems to be a great fit and though he’s nervous and had a hard time sleeping last night, he seems excited to be there. He is settling in very well but he misses you all and hopes everything is going well at North Point.

Take care, Ashley

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as of APRIL 1, 2019

Most Improved (1-Mar. to 1-Apr.) – Mountaineers (64%)

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