April 9, 2020

April 9, 2020

And here we go! Mr. Groberman started the week off with a comprehensive course in Zoom with every class during our first online Financial Academy class, setting the standard for the enthusiastic and committed learning environment we are striving for here at North Point. We are so proud of all the boys that are jumping it with both feet, the parents who are supporting them, and of course, our teachers who are here for you!

Fri. April 10 – Good Friday: NO SCHOOL

Mon. April 13 – Non-instructional Day: NO SCHOOL


Classroom Expectations

  • All Students must join the Google TownHall Classroom – this is a large Classroom which will contain the link to future TownHalls as this is more secure than mailing out links to Zoom meetings. Instructions are posted here.
  • 5Rs – we will continue to look for boys that are being Responsible, Resilient, Resourceful, Respectful and Relentless. Mr. Fagan took note of boys who were wearing dress code on the first day. An anonymous donor has donated 3 sets of 2 tickets each for 3 Flames games for next year’s season.
  • Please be ready for online classes dressed appropriately (shirts on) and at a work station such as a table or office. No blankets please.


  • Gr. 1-3 are on their own timetable with Ms. Jenn and Mrs. Fairhead.
  • Gr. 4-9 will have time allotted for direct lessons and build in flex time for working independently, breaks and activity time.
    • Stay tuned as we will be sending each grade their own specific timetable complete with quick links to Zoom meetings.
    • There will be lots of connectivity with teachers Tuesday – Thursday.
    • Financial Academy will remain on Mondays.
    • Action Friday plans are still in the works. Some will be independent and some will be together over technology platforms.
  • Please keep working on your Passion Projects and your Business Fair plans.
  • A Phys. Ed website has been developed by Mr. Q and he will be filling the boys in on how they can use it. Mr. Q will also have early morning Phys. Ed over Zoom meetings as well as scheduled times to remain active.
  • Dualingo will continue. It is on the timetable as a time for the boys to work independently on the work that gets assigned on Tuesdays with a due date of the following Tuesday. Assignments will be posted in Google Classroom.

Google, Zoom and Safety

The boys should:

  • Feel free to contact their teachers or Mr. Q (he’s our new IT expert) rather than calling the school office if they are having trouble or questions with any of the technology.
  • Only use their school email address to log in. In order to increase the security of the Zoom sessions, only their school email will allow them access.
  • Keep all links, especially Zoom links, passwords and school emails private.
  • Keep personal information off-line.
  • Keep their video cameras on so we know they are there and are okay – let their teachers know if they need to take a break.
  • All assignments will be on Google Classroom and Zoom meeting links are set up through the boys’ google calendars (calendar.google.com).
  • We are working through best practices to make Zoom more secure.
  • Send their teachers an email at any time.

We are going strong, loud and proud


Hello Everyone,

Over the past few weeks we have fielded many questions (and rightfully so) in regards to the re-registration of students for the 2020-21 School year.  Obviously there are many concerns involved.  Below are some FAQ’s with answers to hopefully alleviate any issues with registration.  

If you have any further general inquiries and/or any questions pertaining to YOUR situation, please call or email me at your earliest convenience.

Concern #1:
I/we have been laid off from our employment (or have lost our source of income) and have no idea when we will be able to return to our jobs (if they are still there).  If this continues indefinitely, we simply cannot afford to pay any tuition for next year and that is why we have not submitted our registration.  We would have to enrol our son in the public system.   

NP Response:
NO STUDENT at North Point will be denied enrolment for 2020-21 due to changes in any families financial status and regardless of one’s inability to pay tuition.   We will work individually with families to determine the best plan forward.

Concern #2:
We are down to a single income or a reduced income, and simply cannot afford tuition (even at a discount) for next year.

NP Response:
NO STUDENT at North Point will be denied enrolment for 2020-21 due to changes in any families financial status and regardless of one’s inability to pay tuition.   We will work individually with families to determine the best plan forward.

Concern #3:
We are concerned about the “value” we will be receiving for tuition if the next school year begins with a continuation of the virtual and online format.  We could enrol in the public system and receive a similar service.  

NP Response:
You will have had an opportunity over these next few months to truly make a judgement on the value you are receiving based on North Point’s Covid19 response, in comparison to what is happening in the public and private school market.  We are continually looking to identify ways we can exceed your expectations and provide the best possible education for the boys under the current circumstances.   

Question #1:
If September begins with the current virtual and online format, will there be a reduction in fees since the school will be realizing some savings from operational and curriculum expenses?  

NP Response:
We will strive to provide best in class educational services to our families during these trying times.  The majority of our costs are for staff, but if by June it is looking like school’s will not be returning to normal in September, we will be adjusting fees to reflect savings in all areas of our operation.  

Question #2:
I have already submitted my registration with post-dated cheque(s).  If there are changes, what will happen to those?

NP Response:
Dave will be in touch with  you to arrange new cheques or any other payment arrangements. 

WE ARE ASKING that all families who are intending to return in September to please submit your registration (no need to send any deposits or post dated cheques at this time) via email back to Dave (djackson@northpoint.school)  ASAP.  We need to establish our budget and staffing requirements for next year in accordance with Alberta Education reporting.  

Thank-you for your understanding and continued support!!



There are still many items at the school that have not been claimed. Please look at the pictures in this gallery with your boys to determine which of their personal belongings are still here. A few itemshave been labeled by the teachers. If you would like to pick up your son’s things, please come between 9am – 2pm, Monday through Thursday.  We ask that you enter via the playground door.  Dave or Dorothy will buzz you in so we know who is in the school. Please use the hand sanitizer posted on the wall by the playground doors as you come in and when you leave. Items that remain unclaimed will be donated to a charity.


In this new section of our newsletter we want to acknowledge the positive things that are happening in our North Point family and recognize those who are going the extra mile. Our first Notable Navigator is Mr. Groberman. We were so impressed with the way Mr. Groberman took on the challenge of the first Zoom class meetings during his Financial Academy time. He made sure that each of the classes were able to connect, use the various tools like the break-out rooms and that the boys were comfortable using the technology. He was so well organized, prepared, patient and set the tone for a great learning environment! Did any of the boys believe he was actually in the Bahamas? He sure handled it all in a relaxed manner. Congratulations Mr. Groberman, you’re our Notable Navigator!

Navigators Squads

Standings to date:

Mountaineers: 1133
Aviators: 1465
Mariners: 1840
Astronauts: 2111