April 30, 2020

April 30, 2020

It’s the last day of April and we only have 8 weeks of school left. We are in the home stretch and together we can do this. The warmer weather makes it harder to sit still but seeing things grow gives us hope. Keep at it boys, you are doing great! Keep at it parents, the effort will pay off!


Checkpoint Meetings originally scheduled on May 7th will now take place on May 21st.  Because a key focus area for checkpoint meetings is to discuss academic performance, we wanted to allow some more time for the completion of work to be submitted for assessment. We have revised the schedule so that meetings will run 8:00-4:30 and they will be 20 minutes long.  They system will be open to book meetings on May 7th at 6:00AM.


Sneak peak at this year’s cover design.

This is a year that is going to be remembered for a long time!  With so much changing daily and uncertainty around the world, one thing is certain – our school yearbook will be published and will document this incredible time in our lives.  It’s one for the books!

We need your help

We are looking for pictures and stories of what school at home looks like for YOU! Send us pictures of your son doing his school work at home and the space you’ve created for leaning. Send pictures to Mrs. Reimer: dreimer@northpoint.school

Still need to buy a yearbook?

You can order a yearbook online at ybpay.lifetouch.ca. The school id is 13427420. Order deadline is June 19. Only those yearbooks that have been paid for will be ordered.

We have had 20 families who have reserved their yearbooks by paying for them already. If you don’t remember if you have paid for a yearbook or not, please go to the website above and click the “Get Details of Your Previous Orders by Email” button at the bottom and use the email address of the mother of the student. I have entered in those who have paid by cheque using the mother’s email address.


Mr. Q gave the students instructions on how to submit their passion projects at this week’s TownHall. Here is what he told us: “Students are to submit their passion projects electronically on Google Classroom. They are to send in any documents, research materials and information they may have compiled. In addition to a video outlining, explaining and showcasing their passion project. The video should be under 6 minutes in length and the criteria, guidelines and expectations can all be found on the Townhall, Google Classroom.”

TOWNHALL – April 28

We had 70 participants at our TownHall on Tuesday. It was so great to see everyone in “one place”. Mr. Qureshi started us out by welcoming a new Grade 3 student, Sebastien (Seb) B. Welcome to North Point Seb!

Action Friday

  • Farm (via interactive website) – April 17
  • Photo Scavenger Hunt – April 24
  • Community Clean-Up (Shout out to Sam M.) – May 1
  • Art Project (we have two parent volunteers helping!!) – May 8

Passion Projects

  • Submit all documentation on Google Classroom
  • Include a video that is 2-6 minutes
    • Intro yourself
    • Tell what you learned
    • Why did you pick the topic
    • Provide a demonstration (optional)
  • Do not email Passion Project to your teacher


  • Navigator points are still being awarded for reading so get your pages read into Mr. Fagan
  • Adding Navigator points for boys wearing their North Point dress code and formal wear on Wednesdays
  • Teachers are still awarding Rs for students displaying 5R character. There will continue to be a draw of the names of students who received an R in the month for a set of Flames tickets.
  • Special shout out to Sam M. and his family who did a community clean up as part of their Action Friday activity last week! What a great tie in to Earth Day and an example of what being Responsible and Respectful looks like!
  • The winner of this month’s 5R Character draw for a set of Flames tickets was Lochlan D.


The Financial Academy continues to focus on entrepreneurship with new lessons on e-commerce. We are also introducing our first virtual Student Entrepreneur Pitch Competition where students present their business case in a succinct and compelling way and have their ideas evaluated by guest judges. The top submissions from each grade will win a $10 Amazon Gift card. Full details will be coming in the next Financial Academy class.

Sam Main and his family did some community clean up as their Action Friday activity!
Thomas M. experienced an epic bike ride in the mountains as his Action Friday activity.


to our front line workers

We know that we have a number of parents that are working on the front lines during this pandemic.  We would like to share stories with the boys about how you are making a difference in the world by putting yourselves at risk for others every day.  Please share your stories with us (or a family member can do it for you) by sending an email to Dorothy Reimer with the following information:

  • Name:
  • Son’s Name:
  • What is your job?
  • We would love to hear any stories you would like to share about your experience:


Tyler A. and Sam T. sent us some pics of what they have been up to this week.


Mr. Jackson, our Notable Navigator, is our anchor here at North Point. He keeps everything running smoothly and ensures things are moving forward. Mr. Jackson is organized, meticulous and deeply committed to North Point. In recent weeks, he has had to implement new policies to keep us all safe and be adaptable to the changes that have been happening rapidly. His attention to detail has been an incredible asset as we have had to navigate uncharted waters. Dave is always in North Point mode – even on his day off, he checks in to make sure everything is going as it should. Thanks for all you do around North Point to keep us going!

Navigators Squads

Standings to date:

Mountaineers: 1143
Aviators: 1475
Mariners: 1860
Astronauts: 2121

Calgary’s Child bimonthly printed issues have been forced to pause, however, they are still providing resources for families regardless of the circumstances. 

At the beginning of each month while closures continue, they’re publishing Calgary’s Child At Home editions – these are free digital-only resources focusing on positive messaging, activity ideas, educational tools, mental health resources and community information to help families stay connected to one another. 

 These monthly issues will be published on their website at http://www.calgaryschild.com. You can also subscribe to receive the monthly digital magazine directly in you inbox.