April 29, 2021

April 29, 2021

The Gr. 10s have been studying Biomes in their Science class and have put together some dioramas or digital presentations to show off what they have learned. For those who have forgotten Gr. 10 Science, a biome is a geographic area characterized by specific kinds of plants, animals, and ecosystem. Can you guess what Biome is represented by each of the projects? Great work Gr. 10s for your creativity and attention to detail!


FRI. APRIL 30 – Action Friday: Granary Road/Skate Park

This Friday, the boys are going to be provided with two options for Action Friday. Option one is the opportunity to go to Granary Road for a fun and educational experience on the farm! Option two is an opportunity to spend some time in a local skatepark with their schoolmates, provided they have their own proper equipment!

Mandatory pieces of protective equipment in order to select the skatepark option are:
1. Skateboard or scooter
2. Helmet
3. Elbow pads
4. Knee pads

Gr. 7-10 will go in the morning and Gr. 1-6 will go in the afternoon.

WED. MAY 5 – Hat on for Mental Health

The boys will be permitted to wear their hats inside the school in awareness of Mental Health.

WED. MAY 5 @ 4-8PM – Checkpoint meetings

THURS. MAY 6 @ 8AM-4PM – Checkpoint meetings; NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS

FRI. MAY 7 – Action Friday: TBD


It has been a crazy year but we have created some great memories along the way. Our Navigators have show Resiliency and Resourcefulness throughout the year and we are working on capturing these moments in our yearbook. Yearbooks will be delivered to North Point School in September 2022. Yearbooks must be pre-ordered. They are not available for purchase at the school as we only order the quantity required.

All yearbooks must be ordered online at: https://ybpay.lifetouch.ca/

Our school’s Yearbook ID code: 14362521


The Gr. 6s will write Part A of their Provincial Achievement Tests (PAT) on Monday, May 10 and the Gr. 9s on Wednesday, May 12. They have been working hard on their practice exams this last week.


Passion Projects are an opportunity for students to research and present on a topic, any topic, that they are passionate about. They will then do a 2-5 minute presentation on their topic which also answers some preset questions.

We will have the presentations set up in the gym or in classrooms depending on available space and appropriate Covid spacing. We will be live-streaming and/or posting the presentations to YouTube since we are unable to have parents attend the presentations in person.

TUES. MAY 11: Gr. 1-4 presentations

WED. MAY 12: Gr. 8-9 presentations

TUES. MAY 18: Gr. 6 presentations

WED. MAY 19: Gr. 5 & 7 presentations


5R Recognition

Gr. 1/2 – great effort in learning to RESPECT personal space

Gr. 3/4 – have shown RESOURCEFULNESS in creating magic tree house projects

Gr. 5 – have been RESPONSIBLE in having some stellar days

Gr.6 – are being RELENTLESS in preparing for PATs

Gr. 7 – shout out to Brendin L. for being RESPONSIBLE with his Zoom classes including the Townhall

Gr. 8 – are showing some RESPECTFUL behaviour

Gr. 9 – are being RESILIENT in their work effort and finishing the year strong as well as showing sportsmanship in the gym

Gr. 10 – showed incredible RESOURCEFULNESS in their biome projects

Special Shout Outs from Mr. D – Thanks to Colton S. for being RELENTLESS in his help with morning announcements and the anthem. Big thanks to the “Scooter Guys” for being RESPONSIBLE in wearing their helmets in the mornings.

5R draw for a McDonald’s Gift Certificate

And the winner is…Jack O. Jack was rewarded an “R” for his Relentless effort in Math. Congratulations Jack!

A&W Fun Lunch

Thank you to Ms. Pirie for providing a delicious Fun Lunch and to Mareen and Holly for efficiently serving it along with healthy snacks!

Portfolio Leaderboard

The new Portfolio Leaderboard ranks North Point teams against other middle schools and high schools in our region. It is updated weekly on our Stock Market Game Resource Page. Take a virtual tour of all the Stock Market Game has to offer in lesson plans, functionality and impact on our students.


Questions For Miss Works

By Riley Chapman

  1.  What is the best part of teaching in your opinion?
    “My favourite part about teaching is the relationships that I get to create with my students, they teach me something new everyday!”
  1. What is the hardest part of teaching?
    “Probably finding new and exciting ways to engage and interest all students, it can be challenging with diverse learning styles and needs of students.”
  1. Why did you start teaching?
    “I always really enjoyed my years in school, so the first summer I came home from university, I got a job working at one of my old schools. I absolutely loved it and made the switch into the Education program!”
  1. What are some of the pets you have had, or would like to have?
    “ I had a dog named Patch for 15 years, and am hoping to get a puppy in the next few years.”
  1. What hobbies and interests do you have?
    “ Some hobbies include spending time with my friends and family, reading, hiking, and playing rec sports.”
  1. What is your favorite subject to teach?
    “ Science for sure!”
  1. What is your dream vacation?
    “Before Covid-19 I was supposed to go on a trip to Spain and Portugal, so I would really love to go on that trip someday!”
  1. What is your favorite car?
    “My car a Mazda CX3”
  1. What is your favorite sport to play/watch?
    “Hockey is my favorite”

Stay tuned for my next article!



Contact Mr. Fagan to get your books counted. Don’t forget that Spirit Week participation will earn you Navigator points a well!


Teams have been selected and the schedule has been posted. Good luck to all the teams!


April-May: Badminton Singles & Doubles
May-June: Soccer: 5 vs. 5

Tournaments will be held at the end of each month. Awards will be given at the following Townhall. There is a potential of off-site bookings for tournaments if COVID-19 restrictions will allow facilities to rent to the school.