April 28, 2022

April 28, 2022

Grade 9 Windmill Projects!

The Grade 9’s are reading George Orwell’s Animal Farm in ELA. On top of learning important lessons about power and governance in Animal Farm, they are learning the skills in allegorical writing. Did you know our founder, Ms.Pirie’s mother crossed paths with George Orwell when she lived in Burma and her father worked in the Burmese Imperial Police? Each of these windmills has little notes on the turbine blades that are promises of hope, including “affordable living” and “safety” and “choice in leadership”. 

Griffin, Ty, Cohen, Dexter and Dylan F all deserve praise for their extra effort on this bonus project. Well done, boys!


WAIT WHAT?! It’s May already! Only 8 weeks left of school – but who’s counting…

TONIGHT – Rugby Game (FFCA High School) and Track & Field Practice (Glenmore Athletic Park)

MON. MAY 2 – the Lunch Lady (Richmond); Spolumbos (Currie)

WED. MAY 4 – Hats on for Mental Health

FRI. MAY 6 – Mother’s Day Tea

Mother’s Day Tea

Save the Date: Friday, May 6th

We are excited to be able to host the 2nd annual Mother’s Day Tea after a two year break. Here are a couple of reminders about the tea. We ask that every boy invite one special lady. If their mom is unable to attend, please have them invite an aunt, sister or grandma. Please do not bring any siblings.

Below are the times of the tea for each of the grades at the Richmond Camps:

  • Gr. 7/8: 9:00-10:00am
  • Gr. 6: 11:00am-12:00pm
  • K-5: 1:00-2:00pm

The High School boys at the Currie Campus have also been preparing a special treat:

  • Gr. 9-12: 2:45-3:30pm

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Jenn (Richmond Campus) or Mr. Fagan(Currie Campus)

Grade 6 & 9 PATs

The Gr. 9s will be writing part A of the English Language Arts Provincial Achievement Tests on MON. MAY 9. The Gr. 6s will be following suit on WED. MAY 11.

Gr. 10 students working on their Passion p

Passion Project Showcase

May 25 & 26

Passion Projects are an opportunity for students to research and present on a topic, any topic, that they are passionate about. They will then present their research in a showcase set up in their classrooms, with larger projects on display in the gym. We are thrilled to be able to open the Passion Project Showcase up to parents again this year.

Richmond Campus (Gr. K-8)


9:30-11:30 AM Passion Project Showcase open for parents

Currie Campus (Gr. 9-12)


1:00-3:00 Passion Project Showcase open for parent and Richmond Campus students

Save the Date: Coming Sunday, June 5th

The Young Entrepreneurs Business Fair is an actual marketplace. North Point students will display and sell their products and services and keep the money they earn! On June 5, hundreds of Calgarians (including you, we hope!) will come to WinSport and shop at the dozens of small businesses managed by our young entrepreneurs from K to 12.
This is our 5th annual Fair, and it has grown to be one of North America’s largest youth business fairs. We would like to thank Barrel Oil Corp for being a major sponsor of this year’s event. Stay tuned for more information about online business plans, posters and more. For more information, contact Bruce Groberman, Director of Financial Education at bgroberman@northpoint.schoolCheck out our new webpage, Business Fair Resources for Students & Parents, with dates, guidelines FAQs, business ideas, sponsorship information, and other valuable information



North Point has again performed well against other schools in the competition. Our top investment team comes from grade 9. They were ranked in 2nd place out of 369 high school teams in our region! Their virtual portfolio equity grew an impressive 13%, from $100,000 on December 1, 2021, to $113,326 by April 15, 2022. Congratulations to the prize winners, Matty, Ty, Carter, and Evan!

Chicks Are Hatching!

Some very cute and fluffy new arrivals are making quite a peep in Ms. Jenn’s K-2 classroom. Being able to hold the little chicks in their hands while learning about chickens, roosters, chicks and eggs in science is egg-actly what Hands-on Learning is all about! 

Earth Day

On Earth Day, the K-2 Leadership option teamed up with Adventure/Outdoor Ed option on a hike through the Douglas Fir Trail. With a goal of challenging the students while providing a deeper connection/appreciation of nature, we were lead by local naturalist, Andrew Stiles. Andrew’s energy, enthusiasm, and ability to make connections ensured that this adventure was packed with fun, information, and a historical reflection as we trudged through Calgary’s first dedicated natural park. 

Leadership and community were on full display as our boys were Responsible for ensuring the entire group made the journey. They were Relentless in accomplishing the task of getting the whole group through! They were even given sleds and they sorted out taking turns pulling or being pulled as they explored and learned about some of the indigenous trees, invasive species and historical uses of that area.

Great way to spend the Earth Day!




Mr. Fagan has an exciting eSports Tournament opportunity in the works for those interested in esports. 

Who: Open to all North Point students. (Equipment provided/Tutorial Provided)

Where:  North Point Currie Campus (High School) (Transportation Provided).

When: Friday, May 13th from 4:00 – 7:30. (Pickup between 7:30 and 8:00)

Cost : 15$ ( Included: Pizza and one draw entry for a chance to win a Nintendo Switch! and 10$ for every additional draw entry. Costs go to pizza and supporting the eSports team )

Format: 2-4 game round robin in both Mario Kart and/or Super Smash. 

About: North Point launched its first ever eSports team in September 2021. We started with 5 players competing in Super Smash Ultimate  and quickly expanded to 10 in the second half with the addition of Mario Kart Deluxe. The team played weekly against other high schools in US states that share our time zone. We look forward to continuing the eSports programming in the 2022/23 year at North Point. Both games are rated E for everyone. 

Use the Sign-Up form to register and submit it to your homeroom teacher.


Floor Hockey

The one-day floor hockey tournament was well attended with North Point entering two teams into the floor hockey Championship.  Team Kostecki/Felcher went all the way to the final in dramatic fashion, winning the semi finals in a shoot-out.  Liam B backstopped the win with big saves (pictured above) and Oscar and Hayden made good on their shoot-out attempts to advance to the gold match. While the team was not able to pull off a win in that final match, their silver medal was well earned!  

Team Fagan/E. Devost fought hard and just came up short, missing out on the semi-final by a couple of goals.

All the boys and coaches represented North Point with 5R Character all the way! Way go NAVIGATORS! Congratulations to both teams!


The North Point Rugby team also had a busy week.The Tuesday practice was well attended as Coach Stephen Thomas took them through game situations and provided an introduction to tackling. On Thursday they will be put to the test as they have a scrimmage/practice match against Foundations for the Future (S). It has been a pleasure watching the commitment and growth.

Track & Field

With the weather cooperating this week, the North Point Track program held practice at the Glenmore Athletic Park. This opportunity is open to all North Point students in Gr. 6-12 who are able to make it for the fun and challenge of extra training, We will hold one more after school practice at Glenmore Athletic Park on May 5th – ( sign up here:https://forms.gle/DGYYxNqYLQqLKzdd7

Further to this, we will be holding our first annual North Point Track & Field meet during the day on Thursday, May 12th!  All students from Gr. 6-12 will have an opportunity to become involved, learn more about themselves through the events, earn personal bests, and go for gold!


Finally the soccer season is upon us.  If your son is in grade 7, 8 or 9 and is interested in being part of the North Point Soccer team playing please sign up here:  

Gr 7|8|9 North Point Soccer Team SIgn up:  https://forms.gle/qwdMv2sSEfDU2DWB8

This will be a fun few weeks to enjoy some friendly competition with games nights on Tuesdays or Thursday.  All games are one hour long and will all take place from 4-5PM.  Feel free to email Mr Humeniuk if you require any further details!

Beyond this, Calgary City FC will once again be offering a weekly soccer academy for North Point elementary students.  Registration will take place soon – stay tuned!