September 8, 2022

September 8, 2022

Currie Campus is Buzzing

Nearly half of our students are now housed at our Currie Campus with almost 80 students. We occupy the two floors of the North Wing of Building B6 with the Gr. 8-9s on the second floor and the High School on the main floor. In the South Wing, our School for Girls have made themselves at home in a bright and inviting space on the second floor and the new Roots2Stem lab also shares the second floor.

Our High School is officially co-ed with 5 amazing young ladies joining us this year. The School for Girls has 6 (with possibly 2 more joining us shortly) enthusiastic scholars. Miss. Works and Mrs. Davidson are so excited to be working with this vibrant group of girls.

Message from Head of School

We are off to such an invigorating start this week!  Teachers and students have spent a lot of time getting to know one another and reviewing all of our school routines and expectations.  The launch of our Girls School and Co-Ed High School has been very exciting, together with welcoming all of our new and returning students to the Boys School.  Growing from 30 to 80 students at our Currie Campus has turned our Building B6 into a bustling hub of energy much like Richmond has been for so many years!  Navigator Athletics is kicking into high gear with plans underway for upcoming Action Friday’s, Option Programming and our Student Retreats, which are just around the corner.  Navigator squad teams have been assembled and squad colors handed out.  Squad points are already being handed out for reading and 5R Character.  We are looking forward to introducing our parents, students and teachers to a new leadership & character development program we will be undertaking in partnership with the organization “I Got Mind”.  All of our staff will go through training along with our students in Grades 7-12, as we intentionally prepare our older students for positive mentoring of their younger brothers and sisters – as you all know, Mentoring is one of our key elements at North Point.  Focusing on mental, social and emotional health and wellness, the program will fit perfectly within our 5R Culture.  We hope you enjoy reading our jam-packed To The Point…. Newsletter that Dorothy works extremely hard to put together each week.  We do our best to share all kinds of cool student stories, accomplishments and activities, along with ongoing updates and information to keep all of our stakeholders in the know!  Our new school theme for the 2022-23 school year was unveiled – LEARN ALWAYS, LEARN ALL WAYS.  We sincerely hope you will share in all of the LEARNING that will take place in so many ways this year at North Point! 


WED. SEPT. 14 @ Noon – Drama Auditions (see below)

THURS. SEPT. 15 – First Hot Dog Thursday.

Create an account by e-transferring money to Remember to put student’s name and weekly spending limit in Message Box.

THURS. SEPT. 15 – Parent Orientation Evening

FRI. SEPT. 16 – Terry Fox Run

MON. SEPT. 19 – Healthy Hunger (Richmond: Subway; Currie: Edo)

Auditions at North Point

All students in Gr. 5-8 have an exciting opportunity to audition for Youth Theatre Canada – Calgary’s upcoming Fall 2022 program, Journey To The Center Of The Earth! Auditions will be taking place on Wednesday, September 14th (at 12noon) at North Point Richmond Campus. We will shuttle any girls and Gr. 8s that are interested from the Currie Campus to the Richmond Campus.

FALL 2022: Journey To The Center Of The Earth

  • Casting students in Grades 5-8.
  • No preparation or experience is required, but please wear comfortable clothing.
  • If asked to attend a callback audition, it will take place on Sat, Sept 24th (morning).

Youth Theatre Canada – Calgary is a professional school for stage training and performance, providing opportunities for students with beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of experience. There is no cost to audition. If selected to be a part of the program, there is a tuition fee (financial assistance provided for interested families). As well, instructors will work with families to establish a carpool for students from the Greater Calgary Area.

Here is a link to the permission form. Students will need to bring these forms back to the main office the day before auditions.  On the big day, the director will come to the school and run a group audition with all students, who have submitted their signed permission form.  Selected students will be emailed to attend a callback audition (at a local studio) with students from other Calgary schools.  

Please complete this form and return to Main Office by Tues, Sept 13th

Healthy Hunger

Friends of North Point Society organize Healthy Hunger lunches each Monday.  We rotate through a list of restaurants with relatively healthy choices for the students.  It is strictly optional for the students to order.  If you wish to take part, simply set up an account at, choose North Point School, either Richmond Campus or Currie Campus, and select your students’ class.  Lunches are delivered to the classroom at noon each Monday. Lunches are usually set up well in advance and you may order multiple lunches at a time or go in weekly to order.  Please note, the cut off day and time for weekly lunches is Wednesday at midnight prior to the lunch.  If you miss this deadline, we are unable to add any more orders for the coming Monday. If you need any assistance, please contact Maureen Appel at


We need volunteers to help deliver the weekly Healthy Hunger lunches to the classrooms.  It only takes a few minutes.  Lunches are delivered at 11:45 and delivered to the classrooms at 12 noon.  Most lunches come already assembled by classroom, some may require a bit of organization. If you can give us some of your time to help, it would be much appreciated. We are looking for one volunteer per campus. Please contact Maureen Appel at

Healthy Hunger Coordinator

We are looking for a volunteer to set up the lunches in Healthy Hunger for us.  This entails emailing the restaurants in advance for available dates, setting up the lunches for both campuses and posting for the parents to order from. This can be done at any time from the comfort of your home on your schedule.  Please contact Maureen Appel at

Fun Lunches

North Point School brings in lunch for all students and staff once a month on the last Tuesday of the month (most months).  We bring in pizza to share with everyone and need help serving it out.  If you have a couple of hours to spare, from approximately 11:30am until 1:00pm, it would be greatly appreciated.  As each campus has 80 kids each, we are looking for 2 volunteers per month at each campus.  Please contact Maureen Appel at if you are able to help us.

Friends of North Point Society AGM

Our Parent Council is looking for parents who would like to get involved with us and our Non-Profit Society.  We have many positions available and are looking for parents to help with various activities that the Parent Council assists the school in organizing.  If you are interested, please contact Maureen Appel at  Please watch for a forthcoming announcement of our first Parent Council meeting of the year as well as our Annual General Meeting.


Friends of North Point Society is running its first ever Casino on October 6th and 7th,, 2022.  We need 40 parent volunteers to make this happen.  The proceeds of this casino will provide your sons and daughters with many school opportunities from activities, special events, curriculum enhancement, field trips, etc.  We have 6 positions for each of the following time slots for both days. That means 18 time slots per day plus 2 spares in case of cancellations.  We currently have some volunteers signed up and would like to ensure that we have commitment for the rest of the schedule no later than September 23rd. From previous experience, partial shifts are not allowed. Shifts will be on a first come first serve basis. 

11:00am – 7:30pm

7:00pm – 3:30am

11:00pm – 3:30am

If you can commit to one of these times on either day, please contact Maureen Appel at  I will update weekly the remainder of open shifts until we are full.

Student Teacher

We are very excited to have an international student teacher joining our K – 2 class today and she will be working with us until the end of November. Cora Neugebauer is in her fourth year at the Karlsruhe University of Education where she is studying to be an elementary school teacher. This program requires her to spend one semester abroad and out of all the schools in Canada she could have chosen, she chose North Point School for Boys.

“Your school’s mission and agenda really resonated with me. I would love to get an insight into Canadian schooling, your elementary school and expand my overall knowledge.”

Cora Neugebauer

Not only will she provide support in the classroom, but she brings genuine passion for young learners and education in general. We look forward to you having an opportunity to meet her soon and we are confident the boys will enjoy working with her. Please welcome Cora should you see her around the Richmond Campus.

Hot Dog and Perogy Thursdays

Once again, we are excited to offer hot lunches on Thursdays. We will start serving hotdogs/perogies starting Thursday September 15, 2022. The 15th will start with hotdogs and will rotate with perogies each week after that.
Hot dogs Thursday September 15th
Perogies Thursday September 22nd
Hot Dogs Thursday October 6th  etc…..
If the perogies are not a big hit, we will go back to just hotdogs.  Mr. Redick will keep you posted.
We will be throwing in the odd Hamburger day every couple of months as well … TBA 

The money raised during Hot Dog / Perogy Thursdays is used to support the North Point outdoor education program.

To create an account, e-transfer money to  Please do not send money to Mr. Redick’s North Point email account as this North Point email address is not secured for money transfer.  Please indicate the spending limit per week and the name of the student in the e-transfer message box.

To help you determine a reasonable limit, please review the prices below:

  • One Hot Dog (all beef) – $2.50 (veggie dogs available on request)
  • Bag of Chips – $1.50 (Salt&Vinegar, Doritos, All Dressed, Cheezies)
  • One Juice Box – $1.00
  • One large Sour Soother – $0.50
  • Bag of Popcorn – $1.00
  • One Granola Bar – $0.75
  • Ichyban Noodles (pkg) – $2.00
  • Cheese and Potato Perogy $0.25 each (order as many as you want on that day)
  • Hamburger (on those special days) $4.00


The annual squad tradition of whole team Rock-Paper-Scissors tag took place at the Richmond campus.  With an unprecedented two wins in a row, the Aviators earned the first 20 points of the school year.

Remember that students will earn points throughout the year for a variety of challenges including citizenship, reading and athletics. The majority of Navigator Squad Points are award for reading. Please send reading points emails to Mr. Schneider with how many books read and number of pages in each book.

Physical Education

FitSet Ninja Parkour Course

We had a fantastic start to physical education class this week as our students had the opportunity to test themselves in all ways on the Fit Set Ninja parkour course.  Our Richmond campus was transformed into an obstacle course and our students were coached to try new things (relentless), to try again (resilience), and to find a new approach (resourceful) if a challenge was too difficult.  Fun was had by all as they were able to show what they were good at, find out more about themselves, and accept new challenges! 


The opportunity for students in grade 6-12 to become involved in team sports starts now.  We want to continue to see our students become involved in after school sports as we this helps to build community, confidence, and camaraderie.

In Jr High and High School, North Point teams are part of the Calgary Independent Schools Athletic Association and we look forward to league games, tournaments, and other opportunities to play against other schools throughout the year.

The Sign Up for VOLLEYBALL, GOLF, and CROSS COUNTRY came out this week and if your son/daughter would like to be part of the school team, please let us know by filling out this simple online form:

Sign Up Sheet Gr. 6-12

North Point (Volleyball, Golf, Cross Country) TEAM SIGN UP:

We will be using TeamSnap for school teams this year, and we will send schedules, practices, and events along as those are constructed! Stay Tuned!

Cross Country

Miss. Glowa will be one of the cross country coaches this year along with Miss. Works and Miss. Brunner.

Cross country practices for Junior High will be held at the Richmond Campus on Mondays after school. Practices will conclude at 4:30, please arrange to pick up your son at that time. 

Cross country practices for Senior High will be held at the Currie Campus on Tuesdays after school. Practices will conclude at 4:30, please arrange to pick up your son at that time. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Paige Glowa (, Emily Works ( or Jody Brunner (

Morning Run Club

If your son would like extra running practice, Mr. Humeniuk is hosting a run club every morning from 8:00-8:20 at the Richmond Campus. The goal is to run as many laps in the field as possible.

As we are eager to connected to our local community, we wanted to announce that there is a farm stand at the Richmond Knob Hill Community Centre every Thursday until the end of harvest  (3:00-6:00pm). Feel free to support the local farmers and local economy by picking up some farm fresh vegetables before or after you pick up your child.