April 16, 2020

April 16, 2020

Mr. Fagan’s grade 5 class have been working on some posters this week. They are definitely learning to be Resilient through this all and looking for ways to help others. Thank you for sharing your creativity and encouragement with us.

We will have our first Action Friday tomorrow. Please watch the video below which will explain everything!

Video: Action Friday https://youtu.be/cqtNV9DHlHk


How to Join Zoom Parent Meetings with your Child’s Teacher

Grade 4-9 parents are encouraged to make one-on-one appointments with individual teachers on Mondays via our Conference Manager. Click on the video button below for instructions on how to make it a Zoom meeting with the teacher instead of the teacher calling you.

Video: How to Join Zoom Parent Meetings with your Child’s Teacher https://youtu.be/bcQdALHI28U


We know that parents have had a lot of emails and instructions thrown at them of the last few weeks as we have been working to develop our Learning at Home program. We have started to compile all the resources on our website so that you can refer back to them and find them easily when you need them. There are some Learning at Home tips there for parents and students as well. You will need to login to the USER LOGIN section found on the top right corner of the website. Once in, the Learning At Home link is on the top of the navigation on the left side. The above videos are also on the page and we plan on adding to this page as things evolve.


We would love to see what the boys are doing and how they are learning at home. We miss seeing them in the halls and in the classes. Please send us pictures of their learning environments, progress on their passion projects and business fair plans or their participation in Mr. Q’s online gym classes. You can send pictures to Mrs. Reimer. She might even put some of them on social media or in our yearbook (yes, that is still happening!) Here’s a sample of how Max W. has been spending some of his time and learning at home. Can you guess what he is building?


Our Notable Navigator this week is Mr. Qureshi. Mr. Q has been integral in North Point being able to offer such a comprehensive Learning at Home program. From the beginning days of our new “separate but together” reality, he administered Google and Zoom training for the teachers, researched how to make the platforms more secure, provided technical support to staff, students and parents, and developed help documentation and videos to provide clarity and make things easier for everyone. During it all Mr. Q was patient, enthusiastic and eager to help. In addition to all the time he spent helping others, he also developed an on-line phys. ed program and website. You can check out his Phys. Ed website here. There is also a link on our Learning at Home Parent Resources page on our website.

Navigators Squads

Standings to date:

Mountaineers: 1133
Aviators: 1465
Mariners: 1840
Astronauts: 2111