April 14, 2022

April 14, 2022

North Point / Legends Academy wrapped up this past Sunday in fantastic fashion with a wind up tournament at the Richmond campus (in front of fans and family).   Legend’s Coaches and Mr Q lead the boys through warm ups, skills challenges, and then refereed the on court action!  The crowd was delighted by the players as these athletes showed their talent, their growth and provided many WOW! moments!

Well done and thanks to all for the commitment, development and fun!



MON. APRIL 18 – Non-instructional Day – NO CLASSES

SAVE THE DATE: Coming Sunday, June 5th

“Boys In Business” is now “Young Entrepreneurs” Annual Business Fair

On June 5, hundreds of Calgarians (including you we hope!) will come to WinSport and shop at the dozens of small businesses managed by our young entrepreneurs from K to 12. “Young Entrepreneurs” has grown to be one of Canada’s largest youth business fairs.

We would like to thank Barrel Oil Corp for being a major sponsor of this year’s event. Stay tuned for more information coming real soon!

New Website

Our new website launched this morning. It better outlines our three unique programs – School for Girls, School for Boys, and High School. Please check it out and provide us with any feedback you might have.

We are still working out our newsletter integration, so that is why this week’s newsletter may look a little different.

Poetry Reading

Our Gr. 8s put on a treat of a show this morning with a poetry reading complete with MC Maxxum N. and technical support from Cole S. All the boys did a fantastic job of presenting their poems out loud. Their poems were creative and well thought out. 


Physical Education

In physical education class students were reintroduced to the high paced game of tchoukball as well as other games that involved anticipation, communication and concentration.  This included invasion/evasion games with a focus on throwing, catching, and kicking skills!

On the Richmond campus the after school Legend’s Academy wrapped up last Sunday with an amazing in house tournament, and noon hour basketball intramurals also wrapped up!  We will be starting Floor Hockey intramurals next week as this coincides with the upcoming Jr High floor hockey championship at the end of the month!

As this week’s snow melts away, we will also be turning our attention to soccer!  We will soon be hitting the pitch in physical education class and we will look to put together a junious high and/or JV team for CISAA league play as well as a weekly after school soccer academy for Grade 2-6. 

Finally, thanks to Mr. Redick and the high school boys who purchased new 9 square balls and delivered them to the Richmond campus this week. The timing couldn’t have been better as the cold weather and snow outside allowed our boys the chance to enjoy the fun and excitement of impromptu 9-Square battles during PE and recess inside!



In athletics, our dedicated North Point Rugby team held their second practice at the Richmond campus this past Tuesday.  The camaraderie and commitment was fantastic to see as they continue to work together to prepare for some exhibition games!


Our Grade 8, 9, 10 and High School North Point Badminton team had team sessions at MRU that provided further practice and North Point playdowns to determine the players that will be selected for the CISAA Badminton Championships!

Track & Field

Our North Point Track and Field team starts next week   All North Point athletes in grade 6-12 are invited to join our Track and Field team this year.  We will be heading to the Glenmore Track every Thursday from 3:30 to 5:00 pm to learn and then practice specific track and field events.  This is a great opportunity for all athletes to have dedicated time to learn, practice, improve and compete!

The Track and Field sessions will take place on Thursdays at the Glenmore Athletic Park from 3:30 – 5:00pm.   North Point athletes will be transported to the venue by bus, parents are expected to pick up their son at the conclusion of the practice session.

If your son  (Gr6-12) would be interested in taking part in the North Point Track and Field program, please let us know by filling in this quick and easy form: