Kim Pirie

Founder & Board Member

MBA, BA Honours

Kim Pirie founded North Point School for Boys in 2014. Initially, her three sons and their friends were her inspiration – seeing too many bright, capable, energetic boys leaving high school with limited options because the traditional classroom model had failed them. After much encouragement from family and friends, she teamed up with Brent Devost and together they set out to create a school model that caters to the way boys learn and behave.

Since its inception in 1993, Kim has been the Managing Director of the Pirie Foundation, a private foundation that focuses on investment in education, a role she continues in tandem with her North Point responsibilities. Prior to that she was Manager of Exploration and Corporate Affairs at Sabre Energy Ltd., and from 1987 to 1991, she worked as a Geologist with Shell Canada. Kim has three sons and has been an active volunteer and advocate for their education in their respective schools.