Jody Brunner


B.PE., B.Ed., M.Ed

Ms. Jody Brunner is excited to join the North Point School in September 2022. Jody has accumulated nine years of experience in the classroom, teaching elementary in the Red Deer Public School District. During her time with Red Deer Public School District, Jody was the health champion at Mattie McCullough Elementary School and sat on the District Health and Wellness Committee.

Jody completed both her Bachelor of Physical Education (Sport Performance) and Bachelor of Education (Elementary) at the University of Alberta and later earned a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from City University of Seattle. Jody brings with her to North Point an enthusiastic energy towards teaching mixed with a passion for sport, health, and wellness.

Her preferred teaching philosophy emphasizes hands-on learning and collaborative work, with an aim to inspiring children to become lifelong learners. Additionally, she believes education should focus on students’ development in all domains, prioritizing academic, social-emotional, and physical needs, as well as character development and self-confidence. She seeks to ensure that her students are taught to develop empathetic relationships, healthy communication styles, leadership qualities, and emotional awareness, better equipping them to further their education and achieve their highest potential.

Outside of the classroom, Jody has just completed her 200-hour yoga teacher certification in Spring 2022. She enjoys leading an active lifestyle that includes cycling, hiking, cross-country skiing, and attending spin and yoga classes. An adventure seeker by nature, Jody has completed her advanced open water diver certification and has explored marine life under the sea in Honduras, Nicaragua, and Belize. When Jody isn’t busy exploring the mountains or spending time outside in the sunshine, she enjoys reading non-fiction books and challenging herself with new recipes in the kitchen.