Angela McPeake


BA, B. Ed.

In a short amount of time, Miss. McPeake has gained a wealth of teaching knowledge. Since graduating with a Bachelor of Education from the University of Lethbridge in 2016, she has taught preschool through grade 12 students throughout Southern Alberta and in London, England. Angela loves travelling to experience the history and culture of different places around the world. This is one of the sparks in her aspiration to teach Social Studies and English Language Arts. While Angela loves to explore outside of the city, she will always call Calgary her home. It’s here that she lives with her partner Matt and her dog Earl.

Angela has also specialized in studio arts while completing her Bachelor of Arts. In her spare time, she loves to create anything from sculpture to drawing, painting and photography. This creative strength plays into her diverse, hands-on, teaching methods in the classroom, which will surely be advantageous for the students at North Point. Angela has experienced and learned about the benefits that creativity and experimentation can bring to a classroom. After three years of teaching students with a combination of learning and attention difficulties, Angela has seen the positive effect and growth in students when given  a creative outlet to express their knowledge and ideas.

When Angela is not teaching or creating art, it is guaranteed that she is outside on an adventure somewhere. Some of her favourite activities include: kayaking, snowboarding, fishing, hiking, dirt biking, and backcountry camping. Angela believes that one of the most important things in her life, and to foster in her students, is the ability to stand up to any challenge. Whether the outcome is success or failure, it ultimately leads to personal growth and a greater strength. In her classroom, she strives to create an environment for her students to build confidence and approach any challenge with an open mind.