Jessica Zang



We are excited to welcome Mrs. Zhang to our High School campus. Mrs. Zhang has dreamed of being a teacher since she was in kindergarten and has worked with youth in both recreational and tutoring settings along her path of achieving her Bachelor of Science (Mathematics) and Bachelor of Education with focus on secondary math. Upon graduating in 2017, she has taught students a variety of students ranging from gifted to those needing remedial math support and has three years experience working with students with learning disabilities including those with math LD, ADHD, math anxiety, test anxiety and general anxiety. Mrs. Zhang has also taught Speech, Leadership and Tourism.

A major part of Jessica’s passion as an educator is to facilitate the development of character in her students, as well as to build their self-confidence personally and academically. She believes relationships are crucial in teaching and learning. Her priority is to build strong, trusting relationships with her students.

In her personal life, Mrs. Zhang loves spending time with her husband Charles, her son CJ, and dog-daughter Nala. She loves to travel, explore new cultures and spend time in nature. Annual camping trips are a must. She also enjoys cooking, baking and trying out new recipes. Mrs. Zhang and her husband also facilitate a youth group for boys grades 7-12 at her church.