Spreading Holiday Joy to Our Neighbours

Spreading Holiday Joy to Our Neighbours

2nd Annual Candy Cane Walk

Feature photo (Candy Cane on door handle) supplied by neighbour Vicky Young.

It only took 90 minutes to deliver almost 1000 candy canes to our neighbours ! Our boys took to the streets of Richmond/Knob Hill to spread holiday cheer and get some fresh air. “This is one of many activities done throughout the year that helps reinforce the North Point 5R Character model whose tenets are Respectful, Resourceful, Resilient, Relentless and Responsible,” shares Kim Pirie, School Founder.

“We started this in 2017 with about 400 candy canes” explains Mr. Redick, North Point Gr. 8/9 & Mathematics teacher. “The boys really had fun working together, getting to know the area around the school and knowing they were putting a smile on people’s faces. This year we expanded our efforts and ended up delivering 1000 candy canes! It was about a 4 km round trip. This will definitely continue to be an annual tradition for North Point School.”

This project is done entirely in-house and ‘home-made’. We design and print the cards at the school. The students then cut, hole-punch and tie the  greetings on each of the 1000 family-donated candy canes. “It takes a village to make this happen! Thank you to all the families that sent in the candy canes, the boys for their prep and deliver and thanks to Mr. Redick for leading this effort for the 2nd year.” commented Brent Devost, Head of School.

Bringing a Smile to the Community

We received a number of thanks from the community by email and on social media. Thank you to all who took the time to reach out to us.

Nice to find the candy cane greeting in our mail box. We’ve lived on Osborne Crescent for 39 years and really appreciate having your school in our neighborhood. You are good neighbors and it’s a joy to see your young lads in the school yard. 

Blessings and continued success to you all — Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. 

Chris and Karen H.

Just want to say Thank-you for the Christmas candy cane I found in my mailbox yesterday. Merry Christmas to All.


Thanks so much for the little gift in my mailbox yesterday.  Better than the bills I usually get. LOL. I appreciate the effort and hard work you put into delivering them. A great initiative for the students. Merry Christmas.
– Scott

From all of us in the North Point School community, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a joyful Holiday season with your family and loved ones.