Southern Utah – The Adventure Begins

Utah 2018

Travel Program, March 2018
by Mr. Redick

Most people at some point in their lives will have an urge to travel. Some people need a gentle push. Some see travel as sitting on a tour bus or a beach and taking in their surroundings. We believe our North Point boys should experience as many UNIQUE opportunities as they can. Our annual trip to Utah is one such event. Open to Gr. 7-9 boys, this optional trip was born out of the 5R character model at North Point. The trip gives the boys the chance to display and model first hand all the character traits the 5R represents.

Not even when our tents were blown a kilometer away did it stop their unbridled enthusiasm.

 This annual trip of 11 days – three travel days and eight exploration days – takes a group of adventurous, curious and courageous boys to the southern Utah desert during spring break. The students are introduced to canyoneering, repelling, hiking, climbing, camping, meal preparation and outdoor survival skills. During eight action-packed days the boys travel through, over, up and down six slot canyons, hike many kilometres of back-country trails and sleep under the stars. They travel through three famous US National Parks and explore ancient petroglyphs from thousands of years ago. There is no better way to enhance boys’ tolerance of uncertainty than standing above a 150 ft drop and hearing that we are going that way!

Our inaugural trip March 2018 was nothing short of amazing. We took an amazing group of 12 boys repelling slot canyons named Leprechaun, Lucky Charms and Hogwarts. We hiked to see the incredible “Delicate Arch” in Arches National Park and biked the awesome trails of Barlett Wash. We went non-stop for 11 days and were all very sad when it came to an end.

We can honestly say that when the boys returned to Calgary they are changed for the better. Not even when our tents were blown a kilometer away did it stop their unbridled enthusiasm. The most awesome thing about Utah is knowing that we will be coming back again next year!

Who will step up for the 2nd Annual Utah Adventure March 22-30, 2019???