Remembrance Day 2020

Remembrance Day 2020

Our Remembrance Day ceremony on Tuesday, November 10 is one we at North Point will remember for some time to come. Veteran Vince Fowler joined us and shared how childhood bullying, being moved to 10 different school and the sense of not feeling safe inspired him to join the military and became a paratrooper so that he could keep others safe and feel safe himself.

Through pictures, he got the boys to realize how their daily routine compared to that of a soldier’s and the conditions that a soldier endures to serve their country. Through using our imagination and the use of sound, he got us to identify with hearing the news that someone close to us is not coming home.

Corporal Fowler got us to realize through a pop-quiz that we recognize many famous people’s faces but we don’t recognize the faces of those who have fought and served for our freedoms. He challenged us to find out who these brave men and women are.

Finally, he got us to identify what it is we are remembering on Remembrance Day when we didn’t live through World War I or II. We weren’t these so how can we remember? He got us to think about what remembering looks like in a very practical way today.

It was a very moving and memorable experience!

Mr. Fowler stayed into the afternoon and taught the Gr. 8 class as well. What a treat! He also sent Mr. Devost a note: Thanks for having me. Your students were amazing – please tell them (and the staff that lead them). I was thoroughly impressed with their respect and discipline.