Outdoor Education Collaboration

Outdoor Education Collaboration

High school boys cook quick and ready meals for their Grade 3-4 buddies as part of their Outdoor Ed. program  

Outdoor Ed. Collaboration – Gr. 3-4 Perspective!

The grade 3/4s have been learning about the types of meals to pack during a hiking/camping trip that will nourish and fuel their bodies for the following day. Last Friday, the 3/4s worked up an appetite by walking over to the high school campus to join the highschool Outdoor Ed. group for some tasty, outdoor inspired cuisine. The 3/4s were thrilled to be cooking alongside their role models. The highschool boys did a fantastic job of engaging the 3/4 boys in each cooking step, and demonstrating how to cook safely and responsibly. The 3/4s loved trying the variety of meals that were made, and were eager to clean up alongside the highschool boys. We look forward to doing some more collaborative outdoor activities in the New Year.

Outdoor Ed. Collaboration – HIgh School Perspective!

The Grade 9 to 12’s outdoor ed. class met the Grade 3/4 outdoor ed. class last Friday for a cookout. The high school boys needed practice cooking camping meals and who better to cook for then our grade 3/4 boys. In groups of 4 the boys lit stoves and boiled water for meals. The high school boys made Mac and Cheese, Chicken Pasta, Ku Pow Chicken and Apple Crisp. The boys all shared the meals and then they all cleaned up. The high school boys loved sharing time with their elementary counterparts and showing off their camping skills. The elementary boys enjoyed being pampered by the older boys. We look forward to doing this again after the winter break.