September 7, 2023

Welcome Back!

Squad challenges took place at both campuses today and we were fortunate to have a sunny and smoke free day! At the Currie Campus, the whole Girls School had lots of fun getting to know each other better through various squad challenge activities during their PE class with Miss. Works.

It has been fun to welcome back all the boys to the Richmond campus. 

  • At our first assembly we went over the importance of our 5Rs and the fact that we strive to be North Point gentlemen. 
  • A main focus for this week has been getting to know our new coaches and teammates. 
  • We have already had two squad challenges with a school-wide scavenger hunt and massive rock-paper-scissors competition. 
  • Tomorrow we are excited to head over to see our Currie campus teammates and go on on a short hike.
  • We look forward to getting into our regular routines next week and finishing the week with our annual Terry Fox run.
  • We are also looking forward to seeing parents at our Welcome Back orientation next Thursday evening. 

The positive vibe in the school this week gives me a great deal of confidence that this will be the best year at the Richmond campus yet!

The 2023-24 school year is off to a great start at Currie Campus. Students were welcomed to new spaces and faces – our 8/9 Boys on the south side of our building with Mr. Brodeur, Mr. Redick, and Mr. Kostecki; the High School upstairs in the main building with Mrs. Zhang, Ms. McPeake, and Mr. Fagan; and our Girls School on the main floor of the main building with Ms. Glowa, Ms. Brunner, and Ms. Works! Every classroom welcomed new students this year, and our Girls School expanded to include a primary division with a Grade 2/3 class!

This week our 8/9 Boys played a friendly baseball game and visited MRU and offsite lunch locations. Our Grade 2/3 Girls made friendship bracelets and enjoyed an ice cream together today. Tomorrow, the High School is off for some bowling and the Grade 5-9 students in the Girls School are off to a locked room for some team building fun.

A friendly reminder to all families of our drop off and pick up times. Students are welcome to start arriving to school at 8:10am with classes starting at 8:30am. Kindly do not arrive earlier as teachers are not available and students will not have access to their classrooms or the office. Students are dismissed at 3:20pm and end of day supervision ends at 3:45pm. 

We are looking forward to connecting next week at our Meet the Teacher evening on Thursday, Sept 14 at 7:00pm.


MON. SEPT.  11 – Options/Electives, STEM, Financial Education Classes begin

THURS. SEPT. 15 – First Hot Dog Thursday.

Create an account by e-transferring money to Remember to put student’s name and weekly spending limit in Message Box.

THURS. SEPT 14 @ 7:00pm – Meet the Teacher

FRI. SEPT. 15 – Terry Fox Run – Carburn Park

Meet the Teacher

Thursday September 14 @ 7pm

Come and meet your child’s teacher and see the classrooms. Other staff will be available to answer questions as well.

Terry Fox Run

The entire student body will participate in the Terry Fox Run on Friday September, 15. We will be doing the run at Carburn Park (67 Riverview Dr. SE) around the pond. Parents are welcome to join us if they would like to. Each group will run for an hour.

It is our desire to raise $8000 (~$50/student) for cancer research. All of the donations are made online at: 

Here is the schedule for the day:

9:00am – Whole school assembly at Richmond 

10:00am – High School and Girls School arrive at Carburn Park

11:00am – The 7/8/9’s arrive at Carburn Park

11:15am – The K-6’s arrive at Carburn Park

Friends of North Point Society

Annual General Meeting

Friends of North Point Society will hold their Annual General Meeting on September 21st, 2023 at 7:00pm

Friends of North Point Society is the non-profit society that raises funds in support of North Point Schools. Throughout the year we currently run the Healthy Hunger program for student lunches and organize the casino that raises funds for program enhancement at all our schools. 

As parents of students at North Point Schools, we are all part of our school community.  We encourage each parent to take part in our Parent Advisory Council meetings as well as join our Society.  We need volunteers to assist us in running this Society so that our students continue to enjoy many of the programs offered at our schools.  The Society is a separate entity from each Parent Advisory Councils, but parents can certainly serve on both if they like.

Parent Advisory Councils

– Boys School, Girls School, High School

This year is the first year that we will be inviting parents to join a parent advisory council (“PAC”) for their specific school.  Our Boys School PAC will be opened to parents with sons in Grades K-9, our Girls School PAC for parents of our Girls School students and High School PAC for parents that have boys or girls in our high school.   

PAC’s provide a means for parents and community to work together with administration, staff and students to promote the well-being and overall effectiveness of the school community.  The purpose is to support positive culture-building through sharing knowledge, time and energy where one can!

Mrs. Davidson (Girls School), Mr. McClelland (Boys School) and Mr. Devost (High School) will reach out to you all very soon about the first PAC meeting in October.

What is the difference between the Friends of North Point Society and Parent Advisory Council?

The main purpose of the Friends of North Point Society is fundraising for the schools, whereas the purpose of the PAC’s is much broader in terms of helping support a positive school environment.  PAC’s can raise some funds on their own if they so choose, however all raffle and casino licenses are run through Friends of North Point Society.  Members of each PAC may work closely with the Friends of North Point Society on various school fundraising initiatives.

Student Retreats

September 27-29

Checkpoint Meetings

October 11 & 12

Parents and potential North Point Navigators are welcome to attend! Please Register Here:

Welcome Keirra Alty!

We are so excited to welcome Miss. Alty who joins the Richmond Campus teaching team as the  Gr. ⅔ Mentor Teacher.  Originally from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories she has been living in Calgary for the last year. She has taught for 5 years, with experiences in grades 1 and 2. She completed a Bachelor of Art with a major in French Language and a Bachelor of Education at the University of Lethbridge. During that time, she also spent 6 months living and studying in Lyons, France. 

Miss Alty has experience teaching elementary as well as second language learners. While teaching in Yellowknife, she taught French Immersion. In addition, she has coached various school sports teams. 

Miss Alty enjoys the challenge of keeping her students active and engaged in and out of the classroom. She believes in creating strong positive relationships with each of her students and to create opportunities for them to explore their passions. 

A highly competitive athlete, Miss Alty played soccer at the 2008 and 2012 Arctic Winter Games as well as basketball at the 2010 Arctic Winter Games. Since graduating University, Keirra spent 5 seasons coaching the U14 girls high performance basketball team in Yellowknife, as well as one season as the head coach for the U14 girls territorial futsal team. Today Miss Alty enjoys playing soccer, going to the gym, walking with her dog and cross country skiing. 

Mentor Teaching Groups

We are so proud of the team that we have assembled yet again this year! Below is a list of what the Mentor Teaching Groupings are:

Richmond Campus Boys School
Principal: Mr. McClelland

Gr. K-2: Mr. Pettifor
Gr. 2/3: Miss. Alty
Gr. 4: Mrs. Bjornson
Gr. 5: Mr. Schneider
Gr. 5/6: Mr. Moynaugh
Gr. 6: Mr. Masse
Gr. 7: Mr. Hirtle

Currie Campus 
Principal: Mrs. Davidson

Boys School
Gr. 8 Mr. Brodeur
Gr. 9: Mr. Redick

Girls School 
Gr. 2/3 : Miss. Glowa
Gr. 5/6/7: Miss. Brunner
Gr. 8/9: Miss. Works

High School
Gr. 10: Mr. Fagan
Gr. 11: Mrs. Zhang
Gr. 12: Miss. McPeake

Hot Dog Lunch and Tuck Shop

Once again, we are excited to offer Hot Dog lunches on Thursdays. The first Hot Dog Lunch will be on Thursday, September 14. Mr. Redick and his trusty crew of volunteers will make the Hot Dogs at Currie and deliver them to Richmond for students there. Orders are placed by the classroom teacher in the morning.

Mr. Hirtle runs the Tuck Shop at the Richmond Campus which is open daily only during the lunch hour. A list of offered items are below (excluding the hot dogs)

The money raised during Hot Dog Thursdays and Tuck Shop is used to support the North Point outdoor education program.

To create an account, e-transfer money to  Please do not send money to Mr. Redick’s North Point email account as this North Point email address is not secured for money transfer.  Please indicate the spending limit per week and the name of the student in the e-transfer message box.

To help you determine a reasonable limit, please review the prices below:

  • One Hot Dog (all beef) – $2.50 (veggie dogs available on request)
  • Bag of Chips – $1.50 (Salt & Vinegar, Doritos, All Dressed, Cheezies)
  • One Juice Box – $1.00
  • One large Sour Soother – $0.50
  • Bag of Popcorn – $1.00
  • One Granola Bar – $0.75
  • Ichyban Noodles (pkg) – $2.00

Healthy Hunger

Friends of North Point Society organize Healthy Hunger lunches each Monday. We rotate through a list of restaurants with relatively healthy choices for the students. It is strictly optional for the students to order. If you wish to take part, simply set up an account at, choose North Point School, either Richmond Campus or Currie Campus, and select your students’ class.  Lunches are delivered to the classroom at noon each Monday. Lunches are usually set up well in advance and you may order multiple lunches at a time or go in weekly to order.  Please note, the cut off day and time for weekly lunches is Wednesday at midnight prior to the lunch.  If you miss this deadline, we are unable to add any more orders for the coming Monday. Here is a link for instructions on how to register your child.

NOTE: Please make sure you choose the right campus so your child’s  lunch comes to the right place.



Reading Challenge

Students will earn points throughout the year for a variety of challenges including citizenship, reading and athletics. The majority of Navigator Squad Points are awarded for reading. Stay tuned for more information!


All NP staff members are armed and ready to hand out an “R” when earned! When teachers see a students being Respectful, Resourceful, Resilient, Relentless or Responsible, they can give them an R that earns them their Navigator Squad team points. All of the R’s that are handed out in a month get placed into the 5R draw at each Townhall assembly where a cool prize is awarded to the draw winner.


Navigator Athletics

We are excited to jump right into our Navigator Athletic for our Jr. High (and Gr. 6s when we can) and High School students. We have three Volleyball Teams  – a Gr. 6/7 Tripleball Team, Jr. High Team and Senior HIgh Team starting to practice. Our Cross-country season has started in conjunction with the Morning Run Club and the Golf Team and Ultimate Teams are looking for athletes!

Fall Sports Online sign up is still open:

Morning Run Club (Richmond Campus)

The turn-out for the Morning Run Club  (8AM-8:15 am) has been outstanding but there is always room for more! There is time before the shuttle leaves for the Currie Campus to get a few laps in.  Students who participate earn points for their squads and simply enjoy an active start to the day! Check in with Mr. Humeniuk before starting your laps!


On the Richmond Campus, we are starting Intramurals next week and plan to provide further structured play opportunities during lunch break for all grades throughout the fall. The sign up for all intramurals will be posted outside of the gym and discussed in Physical Education class. We encourage all students to sign up as soon as they find the activity that suits them.

North Point Soccer Academy with Calgary City FC

Open for Boys and Girls Gr. 1-6

Learn soccer fundamentals in a fun way – dribbling, passing/receiving, and shooting.

September 25 – November 27.

Boys: Mondays 3:30 – 4:45pm
Girls: Wednesdays 3:30 – 4:45pm
At North Point (Richmond Campus) Gym
Cost: $100 (includes academy shirt)

For more information and to register: