Movin’ with Ms. Quinn

Movin’ with Ms. Quinn

Phys. Ed. just got a makeover at North Point with Ms. Kristin Quinn

We are pleased to announce our newest North Point team faculty member – Physical Education teacher Kristin Quinn. When she isn’t in the gym trying to tire out the boys, she will be helping out in the classroom. Ms. Quinn took some time out of her busy school year preparation to let us get to know her. Welcome!

1. What does 5R mean to you?
The 5R to me represent an excellent guideline on how to be successful in our lives. Not only are we using the 5R in our school, we should be using them in our day to day activities and interactions.

2. How will you determine you have had a successful year at North Point as our dedicated Physical Education teacher?
Success as the physical education teacher will be determined by the amount of growth my students show throughout the year. If my students are having fun, enjoying being active, and can take away something from my class to apply it in their lives, it will be a successful year for myself.

3. You already have a detailed outline for the year in Physical Education. What are some things you are excited to introduce to our North Point boys?
I must say the entire year is planned to be exciting! I love being organized and will introduce the boys to setting SMART goals, but I am most excited to get on the ice and try out Curling, and to get the students out to do some Rock Climbing. There will also be some fun surprise activities along the way! It’s rewarding to be able to shape this program and see our boys achieve personal milestones.

4. Why did you choose to become a teacher?
I chose to become a teacher because of the impacts a teacher can make on a child’s life. From personal experience I know the importance of a positive role model at a young age and I hope that in me becoming a teacher I can connect with my students, support them, positively guide them in the right direction, and of course have fun along the way!

5. You are new to the NP team this year. What 3 things should we know about you?
a. I don’t sweat, I sparkle. (Just kidding!)
b. I love being active outside in the winter time! Running and Hiking when it is snowing out are a few of my favourite things.
c. I have travelled to 16 different countries already and hoping to see the entire world one day. Thinking about going to Egypt or Iceland for the next trip!