Students at North Point get valuable hands-on experience at the school exploring many aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. On a weekly basis, students are either in our North Point STEM lab working on various projects or exploring concepts in their classrooms. The program inspires young minds in a variety of engineering disciplines which include:

  • 3D Design
  • Electrical Systems
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Programming
  • Aerospace
  • Control Systems
  • Robotics

We understand Girls

  • Girls develop different skills at different times than boys.
  • Girls mature earlier than boys, physically and socially.
  • Girls process emotions differently than boys.

It is with this understanding that we have created an environment that celebrates girls’ strengths and interests, and nurtures their overall growth.

Positive Social Development

At North Point, we want to create a culture of achievement where discovery and development of a girl’s individual potential is paramount. It is critical that girls build resilience and a strong sense of self. Like in our boys program, mentorship is key.