North Point School focuses on helping students achieve their own personal academic best to open doors as they move through high school and on to their post-secondary aspirations. Everything we do academically is in the pursuit of that opportunity for ALL of our students.

  • We strive to ensure every student can be academically successful. This requires shared accountability between students, teacher and parents.
  • We adhere to all Alberta Education guidelines and curriculum requirements.
  • We choose options to complement core curriculum based on broadening our student’s perspectives and skills.
  • We will develop classroom programming that is reflective of authentic learning, ensuring that students are establishing critical thinking and learning skills required to be successful beyond the classroom.
  • Our personalized approach is designed to ensure that every student has a direct connection and feedback with teachers on a daily basis.
  • We balance the flexibility our students need and desire with the structure to support their success.
  • We integrate adaptive educational technology into our learning environment
  • Our overall philosophy is to prepare our students for lifelong learning, leading us to support the development of positive “learning attitudes” for every student.

Core Subjects

  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Sciences
  • Social Studies
  • Physical Education (Daily Mon-Thurs)
  • Health & Personal Life Skills

We understand Girls

  • Girls develop different skills at different times than boys.
  • Girls mature earlier than boys, physically and socially.
  • Girls process emotions differently than boys.

It is with this understanding that we will create an environment that celebrates girls’ strengths and interests, and nurtures their overall growth.

Positive Social Development

At North Point, we want to create a culture of achievement where discovery and development of a girl’s individual potential is paramount. It is critical that girls build resilience and a strong sense of self. Like in our boys program, mentorship is key.

Core Options

Core options offer students a complete and comprehensive introduction to disciplines which not only help to enhance and supplement the Core Academic Program, but broaden students’ life experiences. The Core option program is offered together with best-in-class organizations and instructors proven in their fields of expertise.

Our Kindergarten to Grade 5 students have each of the following options which they rotate through on a trimester basis.

  • Fine Arts – Music, Visual Arts, Drama
  • Enrichment – Leadership, Outdoor Education, Cooking
  • Languages – French

Our Grade 6-9 student have more choice in the options that they can take. They will choose three of the following:

  • Visual Arts
  • Fitness
  • Action / Outdoor Education
  • NP Media
  • Basketball
  • STEM / Rocketry
  • PEP Hockey (there is an additional fee for this option)

Quick Program Facts

School Day runs 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday to Friday for all grades (Full-day kindergarten to grade 9). We loosely follow the public education schedule for major holidays and non-instructional days. Refer to our annual calendar HERE.

Class Structure – All students are part of grade-specific mentor homeroom. Curriculum is taught by curriculum leaders to specific grade levels. This provides a small student to teacher ratio when covering critical information. The overall student to teacher ratio varies depending on the activity and can range from 1:1 to 18:1.