Join us for the 3rd Annual Boys in Business Fair on June 16, 2018

Join us for the 3rd Annual Boys in Business Fair on June 16, 2018

BOYS in Bu$iness – Over 60 student entrepreneurs aged 6-14 host annual Business Fair

Outdoor market features over 60 booths of unique goods/services for sale by North Point students.

Calgary, Alberta, CANADA – May 16, 2018

North Point School is pleased to invite parents, neighbors, media and extended community to Boys in Bu$iness, the 3nd annual Business Fair. The fair will take place on June 16, 2018 from 10am to 1pm at North Point School for Boys at 2445 – 23rd Avenue SW, Calgary, AB. BOYS in Bu$iness is a project of the Financial Academy at North Point.

With over 60 booths, 350 attendees and sales revenue of $10,000+ anticipated, the 3rd Annual “Boys in Business” Business Fair is the premier Financial Academy project for North Point students.

This annual outdoor market enables every North Point student to experience first-hand the entrepreneurial process, unites our local community and provides a marketplace for the business leaders of tomorrow. This year’s showcase of over 60 booths is the culmination of several months of planning and producing products/services by our students aged 6-14.

Over the course of several months, each North Point student decides on their product or service, develops a brand and marketing strategy, and manufactures their product or service for sale at the annual one-day “Boys in Business” Business Fair on June 16, 2018.

Businesses can be products or services, such as self-made handicrafts, cards, clay miniatures, toys, fashion accessories, paintings, handmade soaps, creative games, face painting magic tricks, singing, playing an instrument……

On event day, students prepare their booths, display products or services and manage customer sales. Students keep the money they earn. Guest judges evaluate each business based on criteria such as booth presentation, interaction with customers, product knowledge and planning. We encourage all students to be creative, successful and profitable in their ventures.

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